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  Susan Mangatal


Greetings On-Line Family:

"The Spirit of Christmas" 

by Susan Mangatal

Christmastime - a splendid and magical season.  One that sparkles and shines!  So much joy is in the air, and the happy memories surround you of the beautiful moments that took place throughout the year.  Oh, how priceless it is to spend this precious holiday with family and friends who are so dear.  Sharing the abundance of happiness and good cheer!

This special day is vastly approaching, just 13 days away; and have you noticed the kids are the happiest they can be today.  Behaving magnificently and praying relentlessly for all they wish to receive.  Oh yes, the Spirit of Christmas is truly magnificent indeed!                                                     Written by Susan Mangatal

Unbelievable that Christmas is only 13 days away, and I have yet to share with you the specials and discounts our partners and business associates are offering this Christmas season.  I am in the process of re-structuring our "Shopping Network" Page (with very little extra time in my schedule and distressing server problems,) so once I get it completed, I will share it with you.

Please know that I am attentive to the numerous amounts of issues many of us are experiencing, and thus this Christmas may be unlike any other Christmas. I do understand shopping may be the last thing on many of your minds, especially with the soaring unemployment rate (approximately 573,000 applicants according to the Labor Department.)  Yes, I do know businesses upon businesses are closing their doors and leaving many without means to support their families, nor even able to put food on their tables.  Further, countless individuals feel the roof they have over their heads may be lost, and the troubles they/we all face keep going on and on.  Undeniably, these difficult and trouble times simply does not afford scores of you to have a happy Christmas, so I do understand if you are unable to use our Shopping Network to make your purchases...and that's OK!  I pray that you do get through this season and it is a happy one for you and your family.

You got to “pay to play…baby!”  A statement one of my business associates would say to me from time to time when we discuss business, but even though I know it takes place, I would only laugh and comment “yeah…right!"  However, evidentially this is what has been taking place in every aspect of business.  Corporate America lives by it, Wall Street lives by it, the Government obviously lives by it, and guess what…your local community organization leaders live by it as well.  

"Pay to Play" is clearly how corrupt businesses and organizations, corrupt leaders of organizations, corrupt politicians and even some corrupt people are doing business.  Nothing is on the "up on up," just underhanded transactions, bogus money making deals, briberies, and the taking of kick-backs are rampant and a normal way of doing business.  I have certainly experienced it and was "beat down" and still hated to this day for talking about my experience with corruption in business/organizations.

This imprudent Governor from Illinois Rod R. Blagojevich, with his harebrain scheme blew us all away this week.  His unbelievable intension and negotiations of selling President Elect Barack Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder was just plain stupid and absolutely disturbing.   It is quite clear that Politics and the Government needs to be cleaned up, as well as the crooked politicians like Governor Blagojevich.  I understand he is adamant about not resigning from his position as President Elect Obama has asked him to do and stated he "is going back to work. " His attitude is what we call in my country "wrong and strong", however, he needs to be gone...completely removed!!!

As a result of my last weeks' comments about the people of America (the foundation of America) getting help..."a bail out plan for the American people."  I received lots of comments and questions regarding how I think the people of America should receive a bailout instead of these big companies, financial institutions and auto makers.  I ask you though, why can't we conceive getting help from the government?  If you can't conceive it, then you will not achieve it!  

Personally, I strongly believe something should be done to at least help homeowners.  Create some programs of some sort to help, and some programs to control the unemployment issues.  It's simply not conceivable to me that banks are bailed out and Americans are losing everything.  The taxpayers are not receiving a fair deal and is suffering and unable to pay their bills, etc.  I believe some lawmakers are finally understanding how bad things are for Americans and questioning why taxpayers are not being helped.  I hope they continue questioning this madness and receive some answers and possibly come up with some resolutions.

As I close out my comments on the bailout issue, I must share with you a comment I received from one of our on-line family - Ms. Jb.  She agreed with my comments and further laid it out quiet well with the comment she sent me about this entire situation...she stated: 

"...If the American people think for a moment that these CEO's are going to just give up that opulent lifestyle they have had for years and years, just because the "little- man" is suffering, then we'd better think again. Trust me, those Lear Jets, they flew into D.C. the last time they came "hat in hand" to get billions of dollars, have not been sold, they were just not used this time.  I believe they still have the luxury bonuses in mind for themselves, and luxury vacations, .... the whole shabang.  I for one, believe they should be sitting up in jail instead of before congress. Here we the tax payers are supposed to bail them out, right? How many tax payers has had the luxury of even being invited to their homes, to sit at their tables? How many of their employees (in the plant), the gardener, the security guard, the mailroom clerk, housekeeping department employees, ever visited their homes, or went on any all expense paid luxury vacations (at the company's expense)!  

This young lady's comment is "on point," and it certainly compels me to fight harder for a bailout for the American people through my e-newsletter.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me on this issue. 

It seems the body of 3 year old toddler Caylee Anthony has been found!  

What about this 3 year old Toddler Caylee Anthony who have been missing for over 7 months from her home in Orlando Florida?  The young mother Casey Anthony has been adamant about the babysitter stealing her child, even though the authorities found evidence that leads them to believed (without a doubt) that Caylee was dead and her mother was responsible.  However, the baby's body was not found, until today (it seems.)  Identification of the body found will be released in the next day or so.

Todd have been following this story the day it was reported, and while we were vacationing in Orlando Florida in October we stumbled upon the reporters covering this story as we were sight seeing and reminiscing about our lives in this city during our younger years.  We decided to stop and talk to these reporters, and we discovered many in Orlando believed the toddler's mom (Casey) kill her baby girl and dumped her body.  We decided to do our own little investigation after one reporter gave us some directions on finding the grandparents home.  Of course, we found ourselves driving around in the same area they found this body, because Todd had a strong feeling she was there.  We even came to the dead end of the road where the child's body was found (laying among some bushes,) and had to turn around to get back to the grandparents home and out of the neighborhood.

Well, as much as we all wanted this baby girl (Caylee) to be alive and well, I find it insane that a mother would not report her child missing for over a month; and most importantly, the mother, grandparents and even  the mother's lawyer kept stating: "the baby is alive and well, and they can't wait for the trial to begin for the truth to be revealed."  I was disturbed by their statements because if they knew where the child was, or anything about the child being alive why did they not share this important information with the authorities so the child could be retrieved/rescued and brought back home to her family (instead of waiting for the trial to reveal the truth.)  This didn't make much sense to me.  

Anyway, if this is the body of little Caylee Anthony, she can now be laid to rest in peace!  If you want to know more about this case CLICK HERE to enter CNN's reporter Nancy Grace webpage for all the details.

From January 17th - 20th, DC bars and clubs will remain open until 5:00 am.  Meaning bars will remain open and drinking will continue on these days during the Inauguration week.

I personally don't think this Inauguration is a time for allowing excessive drinking.  This is a serious time and extremely historical, and there is no need to celebrate with drinking to all hours in the morning.  Tell me, why is it when the first African-American person becomes president, bars and clubs are allowed to remain open until the early morning?  This historical event is not a joke, and no one certainly needs to drink until 5 am in the morning to celebrate this historical occasion.  Undoubtedly, I see this being a huge mistake...what do you think?


President Elect  Barack Hussein Obama

The 44th President of the United States of America will be sworn into his new position in 38 days. 

"We may not get there in one year or even in one term," "But, America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there.  I promise you, we as a people will get there."  

President Barack Obama




Thanks to the many who have sent me e-mails in response to my past E-Newsletters and lots of important information to use for our future E-Newsletters.  Most importantly, I thank you for your encouraging words!  So until next week... please enjoy, and be safe this Weekend and the upcoming week!!  


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December 13, 2008

Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Black Author Showcase Holiday Book Fair' on Black Author Showcase!

Time: December 13, 2008 at 10am
Location: Show Place Arena, (Prince Georges County Maryland)
Organized By: Black Author Showcase

Event Description:
BAS Holiday Book Fair Invitation

ADMISSION TO PUBLIC * Hourly Prize Drawings



December 14, 2008

Los Angeles, California

Have an extra coat
in your CLOSET?

NewSong LA's Children's Ministry
is collecting clean, reusable coats

Sunday, December 14, 2008
9:30a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

Collection boxes will be located

Crenshaw High School (near the auditorium)
5010 11th Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90043

Winter is approaching, and no one should have to go without a basic necessity such as a coat! Newsong LA's Children's Ministry will be collecting clean, reusable coats and jackets to assist the One Warm Coat community service effort. Coats of all shapes sizes are welcome and children's sizes are most needed. One Warm Coat is dedicated to distributing reusable coats, free of charge, directly to local children and adults. The program is a wonderful way for you and your family to pass along coats and jackets that you no longer need.

For more information Contact
Sher�a V�Jauan Riley
cell: (424) 903-9352




December 20, 2008

Washington DC





The Third District and the Community will kick off its 1st annual “Red Carpet Meet and Greet”.  The Red Carpet Meet and Greet night was created to allow residents the opportunity to mingle with celebrities and members of the Metropolitan Police Department. Celebrities will be signing autographs and providing give aways. Families will enjoy, games, and raffles, face painting, as well as, receive information on crime prevention, traffic safety, HIV awareness and more.  Appearances by McGruff, Cat Women, Mrs. Incredible, Spider man, Shrek, Santa & Mrs. Claus & his elf (just to name a few). 

  Date:           Saturday, December 20, 2008

  Time:          2:00pm-5:00pm

   Location:     1620 V. Street, NW WDC 20009  

                                 (Third District Police Station)


The Community is invited to an afternoon of fun and relaxation with members of The Metropolitan Police Department. Families will have the opportunity to mingle with Police Officers that patrol their perspective communities and  receive information on crime prevention, traffic safety, HIV awareness, health insurance, pedestrian safety and more.

We are inviting organizations, business, non-profits, health insurance companies, dentist, churches, etc.., to attend and set up a table to offer services to our Community families.

Thank you for your support.  

 ( Call or email to reserve a table, mobile space or make arrangements for donations) Officer B. Davis 202-689-4278- PSA 301  or Officer L. McKoy 202-576-8222- PSA 302 & PSA 304 or Civilian Marco Santiago 703-819-9434- Executive Producer or Sgt. J. Eccles- 202-671-6821- Producer


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