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Greetings On-Line Family

  Happy Halloween to those who begin celebrating this weekend and throughout next week!


  Celebrating October - National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

I want to thank the many of you for sharing, and for letting us know how important this domestic violence issue is to you; and most importantly for letting me know that I have your full support and help with whatever I do regarding this issue.  Thanks very much!!!

  On Thursday, October 25th, there will be a demonstration taking place observing domestic violence and in support of Megan Williams, the victim of a hate crime in West Virginia.  The details are as follows: DC 10th Anniversary Million Woman's March-Reunion and Rally To Save Woman's Lives at Plymouth Congregational Church from 6-8 pm - 5301 North Capitol Street, N.E. (Corner of N. Capitol & Riggs, Ft. Totten Metro).  Free and open to the public. 202-667-2577 or www.aaha-info.org 

National Domestic Violence Hotline - website: www.ndvh.org or call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or (TTY) 1-800-787-3224.  Hotlines & important websites to get help: www.menstoppingviolence.com; www.endabuse.org; and www.nnedv.orgMARYLAND - www.oag.state.md.us/Family/dvhotlines.htm or www.dccadv.org/resources_md.html#hotlines; WASHINGTON DC: DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence (DCCADV): 202-299-1181; DC Rape Crisis Center: 202-333-RAPE (7273); Domestic Violence Support Center: 202-347-3090; Men Can Stop Rape: 202-265-6530; SOS Center (DCCADV): 202-889-8878.  Domestic Violence against Men: click the following: Help for Battered Men or  www.menweb.org/battered/gjdvdata.htm


lukedube1.jpg (28030 bytes)  It is very sad to learn about the tragic murder of South African Reggae superstar Lucky Phillip Dube.  His family, Africans especially South Africans, and many across the world have lost a good man, who to many was charming, respected, selfless, dedicated and a wonderful musician and entertainer.  We at Arious send our condolences to his family, friends and all his fans!!! 

According to the South African Press Association South African reggae superstar 43 year old Lucky Dube was shot dead this past weekend. The report says he was killed in a hijacking in Rosettenville, a suburb of Johannesburg.  According to the Police and reports Dube, had just dropped off his son and daughter, ages 15 and 16 at a family member's house, when he was attacked. Carjackers fired at least three bullets into his body but then fled without stealing his car. Police have set up a special task force to trace a group of three suspected killers who are believed to be well-known local criminals. They said that the car had rolled down the road a few yards and then hit a tree. “He was declared dead on the scene,” Inspector Lorrain Van Immareck said.  

Ivor Haarburger, the CEO of Gallo Records, the star’s recording label, said: “We are in shock: not only me but the whole company. He has been with us for over 20 years. It’s a real tragedy, not only to those in South Africa but also Africa and the rest of the world.” 

South Africans and Africans on a whole are outraged about this senseless murder.  It is a known fact that crime in South Africa is out of control, and this surly rings out loud and clear by this murder.  Some statistics indicated that in South Africa there are 50 murders a day, which have begun to damage investments and alarm big businesses.  The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), traditionally a strong ally of the ruling African National Congress (ANC), said that it was appalled and outraged at the murder and added its voice to calls for solutions to crime. President  Mbeki, who is often accused of being in denial on the crime issue, appealed to South Africans to confront the “scourge of crime” together. “This is indeed very, very sad that this happened to an outstanding South African, an outstanding musician".

Clearly, this uncontrollable crime situation is taking place all across the nation, and not only in our cities here in America.  I ASK WHY DO WE KILL EACH OTHER?  WE HAVE GOT TO REALIZED THAT WE ARE NOT EACH OTHER'S ENEMY AND STOP THESE KILLINGS AS WELL AS THIS UNCONTROLLABLE CRIME WAVE!!!!

Lucky Philip Dube was born on August 3, 1964 in Johannesburg. His parents separated before his birth and he, his sister, Thandi, and his brother, Patric, were raised by his mother, Sarah.

Dube was a hard worker at a very young age, he began working as a gardener to help with the family, but he realized he was not earning enough money and quickly decided to attend school.   He then joined the school choir, and soon thereafter he formed a group called the Skyward Band with some of his friends. At school is where he discovered and became a Rastafarian.  Dube at the age of 18, joined his cousin's band called "the Love Brothers" (the band performed Zulu music known as Mbaqanga).  Shortly thereafter, Dube and the band (with a new name: "Lucky Dube and the Supersoul.") recorded and released their first album at Tear Records in Johannesburg (now the Gallo Recording Company).

Dube began writing some of the lyrics after the release of the band's first album.  During this time he began learning English, which afforded him the opportunity to write his lyrics in English and Zulu.  Later he even began writing in Afrikaans.  

Dube and the band continued recording and released several albums, and by the release of the fifth Mbaqanga album  "Supersoul" was dropped from the group's name on the basis that fans were responding to Dube's music and performance in particular (per the advise of Dave Segal Dube's recording engineer.)

In 1984 his album "Rastas Never Die" was not successful and of course did not sell as well as expected, but  he continued on releasing commercially successful albums.  He recorded a total of 21 albums in Zulu, English and Afrikaans and became South Africa's biggest selling reggae artist.

He has won several awards: (1)  OKTV awards for the album, "Prisoner." (2) In 1996 he released a compilation album called "Serious Reggae Business" which led him to be named best-selling African recording artist at the World Music Award and the international artist of the year at the Ghana Music Awards. His follow-up albums won South African music awards.

A few good folks have planned tributes to Lucky Dube and have shared their information with us.  Their details are as follows:

Thursday, October 25 and Friday, October 26, 2007

Thursday Night 10PM - 11PM - WPFW 89.3 FM Washington DC will pay tribute to Lucky Dube on two nights:  Radio Personality Tony Carr will speak to several people who have played a major part in Dube's US Experience in the Wash. DC Area, such as: Dera Tompkins, Papa Wabe, Chris (Dube's former band member ), George (Dube's booking agent from the start) and Randall Grass (from Shanache records who distributed most of his albums in this country), and hopefully a live report from South Africa from someone in the inner circle of Lucky Dube. 

Friday night 10PM - 12midnight - Host Charlie D will pay tribute with lots of Dube's music and by allowing folks to pay their respects via live calls.

Listen to my Tony Carr's Internet Radio Station playing the best in Caribbean music-Reggae & Soca. You must register to listen. http://www.dccaribbeanconnection.com

November 8th, 2007

sobs_concerts.jpg (42371 bytes)  S.O.B's Pays Tribute to Reggae Icon Lucky Dube with a Benefit Memorial Concert and Vigil to Raise Funds for Family Estate--

 S.O.B.’s, New York’s Home of Universal Music, announced they will host "Long Live Lucky", a memorial concert and candlelight vigil for deceased reggae icon Lucky Dube.  This concert will celebrate the life and mourn the loss of this international music icon, whose tragic murder rocked his native South Africa as well as the entire world music community .  S.O.B.’s frequently hosted Lucky Dube’s live appearances in New York and was the privileged site of the artist’s last-ever concert in the U.S. earlier this year. Proceeds will be donated to the family estate of Lucky Dube. 

(212) 243-4940

November 10, 2007

  Tropical Beat to air 90 minute special on the late Lucky Dube 


Tropical Beat will air a 90 minute special filled with his videos, live performances and never before seen footage.

The show will be aired on the new Tropical Beat network www.tropicalbeat.tv which is being launched November 10, 2007.  Shows will be aired 24 hours, 7 days a week!





If you have had enough with the negative images that are being shown on BET, let your voice be heard.  Join the "Enough is Enough Campaign" 

The “Enough is Enough” Campaign against corporate sponsorship of visual images and lyrical messages that degrade women glorify violence and negatively portray blacks and Latino men as pimps, gangsters and thugs are now taking place in both Washington DC and  New York.  

The weekly New York Protest is against Viacom who is one of the leading media outlets for production and distribution of offensive lyrical and visual content that sexually objectifies women and stereotypes men of color.  This Saturday, October 27th, at 12:00 noon EDT the protest continues outside the Manhattan residence of Philippe P. Dauman, President and CEO of Viacom, Inc. located on East 65th Street between Lexington and Park Avenues.  A press conference will be held at the site of the rally @ 1:00 p.m. EDT.  Supporters can take the F Train to the 63rd Street Station or the 4 Train to the 68th Street Hunter College Station.  

In Washington DC the organization will continue its Saturday rally outside the Washington DC residence of Debra L. Lee, President and CEO of Black Entertainment Television Networks from 1:00 to 3:00 pm with a Press Conference onsite at 2:00 pm.  Metro riders take the Red Line to Woodley Park Station Supporters will depart from Mt. Ennon Baptist Church, 9832 Piscataway Rd., Clinton, MD 20735 at 12NOON, the rally will start at 1PM.  Be sure to review the rally  DO'S AND DON'TS

The campaign is inviting the hip-hop community, women’s groups, Latino organizations, the faith community, and all those concerned to join the weekly rally.   

For more information or to schedule an interview with Rev. Delman L. Coates regarding this campaign, visit the www.EnoughIsEnoughCampaign.com website or send an email to: EnoughIsEnoughCampaign@hotmail.com.



  Earlier this week we got word about an interesting upcoming event, which is one of the results of the Jena 6 issue.  It was announced on November 16th at 12:00 Noon there will be a March for Justice in Washington DC.  

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Rev. Al Sharpton announced a march will take place at the U.S. Justice Department in Washington on Nov. 16.  Rev. Sharpton, while speaking at a News Conference in Atlanta stated the protest is for what he believes is the Justice Department's failure to prosecute a series of recent hate crimes across the country.  He stated: "We feel that the federal government has failed to intervene in the cases of hate crimes — swastikas and nooses," Sharpton said. "Since the federal government won't come to the people, we're going to bring the people to the federal government."

Rev. Sharpton was joined at this news conference with Martin Luther King, III. Both noted what appeared to be a string of copycat crimes involving nooses following the well-publicized Jena 6 episode in Louisiana.  Additionally, Radio Talk Show host, Mr. Warren Ballantine, who is a part of this team called for a "blackout" on Nov. 2nd , asking people to not spend money on that day in hopes of sending a message to the federal government.

If you believe in obtaining fair and equal justice for all, and have witnessed the injustice Mychal Bell has, and is still experience regarding the Jena 6 issue; and in Rev. Sharpton's statement:  "We'll continue to mobilize until there's justice, and that has to come from the federal government", then you need to make plans to be in attendance on November 16th to march at the U.S. Justice Department in Washington DC

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Special Congratulations to our friend Kenley, a dedicated member of our community and who we learned recently is being honored by the St. Vincent and Grenadines Association and Embassy.  "Shortmus" as he is fondly called, is a singer, songwriter, producer, DJ and mas band leader here in the Washington DC area.  Throughout the years Todd and I  have witnessed the growth of this gentleman, and indeed it has been a very nice growth.  I must commend him for always doing everything in his power to accomplish his goals, and for being so committed to his music, his people and his culture.   Honestly, I cannot congratulate Shortmus without mentioning a good friend of mine, and his - Stephanie, who is one friend that strongly believed in Shortmus and helped him tremendously with obtaining his dreams and goals along the way.  Congratulations Mr. Shortmus, you absolutely deserve being recognized.

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To all of you our on-line family, thanks for reading and for always supporting us.  As you may know without you there would be no us.  So thanks very much for your support.  Enjoy this weekend and the upcoming week as you celebrate Halloween!

  Costume Craze: What will you be for Halloween?

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Thursday, October 25, 2007
Commemoration Of 
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Commemorating October's Domestic Violence Awareness
Month and supporting Sister Megan Williams, the West
Virginian hate crime victim,  
Attend the  
D.C. 10th Anniversary Million Woman's March - Reunion and Rally
To Save Woman's Lives 
Thursday, October 25, 2007,
 from 6 - 8 p.m. 
Plymouth Congregational Church,
5301 North Capitol Street, N.E. (corner of N. Capitol
and Riggs, Ft. Toten Metro).  Free and open to the
public, sponsored by AAHA's Woman Empowerment Movement
(W.E.M) for Self, Family & Community".  Contact: 
202-667-2577 or  www.aaha-info.org   ###

For further info on Million Women March activities
occurring in  Philadelphia view mwmsistahood@aol.com 
For info on the D.C./Metro 10th Anniversary Reunion of
the Million Woman's March  and Rally to Save Woman's
Lives¨;  for  Woman's Empowerment Movement (W.E.M.)
action steps; or to request Ayo Handy-Kendi for
interviews or speaking engagements, contact: AAHA at
202-667-2577 / www.aaha-info.org  ## #

IMPORTANT NOTE:  A national campaign has developed and
all who are concernec about Sister Megan Williams,
please Wear Red on October 31st to Stand Up for Peace
- to stop Violence Against Women of Color

check out Email:  beboldbered@gmail.com 



South Florida- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mike Andrews and “The Caribbean Connection Radio Show” has moved.

Due to the sale of WTPS AM-1080 by Radio One Co., the Caribbean  Connection Radio Show, which has been hosted by Mike Andrews on 1080-AM for the past twenty years is now on a new station.

This move began on Saturday October 20, 2007, the new station is: WSRF 1580-AM.

As of now the program is on at the same time as before, 12 noon to 3 pm, with the same format of  groovy Caribbean music (Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Chutney, Pan-Jazz etc.), news, interviews and fun.

Listeners who may not be able to pick us up on the airwaves can hear us live on the web at  www.wsrf.com.




The Members & Friends of the

Antigua and Barbuda Association of GA, Inc.

Cordially Invite you to attend

The Fourth Annual Independence Banquet

Saturday, October 27, 2007


The Westin Atlanta Airport

4736 Best Road, Atlanta, GA 

No-host cocktail 6:30 p.m.

Dinner: 8:30 p.m.  

Come join us for an elegant evening of Celebration and Appreciation!

A portion of the proceeds will fund Educational projects in Antigua and Barbuda.

Contact Janice Turner 404-931-5487



 Atom Entertainment (formerly AtomShockwave)



Happy Birthday Burtie, Caren, Joshlyn, Lester, Shalina and Ellie



Happy 22nd Anniversary to  Portsia and Andy

From all of us here at Arious we hope your special day was filled with lots of joy!!



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We wish you a great weekend and we thank you for all your support.  Please remember we do appreciate you being a part of our on-line family and know that without you there is no us!!!  

Until next week, enjoy this weekend, and please be safe!

Again, thanks for all your support!


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