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November 12, 2004




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WHAT'S HAPPENING by Todd Mangatal

Greetings To all among our on-line family:

Hope all is well and everyone's preparing for the holiday season that's upon us.  It seems that this election has been on the minds of many here in the U.S. and around the world.  We received many comments last week resulting from Susan's views.  What's surprising is there are so many different viewpoints about what took place (well I guess it's really not that surprising).   Personally, I was not surprised with the outcome of the elections.  Many people had stepped to me in the weeks leading up to the elections stating that things would be better after George Bush got out of office, and of course my comment was "I guess you'll be waiting 4 more years".  Realistically, what would have gotten better?  Would they have gotten better overnight as everyone seemed to believe or implied?  I don't think so!  So much has been done, and things are so screwed up already, I think it would have taken more than a new President to improve things.  Look at the situation we are in?  Gas is over $2.00 a gallon, which is appalling!  We are in a crazy war!  Do we really know why?  

From the comments I received over the past weeks, some members of our on-line community seem to think they know why we are at War, and I've been sent all kinds of valuable information about why.  Such as policies, treaties, and all kinds of crazy government issues.  I've even been asked questions about Hitler, and so many other things that truly hasn't convinced me that this war is justified.  I personally think war is a primitive way of settling differences or scores.  This is supposed to be the 21st century.  I can talk to the world in seconds just by a mouse click, and we are still fighting wars with bombs and guns.  The solution is simple, find out what seems to be the problem with the people we are at war with.  Obviously there is a problem, so deal with it and solve it without so much bloodshed!  To many innocent lives are being lost on both sides, imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and our comfort zone was invaded, and this war was taking place in our home towns, do you think it would have so much support?  Again, I don't think so, because most of us are watching it on TV, I'm sure to many it's like watching a movie and it's not real, and people's lives have not been turned upside down.  If you notice, the media rarely ever tells how many from the other side (Iraq's) have been killed, but obviously when you are bombarding a city with bombs whether smart or stupid (bombs), people are dying, but we never hear about that.  I guess they aren't important.  What have the people of Iraq done to us, not the government, but the people?  They are suffering!  If they are fighting back as much as they are fighting back, there is obviously a problem.  If it was you and your home land was invaded, I'm sure you'll be fighting too.  Would you be wrong?  I think not!

Additionally, so many things that I've heard from our leaders really troubles me, the main one being the statement "we are going to hunt them down and kill them".  I remember hearing George Bush say that after 911, and now if you listen to the conservative talk shows everyone is repeating that statement.  What happened to "thou shall not kill", what type of example is this to our youths who are so troubled as it is.  This shows, if you have a problem with someone then the way to deal with it is to "hunt them down and kill them".  Yes, this is what's been happening on the streets in our communities for years, but I've always been told that it was wrong.  So how can the President of the United States of America make a statement to the world that we are going to "hunt them down and kill them"?  This is a very strong statement, and it gives the wrong message.  Of course I don't condone killing, but in this day an age with the technology that we possess, a problem could be eliminated without any loss of innocent lives.  Yes, we do have the technology, and we have used it for years.  

Surly, this is bigger than what we see, this is all about power, control and money!  No, this is not power for George Bush and the U.S., this is bigger than George Bush and the U.S.  I know you will say I sound paranoid by my next few statements (that's what they say about most messengers), but there are people controlling everything that is happening, that we don't see, but they are there pulling the strings, planning the wars, plotting who's going to die and who's going to rule, they even crash airplanes into buildings from time to time, and no they are not the "so called" terrorists.  So whether it's George Bush or the next person, what has to go on, is going to go on.  Everyone has been so upset over the outcome of the elections, but what we need to do is open our eyes and look at the big picture, think logically about things that have happened.  

Message To My Brothers and Sisters

One thing we must realize is America is still separated, and right now it's really not about black and white, it's about Money and Power and the have and haves not.  We can sit back and cry about what's going down, but it will get us no where.  If this is about Money and Power (as I believe) we need to control some money and some power, and we need to be the "haves" instead of the "have nots".  Why is it that the majority of our people who voted went democratically?  They are looking for social change and of course they hate George Bush and his policies, but one of our big issues is social programs.  If we had control of the money, more importantly if we worked together to help ourselves, these social programs such as national health care, welfare, etc. would be unnecessary.  We the people would have a strong financial base to help our own, and the Government could govern, which is how it's supposed to be...right?  Our problem is, like I always say we cannot work together, and this is beyond George Bush.  Once we start working together and stop hating we will have a voice, we will have power, and we will be in a position to deal with the powerful.  Until that day comes, we will always be second class citizens in this World.  

One day in my entire life I felt there was hope for us as a people in the world, and that day was the Million Man March.  It was a day filled with joy, happiness and togetherness, but I guess it wasn't real.  I guess it was a fantasy.  Even though we all stood and repeated the great Million Man Pledge, which was the answer to all of our troubles and problems, by the next day it was tear down time, and the hating started.  Things were being said like, this was a Muslim thing, Minister Farrakhan took all the money and he was doing this for his personal gain, etc.  However, what we failed to realize is Farrakhan was just the Messenger, delivering a message that we just won't seem to hear, but we need to hear.  I am far from being a Muslim, and my religious beliefs are quite different, but I believe this pledge will solve all of our problems.

Million Man Pledge

Please read it daily, live by it, and things will begin to change!

I pledge that from this day forward I will strive to love my brother as I love myself. 

I from this day forward will strive to improve myself spiritually, morally, mentally, socially, politically, and economically for the benefit of myself, my family, and my people. 

I pledge that I will strive to build business, build houses, build hospitals, build factories, and then to enter international trade for the good of myself, my family, and my people. 

I pledge that from this day forward I will never raise my hand with a knife or a gun to beat, cut, or shoot any member of my family or any human being, except in self-defense.

I pledge from this day forward I will never abuse my wife by striking here, disrespecting her for she is the mother of my children and the producer of my future. 

I pledge that from this day forward I will never engage in the abuse of children, little boys, or little girls for sexual gratification. But I will let them grow in peace to be strong men and women for the future of our people. I will never again use the B word to describe my female, but particularly my own Black sister.

I pledge from this day forward that I will not poison my body with drugs or that which is destructive to my health and my well being. 

I pledge from this day forward, I will support Black newspapers, Black radio, Black television. I will support Black artists, who clean up their acts to show respect for themselves and respect for their people, and respect for the ears of the human family.

I will do all of this so help me God. 


Back to the elections, it's very simple, John Kerry was not going to change our lives, if John Kerry had won nothing would have changed for us, we'd still be killing each other, we'd still be pulling one another down, we'd still be in jail, and we'd still be loosing out in the economic race.  It's not about John Kerry, it's not about George Bush, it's not about Anthony Williams or even Marion Berry, but it's about UNITING AND RESPECTING ONE ANOTHER, and for every one of us that achieves success we must help 10 others achieve success.  Once this is done we will gain economic power as a people and our voice will be heard!  Many of you may or may not agree with some of these points, however I want to hear from you, so just hit me back with your spin   If you are interested in working to make a change, and are willing to start working together for the betterment of yourself and our people, hit me back.  Together we can make a change!!!


Responses to my views and comments of the Presidential Elections 

Susan Mangatal

It seems my comments about the Presidential Elections was very thought provoking to many among our on-line family.  Thanks for the responses, which many had some of the same thoughts I did.  To the gentleman who is Mr. Bush's biggest supporter, as I stated I knew Mr. Bush was going to win the elections, therefore I do not hate him as much as you think.  However, the passionate side of me had lots of questions.  Yes, I am aware of all the issues you pointed out, but still the question remains, what about the innocent who have lost their families because of the war.  That is all that "eats" me up inside.   Anyway, all I  have to say is I hold Mr. Bush to his word "...I have to earn the respect of the people..."  yes, I  will indeed become impressed, and I  will come to respect him if he reduces the gas prices to under a $1.00.  That's something that immediately effects me, and is a very small thing he can do for me.

I want to leave you with some information that someone on our on-line community sent me.  Read it, and let me know your thoughts.  It is clear that I was upset about this election, but there are more important things to be upset about.  Clearly, we are still not seen as citizens of this country.  Please read below!

A Speech by Camille Cosby (Bill Cosby's wife) about the Voting Rights Act in her most recent open letter on racism.

"We are quickly approaching the 21st Century and we were wondering, and when I say 'we,' I mean others of us out there who wonder if everyone else out there knows what the significance of the year 2007 is to Black America?

Did you know that our right to! VOTE will expire in the year 2007? Seriously! The Voters Rights Act signed in 1965 by Lyndon B. Johnson was just an ACT. It was not made a law.

In 1982, Ronald Reagan amended the Voters Rights Act for another 25 years. Which means that in the year 2007 we could lose the Right to vote!

Does anyone realize that African Americans are the only group of people who require PERMISSION under the United States Constitution to vote! In the year 2007, Congress will once again convene to decide whether or not Blacks should retain the rights to vote (crazy but true).

In order for this to be passed, 38 states will have to approve an extension. This is ludicrous! Not only should the extension be approved, but also the ACT must be made a law. Our right to vote should no longer be up for discussion, review and/or evaluation.

We must contact our Congress-persons, Senators, Alderpersons, etc., to put a stop to this! As bona fide Citizens of the United States, we cannot "drop the ball" on this one! We have come too far to let government make us take such a huge step backward.  So please, let us push forward to continue to build the momentum towards gaining equality.

Please pass this onto others, as we are sure that many more individuals are not aware of this. I urge all of you that are able, to contact those in government that have your vote and make them aware of our combined concern for this issue.

One voice!...... One Vote! You cannot complain, if you do not participate.....local, State, & national..... !"

Until Next Week...Jah Bless!




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November 3, 2004                                                                                        



Don’t miss the New York Open Call for Miss Caribbean International Beauty Pageant


( Silver Spring , MD ) “The archetype of Caribbean beauty is yet to be determined” says Vanessa Marcel, Executive Director of the Miss Caribbean International Beauty Pageant.  We are seeking the epitome of beauty, intelligence, and sophistication to represent the illustrious title of the fist Miss Caribbean International Beauty Pageant.  Open calls will be held at New Line located in Brooklyn at 795 Flatbush Avenue between Caton and Lenox Avenues on Friday, November 19th, from 7 to 9 pm and again on Saturday, November 20th from 2 to 6 pm.  


Ladies interested in attending are requested to RSVP in advance by calling (877) 416-3156 or (240) 498-9367.  Attendees are requested to bring an application which can be requested by emailing  Qualified applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25 by May 21, 2005.  She must be either born in the Caribbean or of Caribbean descent.  Contestants must be single, never been married, nor have ever given child birth. 


The most qualified applicants that meet and exceed the requirements for the 1st Miss Caribbean International Beauty Pageant will be hand picked from a pool of beautiful Caribbean women from around the world.  The lucky ladies picked to compete will be given complimentary housing for the duration of their stay in the nation’s capital, Washington DC .  Each contestant will have the opportunity to experience the mystique of this historical city first hand by visiting all of the national monuments and socializing in DC’s premier night life.  Additionally, each contestant will participate in a number of promotional events that will include fashion shows, photo shoots, and community outreach events, all leading up to the pageant.


The winner of the pageant will be decided on June 24th, 2005 at the University of the District of Columbia in Washington DC .  She will receive a prize package valued at $20,000 including cash, scholarships, shopping sprees, modeling exposure, photo shoots, appearances and much more.  As the 1st  Miss Caribbean International Beauty Queen, she will have the esteem pleasure of the touring the world as a spokes person engaging in various activities to increase Caribbean cultural knowledge, promote awareness about issues in the region and help unite these nations as a whole.


The producers of Miss Caribbean International Beauty Pageant also have a deep interest in improving the lives for the inhabitants of the Caribbean .  Therefore, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Kindness in Donations (K.I.D.S.) charity fund sponsored by Hilton Caribbean.  This charity was designed to improve the quality of life for children of the Caribbean islands where Hilton resorts are located.  


Additional information about the Miss Caribbean International Beauty Pageant may be found at





Part IV of "Taking A Break - With "Sam'O"

Part III interview ended with SAM’O talking about area Calypso Competitions. 

When asked if he’ll compete again, SAM’O said I will make a decision about that – maybe after I write my next song. 


INTERVIEWER:  How do you feel about the support you have been given since you’ve been in the States.

SAM’O:  Well, I am very pleased.  I have gotten a whole lot of support from people I know and also from people I don’t know.  It seems that the people I didn’t think would support me are great supporters, and some of the people I thought would support me, are not supporting me in a strong way.  But, I am always happy performing and hope that I can give everyone an enjoyable performance when they see me.  I want everyone to be entertained and then to spread the word about the enjoyable experience they have when they come to see me perform.

INTERVIEWER:    So what’s next for you?

SAM’O:       Well, I was very busy during the summer, mostly in Virginia, sometimes doing two shows a day.  I need to stop now and focus on the work that God has given me.  I released a gospel CD this past summer, “Call To Prayer” and I have not done enough to promote this CD.  I believe my true calling is in gospel.  My CD “Call To Prayer” came to me from God, so I know it will be used to win souls for Him.  I recently performed two of the songs from this CD at the Hurricane relief effort at Crossroads a few weeks back.  That was a great honor for me to be a part of that effort.  I will be promoting “Call To Prayer” in Christian stores in the area, and I will try to get on some programs in the area where I will be able to perform these songs as well.  I am also working on a video that will be distributed to agents and promotion companies in the area.  It demonstrates the range of the music I perform so that I will begin to fit into more of the music scenes, hopefully all along the east coast.  So far the video is progressing very well.  I am also planning to go back to Trinidad to perform for Carnival and to work in the tents again this year, probably in January. 

INTERVIEWER:    Any final thoughts for your audiences? 

SAM’O:       Oh, I don’t know.  I want everyone to know that I love performing, and that it gives me great joy when my songs make people happy.  I hope that when you hear of me, or know of me performing some place, that you will come and see what I do, and if you are pleased, to tell everyone about me.   I believe God has given me a path to follow, and as long as I remain in touch with him, and follow His path, I will continue to have success with my music.  AND everyone should watch the Arious Entertainment e-mails for my next performances! 


Until Next Week!




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Crown Bakery, 5329 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington DC


November 14, 2004 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm






Thanksgiving Eve Celebration


Wednesday, November 24th, 2004

Pre-Thanksgiving Bash to Celebrate Barry's Birthday (The Entertainment Group, Inc.)



Zone One... King Sound... Baby Q.....and dancehall queens JUNKO & RENIKA

@ The Settings Night Club 2063 E. Univ. Blvd. MD






Frontline Entertainment and Radio Boyz


A Pre-Thanksgiving I95 Jam

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

At the

T&T Clubhouse

5123 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC

DJs: Young Chow, Sprang International and Mystic Vibes

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Thanksgiving Night - Thursday, November 25, 2004









Caribbean Connections

3rd Annual New Year's Gala

Date: December  31st, 2004

Time: 7:00PM to 2:00 AM

Place: Best Western Hotel

5910 Princess Garden Pkwy

Lanham, MD  20706

Cost: Single Ticket     $125.00
Couple Ticket   $230.00
Gala Price Includes: Dinner (Buffet Style) 8 PM – 10 PM

Open Bar & Champagne Toast


RSVP: 12/05/04
Contacts : Beverlee: (301) 455-3576, Coleen: (646) 302-9298, Joel: (240) 354 – 3360,
                  Yolanda: (301) 580-5866.
INFO: Website:   www.,  Email:
Directions:  Take 495N to exit 20A (Annapolis Road) Right Lane to Princess Garden Parkway, under overpass, 1st right,
                        Best Western Hotel located on the left.
Take 495S to exit 20A. (Annapolis Road) Left@ light.  Right lane  to Princess Garden Parkway, under overpass, 1st  right, Best Western Hotel located on the left.


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