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Happy 2005 To All our On-Line Family

We want to begin by wishing all of you a very Happy 2005!  It’s truly a pleasure to say THANKS for all your support, and for being a part of our on-line family.  You are indeed the foundation of our success and may your year be filled with peace, love, happiness, and most importantly prosperity.  Thank You!!!!!

Unfortunately, (as you are aware) this New Year began with massive tragedy in Asia, and we at Arious would like to send our prayers to the many who are suffering from the horrible earthquake and tsunami that swept through 9 countries including parts of Africa.  We are thankful that you have survived and we pray that Jah/Allah/God give you the strength to make it through this devastation.  Most importantly, we send our heartfelt sympathy to the many families, loved ones, and friends of those who did not survive this horrific tragedy, we understand your shock and share your grief, and we send you our love and prayers.  Every day as the number of deaths raises it becomes more and more horrifying and painful to accept the amounts of people who have perished from this tragedy.  Over 150,000 people gone, is extremely painful to accept.  For those who are on-site helping with the relief efforts, may you have strength to make it through, and may God bless you for your commitment and love.  People, please contribute to this relief effort if you can, because the folks in those countries are enduring some of the hardest times in their lives.  However, bear in mind that many bogus “relief effort” organizations and companies have been established, basically to profit from this tragedy, so be careful with, and to whom you contribute, do some research on the companies before sending them your contribution.

If this is not another “sign of the times”, I’m not sure what is. Last year the Southern states and many of the Caribbean Islands were slammed with a number of hurricanes (one behind each other), along with major floods, which resulted in many losing everything including a record number of love ones.  We had unexplained tornadoes touch down here in our area, which seemed to have had a mind of it’s own and targeted specific buildings and locations.  It even snowed (approx. 13 inches) this Christmas in South Texas (something that has not happened for many, many years, and approximately 85 years since it snowed in Victoria, TX).  Additionally, New Orleans, Louisiana, had the first white Christmas in 50 years, and 15 years since the city recorded any snowfall.  Not to mention the massive amounts of rain that had continuously been pouring down on Southern California, resulting in lots of flooding, along with record cold temperatures.  Tell me what is going on?  Is the end near?  Sometimes you can’t help but question Why…why all the sorrow, devastation, and loss of life, why is it all happening?  Of course Todd and I had many serious and “deep” discussions about this, and as philosophical as he is, he gave me his interesting thoughts on what’s going on.  I have also tuned into the conservative talk shows and heard the hosts discussing and questioning the reasons behind this tragedy.  They (1) actually questioned their God about this tragedy, and (2) wondered if there was a God, why did he/she let this happen.  I am eager to hear your thoughts, I would especially like to hear from one of my favorite on-line member "Fritz" who always has interesting insights on important issues like these.  Hopefully you will feel free to share your thoughts on this tragedy, and what’s going on.

On a happier note, and on a personal level here on the “home front”, we would like to thank the members of Caribbean Connection for the honor they bestowed upon us, and our company Arious Entertainment during their New Year's Eve Gala.  We sincerely appreciate their love and recognition.   For those who missed this event, it was a classy affair, and one to be remembered.  Even though we didn’t arrive early enough for their elaborate dinner, we understand it was superb.  However, counting down the arrival of the New Year with the members, and friends of this organization was truly magnificent.  Look out for Caribbean Connection and Arious as we collaborate and participate in the 2005 DC Caribbean Carnival.

This special New Year's night continued with seeing Reggae Star Sanchez perform live.  Sanchez is truly an exceptional singer, and performer, and ending the night seeing him, and hearing him sing all of his hit tunes was fantastic.  He is truly my favorite reggae singer and as always he left me in ecstasy.  What a night to remember, we certainly had a great time, and it will truly go down in my memory book.  In our opinion, there is no other way to bring in a New Year!!!!

In closing, please support one of our local Caribbean promoters.  On Saturday, January 8th, 2005, I.C.E Entertainment brings P Diddy's DJ, the famous Beverly Bond to the Washington DC Area to celebrate his birthday and launch his "Mix Tape Chronicles".   It will take place at Kili’s Café located at 2009 8th Street, N.W., Washington, DC.  According to Ice this is an event you cannot miss.  Click here for all the details.

One of our local on-line family and promoter “Suzy Q” would like to put the word out about sharing a new 3-level townhouse.  The townhouse is spacious, fully equipped with washer/dryer, Jacuzzi, alarm system, central air/heat, fully carpeted, and in walking distance to the metro.  The rent is extremely reasonable.  If you are interested, please e-mail me, so I can put you in touch with “Suzy”.  susanmangatal@ariousentertainment.net 


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1. Pandemonium & Mix Tape Chronicles, January 8th, 2005


WKYS and I.C.E. Entertainment are bringing P Diddy's DJ from NYC to DC!  DJ Beverly Bond, DJ Xclusive and other guest DJs will be at Kilis Kafe, 2009 8th Street NW DC to celebrate ICE's birthday and launch Mix Tape Chronicles. They'll be bringing it strong mixing Hip Hop, Dancehall reggae, R&B, Soca. WKYS's Two Face Moldonado will be your party host.

Doors open at 9pm and early birds will win gifts from Prada, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Gucci, Donna Karan, Burberry and other fine retailers.

Tell your friends, limited tickets are available at all ticketmaster outlets and groovetickets.com.  Call 202-232-1562 or email icemadness@aol.com  for more details. SEE YOU THERE!!


On behalf of Todd and myself we expend Special Happy Belated Birthday Greetings to Mano.  We hope your day was wonderful and enjoyable.  You are always in our thoughts, and we certainly hope you will be back to your normal self real soon…Get well!

Happy Belated Birthday Greetings are extended to Eric in Tampa!

BJ we hope your special day was great.  Happy Belated Birthday, and all the best for this weekend and the New Year!

Shurla: May this year be successful for you and your family, and may God continue giving you the strength to holding down the fort, as you do.  So sorry, that our schedules did not permit us to chill out over some drinks during this holiday season. 

O’Tousse & Brandy, Congratulations...Congratulations… Congratulations! 

Big Up To Cheryl on fully following her dreams of promoting reggae music.  Cheryl, you have our support 100%, and with your personality we know you will do very well.  Look out for her first event schedule to take place on Friday, January 21st, 2005.  Details will be added to our events page very soon!

Respect to D. Malcolm, contestant in the "Who's the Man Contest".  This contest is being judged this Friday. To support Malcolm (one of our own) stop by Caribbean Delight Rest.  in Langley Park, Md. for a pass to attend the contest.

Caribbean Vibes Radio (Internet 24-7 radio)

Happy New Year one and all!  The entire team of Caribbean Vibes Radio and iM4Radio are excited about 2005. We're committed to the task of providing you quality programming and entertainment you've now come to enjoy. We appreciate your support on this wonderful journey and encourage you to keep spreading the word about Caribbean Vibes Radio. The best is yet to come!

SIZZLING THURSDAYS!!!  Be sure to join the rejuvenated and energized maestro "Fabulous" for the first "Sizzling Thursdays" of 2005. Showtime begins Thursday, January 6th from 9:00pm until 12midnight right here at  www.caribbeanvibesradio.com. Share the link with friends and family across the globe.  Email your requests, shout-outs to caribbean@im4radio.com or call toll free 1-866-ONE-VIBE.

Respect, Fiona

i4mradio has launched their own tsunami relief effort.  Check their site for details.

PSA     PSA     PSA

“Suzy Q” the director of a program for homeless young women (ages 18-21), wants to know if any one in our area (DC/MD/VA) is aware of any entry level positions who may be interested in providing training and employment for some of these young women.  If so, please let us know at susanmangatal@ariousentertainment.net.  Anything you can do will help since many of our young women have began joining violent female gangs here in the DC area.  This problem is escalating daily, and this is one way to help them, and give them some hope.

CaribNation TV

WHUT - TV  - Ch.32,  6pm - January 10-17 Schedule

January 10

  Sister Farika’s Story of the Jamaican Maroons
 Historian, Poet, and Storyteller, Sister Farika tells of that mighty group of Africans who rebel against slavery and victoriously fought the British to secure their freedom on the island of Jamaica.

The story of the Jamaican Maroons, Africans who refused to live in slavery, is little known outside that Caribbean country.  


Monday, January 17
NCOCA 2004 Awards Banquet
The National Coalition on Caribbean Affairs (NCOCA) was founded in 1997 to address issues impacting Caribbean communities within the United States of America and in the Caribbean region.


Happy New Year and have a great weekend!  

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