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Greetings On-Line Family!

    We hope your Thanksgiving was peaceful,   enjoyable and full of loved ones sharing, rejoicing and giving thanks together!

Last week we did not have an opportunity to connect with you via our weekly e-mail due to some computer glitches.   We think it may have been a virus of some sort, but thanks to Todd I am on the "ball" again.  Even though he figured everything out and fixed the problem, on the 1st Day of Christmas he gave me a present; which was his brand new laptop!!  

  These past 2 weeks have certainly been very devastating for many in Washington DC and surrounding areas (Maryland and Virginia) due to the murder of Washington Redskins Safety Sean Taylor.  Fans all across the nation and locally are mourning his untimely death.  Here it is, another young life has selfishly been taken through violence, but this time it's a little different, it crossed over barriers, and struck a football star!!! 

According to the reports Sean was asleep in his home in Miami Florida with his Fiancée and child and was awakened by noises.  He grabbed a knife/machete that he kept under his bed and headed out of his room.  However, he never made it out because intruders burst into his bedroom and fired 2 shots, one of which struck Sean in his thigh that badly severed an artery, resulting from him loosing tremendous amounts of blood; that eventually caused him to pass away a day later.

Taylor a very silent guy seemed to have kept to himself a lot and really said very little.  However, he played extremely hard and took his job very seriously.  Fans in a kind of "cult like" way loved and worshipped him, because his playing was exciting and completely out-of-sight.  He just played hard!!!  It is so unfair that (1) his life was taken; (2) at such a young age and (3) in the prime of his career.

You know, one thing I didn't understand is why the many reports I've read and heard felt it necessary to talked about Taylor's past "brush" with the law, about some minor things young folks do from time to time and even us adults (driving under the influence; a misdemeanor, even details about some football fines), COME ON...to me none of them really has any relevance to this case.  It is clear he was young and did things most young people would do.   The fact remains though, is that a young man who many on his team stated seemed to have matured tremendously since the birth of his daughter 18 months ago, has been taken from all of his fans, family, daughter and fiancée in a violent manner

I noticed that the 4 young men who did this crime is in custody in Miami, their ages are 17, 18, 19 & 20.  All have been denied bail and are under a suicide watch.  It is such a shame that the killing of each other continues, our own youths simply won't stop taking each others lives.  In this case a football star's  life was selfishly taken, just callously gunned down due to robbery by his own people.  Actually, people that we are coming to find out knew Sean, and was friends of a family member.  What a terrible incident and a shame for this violence, and most importantly for this unfortunate loss.

ProFlowers  Well, the mourning continues and will continue for some time to come.  We will all miss Sean Taylor, and most importantly his excellent playing.  The Redskins has lost one of its stars!!!!  However, we know he will be shinning in heaven.  May his family find peace during this time of sorrow and hold dear to them the wonderful memories.



A couple of weekends ago Todd and I attended a concert in Washington DC and the artists made such an impression on me that I must share my thoughts with you about them.  The artists are all from Trinidad - Marlon Asher (known for his hit single Ganga Farmer that took the Caribbean and International airwaves by storm), Khari Kill (known for his hit single "Picture of Salassie" that hit the reggae scene in a big way) and the duo I-Shasha and Million Voices (with their hit song "Don't you know your love is devine".)  

Marlon Asher -  www.myspace.com/ganjafarmer 


Khari Kill - www.myspace.com/kharikillmusic 


-Shasa and Million Voice - www.myspace.com/kharikillmusic 

Conscious Reggae is the musical style of these Trinidadian artists.  Yes, positive, conscious reggae music!  Imagine (1) "Trinis" singing Reggae and sounding  just as great as any popular reggae singer; and (2) imagine real good reggae coming out of the land of soca?  Hum, I'm sure it's unimaginable to many, but not to me because I grew up in Trinidad on "dub" (as I called it and as many do in Trinidad.)  

Hearing these gentlemen sing and watching their performance gave me a sense of pride, because I have had a small glimpse of the struggle many before them endured to be recognized and heard (singing this dub).  

Critics are calling this upsurge of conscious and positive music written, produced and performed by Trinidadian artists NEW, but this music is not new, it was being produced in Trinidad for a long time.  One of our most memorable trips to my place of birth (Trinidad) several years ago, we were swept from fete to fete to fete to fete checking out some up and coming "ragga soca" artists (at the time) some of the artists were "General Grant", "Daddy Ozzy" and another young man who called himself "Super Child" (I believe).   Then, I saw the potential for what they were doing, saw the movement they were building , and felt the excitement the youths and even adults from Trinidad were experiencing.  I only wished then we were not so focused on our business (Dry Cleaning company), so that we could have grabbed on to this music and guided it to higher heights.

Now that I have seen these positive singers live, heard their voices live, and have had an opportunity to review most of their music, I feel extremely good about this upsurge of young conscious reggae artist coming out of my home, and I truly love what they are doing.  Their lyrics are really good and very positive; their rhythms/music are enjoyable, and in a nutshell they are darn good.  Again, I am excited and proud to see this taking place, and even more proud that these talented young men are beginning to get some major air play, and that they are able to crossed over seas with their conscious music.  

Look out for these guys in your town, and for their music.  Currently, I'm really "digging" (1) Marlon Ashers's hit "Love of Jah" (you can really hear Marlon's singing abilities); (2) I-Shasa's hit "Who Jah Bless", (3) I-Shasa and Million Voices hit "I Know Jah" (they harmonize so well together), and 4) Benjai "I got something 4U".  Also look out for the following artist out of Trinidad who are doing "big things" with this reggae music: Prophet Benjamin, Mr, King, Demolition Man, Levi Myaz, Jah Bami and a few others.



The Enough is Enough Protest against BET Continues this Saturday in NY and Wash. DC.  A Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for 12/10/07

This weekend 12/8/07 the "Enough is Enough Campaign" continues- The Campaign for Corporate Responsibility in Entertainment, continues with their rallies/protests in Washington DC and New York.  If you have had enough with the negative images that are being shown on BET, then let you voice be heard by joining this campaign.  The “Enough is Enough” Campaign is against corporate sponsorship of visual images and lyrical messages that degrade women glorify violence and negatively portray blacks and Latino men as pimps, gangsters and thugs.

The New York Protest this Saturday takes place outside the Manhattan residence of Philippe P. Dauman, President and CEO of Viacom, Inc. (Viacom is one of the leading media outlets for production and distribution.)  located at East 65th Street between Lexington and Park Avenues, at 12:00 Noon EDT.  Supporters can take the F Train to the 63rd Street Station or the 4 Train to the 68th Street Hunter College Station.  

In Washington DC: the rally takes place this Saturday outside the Washington DC residence of Debra L. Lee, President and CEO of Black Entertainment Television Networks from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at the Corner of 28th Street & McGill Terrace, N.W., Washington DC.  Metro riders take the Red Line to Woodley Park.  Be sure to review the rally  DO'S AND DON'TS from the website: www.EnoughIsEnoughCampaign.com or send an email to: EnoughIsEnoughCampaign@hotmail.com.

Town Hall Meeting: Images of Black American in Entertainment" will be held at Mt. Ennon Baptist Church on Monday, December 10th at 7:00 p.m., in the sanctuary with Guest Panelist Dick Gregory, Activist and Humorist, Joe Madison, Talk Show Host and Activist and Dr. E. Faye Williams, National President of the National Congress of Black Women and others.  The Panelist will discuss the cultural impact of negative images of people of color in the hip-hop industry.  Should we challenge, and if so, how should we challenge the marketing of images and messages that degrade our people?  Let your voice be heard.  Please come out and bring your friends, family and co-workers to share in this experience and to hear the panelists give their points of view.

  Tavis Smiley comments on the "Enough is Enough Campaign" on the Tom Joyner Morning Show on 11/8/07.  Click the play button below to listen to his audio commentary   Hear this audio! or click on the following link: http://www.blackamericaweb.com/tavis/110807.html

   We need your help with finding the killer and solving the cold case of a very nice gentleman, who was a loving father, loving son and loving brother.  His life was selfishly taken some years ago in Washington DC.  His sister Cassandra is devastated about loosing her brother and want to bring closure to this case.  There is a $25,000 reward being offered currently.    Learn more about this via a MYSPACE site Cassandra has created regarding Wayne's murder www.myspace.com/waynelwalker.

SekouFlagfete12.8.07.jpg (286068 bytes)  As I close out this week, I just want to remind you that Sekou Flex's Whining Season Events continues this Saturday with "Flag Fete".  Many of you have attended his events and for that he is thankful.  So, this Saturday continue supporting his efforts and come on out and fete with him and all his friends.  For all the details click the flyer above, or scroll down to our "Featured Events" to view the flyer.  Next Saturday, join him as he celebrate his partner's birthday (Super Slice) of Indigo Concept.  Keep in mind Sekou's upcoming parang fete on Saturday, December 22nd.  The flyer below has all the details.


To all of you our on-line family, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and comments with us, and for always supporting us.  

As you may know without you there would be no us.  So thanks very much for your support.  Enjoy this weekend and the upcoming week!

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Saturday, December 8, 2007





sekouflex@yahoo.com  -  www.myspace.com/sekouflex 



New York

Saturday & Sunday - December 8 & 9, 2007

The Ausar Auset Society hosts a Wellness Weekend December 8th & 9 th


On Saturday December 8th and Sunday December 9st the Ausar Auset Society invites you to a day of healing and wellness.  Learn how to harmonize the body, spirit and mind with ancient techniques such as meditation, QiQong and spiritual readings. Admission is free and most of the workshops are free too, so come ready to enjoy yourself while you gather the most pertinent information about some of the leading spiritual support systems in the world today. The doors open at noon and will stay open until 8pm.  

Free Activities

Tree of life QiQong is an integrated system developed by Ra Un Nefer Amen Hon. DD. Get the combined benefit of the ancient Chinese principles of health combined with the Kamitic (Ancient Egyptian) Tree of Life Meditation system. Then continue the healing at home with the instruction manual, DVD, CD and 5-organ system herbal formulas.


Transcending Stress Meditation Workshop: in just 60 minutes you'll learn how meditation can reduce your level of stress and give you a more positive and relaxed approach to life. This is an introductory workshop, but you can quickly become an expert with the Meditation Fundamentals Distance learning software and the guided meditation CDs, books and manuals.


Spiritual Readings: Sit down for a one-on-one consultation with a priest or priestess trained in the Ancient oracular system of the Metu Neter (word of God). Learn how to optimize your success in your career, relationships, family and personal life.


At 6pm join us for the Het-Heru Healing Dance - a dance of healing and sisterhood led by Queen Mother Maasht-Amm. The combination of spiritual music and movements will invoke a feeling of joy and happiness which is the ultimate healer for both body and mind.


Fitness workshops:

Afro-Jazz with Fanzy Monguehy

Bellydance with Allisyn Oya Swift

Nia Fitness with Paula Edwards


You can also shop for African and special interest books, CDs, DVDs and novelty items in the Taui Gift shop. Then treat your palate with delicious vegan cuisine, fruit smoothies and sandwiches in the Tchefa Café.


For more information:

Call: 718-469-3199 or email: nvm@nilevalley.com

Ausar Auset Society Cultural Center: 626 Flatbush Ave (corner of Fenimore St.), Brooklyn, NY. 11225



2007 CARIB Art Exhibition
Deadline: December 9, 2007
CARIB, in New York, NY is seeking entries for the 2007 CARIB Art Exhibition, Dec. 16 - Dec. 29. Visual artists of 2D work: painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, photography; or masks are eligible to enter this exhibition. All artwork must be of a Caribbean theme/content or from a Caribbean artist. For submission rules, entry form and information, email info@caribny.org or visit www.caribny.org or call 646.839.2501.


Washington DC



Saturday, December22, 2007




 Atom Entertainment (formerly AtomShockwave)


Wade: even though we are happy for you, we will certainly miss you.  We wish you all the best on the move with your job!  Wow, your "going away" party this past weekend was great, we had a wonderful time!!

Happy Birthday Finiana

Happy Birthday Aunt Beulah

Happy Birthday Mayor Fenty (WDC Mayor)

Happy  Birthday Bob Baldwin (International Recording Artist)

Happy Birthday to our special  "Myspace" friends:  Singing Sandra and Ronn G 

From all of us here at Arious we hope your special day was filled with lots of joy!!



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We wish you a great weekend and we thank you for all your support.  Please remember we do appreciate you being a part of our on-line family and know that without you there is no us!!!  

Until next week, enjoy this weekend, and please be safe!  Again, thanks for all your support!


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