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Todd Mangatal

Greetings to all of you My On-Line Family:

First off, let me thank all of you among our on-line family who responded to my last week's commentary regarding the "Crazy Controversies that has been taken place over the past few weeks."  I received lots of responses regarding the New York unjust killing of Groom to be Sean Bell and the critically wounding of his friends Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield.  Many shared their personal stories of police brutality, and many forwarded incidents involving police brutality that has taken place in their town.  What I must say to you is, it's clear we have no rights or freedoms.  I'm truly glad it's all coming to light, and we have got to keep up the fight.  Remember together we can conquer some of these injustices!!!!  Thanks to all of you for taking the time to share your experience with me!!!  I'm just in amazement about the number of you who has experienced such injustices.  You are not alone, we at Arious have experienced it as well!!!  Again Thanks for Sharing!!!!

I would like to congratulate "Everybody's Magazine" on a successful presentation of the "The Assistant Thief" staring Oliver Samuels.  This play was a comedy laced with drama and timely issues that plague our community today.   Briefly, it was about 2 thieves who broke into the same house while its occupants were away, but before they could leave the occupants returned home and they were trapped in the basement.  Only the female occupant of the house encountered the thieves.  I don't want to say anymore, because of the suspense of not knowing what's about to happen is part of the fun.  However, I know you will "die with laughter", and it is also very thought provoking..

The event took place at the University of Maryland College Park at Tawes Theatre, and it turned out very nice, lots of folks from our community was in attendance.  For me it was a great experience, and this is the first time we have had the opportunity to see a play starting Mr. Samuels for many years.  It's really amazing how familiar I have become with Jamaican culture, because the last time I saw one of these plays was about 15 years ago and I was unable to understand the words or catch any of the jokes (so I couldn't understand what everyone around me found funny.)  However, this time I understood every word perfectly, and it was truly hilarious.  I definitely will not miss another one again.  It was very nice to see so many people I have not seen for a while.  Special Thanks to Mike Malcolm of Spice Island Records for his hospitality and most importantly for using our service to expose this event year after year.  WE THANK YOU MIKE FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

This have been a weekend filled with theatrical performances.  On Saturday in Roslyn, Virginia we attended another great event produced by One Heart Charities "The First Annual World Aids Day - Celebration of Life"  This was a gospel concert that featured several gospel choirs from this area, plus a showcase of a number of contestants from the Capital Star Competition (which is also produced by "One Heart Charities). Hollis "Flash" Lashley was the MC of this event, and he did an excellent job of keeping the performances flowing.  The highlight of this event for me was having the opportunity to see a gospel artist which I've heard a lot about over the last few years - Caribbean Gospel Artist Mr. Sam Archer.  He has had 3 critically acclaimed albums and has recently released his latest called "The Rebirth".  I must say it's filled with 12 blazing gospels tracks that are all hits.  It's not every day I get a CD that I can't stop listening to.  Hopefully, we will be linking with Mr. Archer, so we can let you know how to purchase copies of his CD and help spread the word about this great talent.  Look out for video clips of this event on Arious TV in the near future.

This "World Aids Day" Celebration was very informative...did you know that (1) AIDS kills 1 child every minute; (2) There are more than 500,000 blacks living with HIV and AIDS in the US; (3) AIDS has killed more than 25 million people making it one of the most destructive epidemics in recorded history; (4) AIDS has claimed an estimated 3.1 million lives in 2005 of which more than 1/2 were Children, and more that 200,000 are Latinos, and 5) there are over 40 million people living with HIV throughout the world today.  So this is not just a "gay" disease anymore, but it is an epidemic effecting everyone.  

Ignorance and prejudice are fueling the spread of this preventable disease, so I suggest you go to Goggle and type in AIDS or HIV and get educated!

This Sunday the fun continues in Baltimore Maryland.  Our friends at Ice Entertainment are continuing to spread their vibes for the holiday season.  This time they are continuing their Reminisce series-Part 2", which features Trinidadian Style Parang.  If you are from Trinidad or if you like to experience and learn about new cultures, then this is an event you need to check out.  One thing about Trini's they know how to party, so if you want to start your holiday season off right, join us in Baltimore this Sunday.  The event kicks off at 6:00 pm at the Blue Caribbean in the Park Heights area.  The place is very easy to's directly across from Pimlico Race Track on Park Heights Avenue.  The price is $15.00 which includes authentic Trinidadian holiday foods.  I don't know the background or a whole lot about Parang, so at this point I will turn it over to Susan so she can tell you about her experience of Parang from her early years in Trinidad!  See you in Baltimore on Sunday!!!



Susan Mangatal

Now that the Christmas season is here I am beginning to get "homesick", as I always do year after year, simply because Christmas in Trinidad is absolutely the greatest!  It is so filled with merriment (lots of fun) and food.  Coming from a family who didn't have much, I remember how special the little things my brothers and I received from our parents and how much it meant to us.  Of course, when you are a kid you want everything, and you hope and pray Santa brings them for you.  Yup, my brothers and I actually believed in Santa for several years, as many kids do.  Anyway, as a kid even though we didn't have much nor received much, what I fondly remember is the "Paranging".  Oh, how I loved it, and wished I was old enough back then to drink and party as much as my parents and relatives did.  I always loved the singing, dancing and roving from relatives and friends home eating all the special Christmas season foods such as Ham and chow chow, as well as Pastels, and drinking everything including our holiday drink "Ponche de Creme".   

As an adult I grew up loving it more and more each year.  One of the first trips Todd and I took to visit my home was during the Christmas season, and Todd absolutely fell in love with my country.  From the time we touched down at Piarco Airport and made it to my mom's home, we were "Paranging" constantly, only getting a few hours of sleep each night.  The eating and drinking was out of this world, morning, noon and night!  If you are from Trinidad then you know exactly what I am talking about and is smiling about the special feeling we have during this joyous Christmas season "Paranging"!  If not, then please read (below) what a very good friend of ours Mr. Hollis "Flash" Lashley sent to us so, that you our on-line family would get a better understanding of what we call "Parang" 

  What is "Parang" by Hollis Lashley

This is some information I came across, which I thought should be shared with “Arious” readers at this time of the year. I am excited about "Parang" as I am sure many of you are, and I look forward to enjoying the X-mas Spirit now, with all.  

Blessings always, from Hollis ’Flash’ Lashley, for Arious Entertainment.

Parang is a musical style which fuses together Venezuelan and Calypso influences to create up beat tempos with a Spanish style and is popular in Trinidad & Tobago and various areas of Venezuela.

Parang is derived from the Spanish word parranda which means "the action of merry making, group of serenaders." Parang is usually associated with Christmas festivities. Traditionally the parrandero, which refers to the singers and the instrumentalists, traveled from house-to-house in the community and was often joined by friends and neighbors using whatever instruments at hand (usually string instruments), including violin, guitar, claves (locally known as toc-toc), box bass (an indigenous instrument), flute, mandolin, bandolin, caja (a percussive box instrument), and marimbola (an Afro-Venezuelan influence). In exchange for the entertainment, traditional parranderos would be given food and drink rum or ponche de creme (an alcoholic eggnog). It is typically played with cuatro (a four-string small guitar), maracas (locally known as shak-shaks), and is often sung in Spanish.

Although it is much less common in modern times, musicians called Parranderos still roam the streets playing this music and serenading people with both sacred and non-sacred repertoire. Song types include the aguinaldo (relating to the stories of the Nativity or birth of Christ), guarapo (more secular and the content/length of the song varies according to the preference of the lead singer and his skill of developing rhyming verses), estribillo (a sing along song which is very lively and is sang in a call and answer fashion), manzanares (a Venezuelan waltz which celebrates the different aspects of the Manzanare river of Cumana, Venezuela), joropo (a song whose style is similar to the Spanish waltz), galerón, picón, serenal (a song in which the parranderos state their arrival and seek to enter one's house), and despedida (usually the last or farewell song which is sang by the panderros when they are about to leave one's home or when they are about to pause). Although the repertoire is influenced by nearby Venezuela's traditions, it has largely developed into an indigenous performance genre in Trinidad. While the traditional house-to-house caroling tradition is still practiced by small groups and larger organized groups, the music has also developed into a season of staged performances called "parang fiestas," held from October through January each year, culminating in a final national parang competition.

The origins of the presence of parang music in Trinidad and Tobago is controversial. There are two theories which describe how parang music may have came about in Trinidad and Tobago. The first theory is that Spanish monks who were present in Trinidad to lecture people about Catholicism were the first individuals to introduce the music which is now known as parang. The second theory is that Venezuelans brought the first elements of parang with them when they migrated to Trinidad to escape the Bolivian Revolution.

Notable parang 'bands' and artists include Daisy Voisin, Henry Perreira, Sharlene Flores, Leon Caldero,Lara Brothers, Los Tocadores, Los Parranderos de UWI, Los Alumnos de San Juan and Del Caribe.

As the genre popularized since the 1950s, parang has evolved and many soca music artists have generated a cross-over music called "soca parang" which is a fusion of calypso and soca whose lyrics are sang in English and are inspired by the "Americanized" Christmas often referring to such symbols as Santa Claus. Noted parang-soca artists include Scrunter, Crazy and Big B. Chutney (a singing artform of the indigenous people of Trinidad which have influences from Indian rhythms and are sometimes sung in Hindi) melodies have also been fused in with Parang and there are even parang versions of Latin hit songs which have been created in recent years.

The practice of paranging remains an important element of not only the Trinidadian rituals during the Christmas season but also in the rituals of other islands such as Grenada and the Dominican Republic and other countries such as Venezuela. Parang is especially vibrant in Trinidad & Tobago communities such as Paramin, Lopinot and Arima.

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Highlights of Capital Star Competition

This was the 8th week for The Capital Star Competition, which is now on hiatus until after the holidays.  One Heart Charities has decided to take a small break during this holiday season, and will resume in 2007 with its Capital Star Competitions.  In 2007, they will go into the semi finals and finals to crown the next Capital Star.

This past week's show was overwhelming, we had lots of contestants who entered the competition and who displayed all types of great talent.  Myself, and my wonderful fellow judges Mr. Robert Bates, and for the first time Mr. Earl Carter had a very difficult time judging the performers.  As usual though, we had lots of fun.  This week Mrs. Samuel decided to add a 4th winning category because of the large number of contestants who entered this week.  Next week we will feature the winners.

Correction:  Unfortunately in last weeks e-mail commentary about the Capital Star Competition, Mr. Sidrach Franklin's name (of WPFW 89.3)  was inadvertently listed as Sarah Franklin.  Mr. Franklin was the host of week 7 of the Competition.  We hope Mr. Franklin accepts our apology for this error.


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"Sasaye" Exhibition 

Trinbago artists Tracy Monsanto and Danielle Gibson will have an open house to show their work on December 8, 2006 from  6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. and December 15, 2006 - 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at 4446 Greenwich Parkway , Washington , D.C. 20007

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This Saturday, December 9, 2006 at 4:00 pm

Admission FREE

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This Saturday in Tampa, Florida

Support Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival

Trinidad and Tobago American Association of Central Florida, Inc. host of the Tampa Bay Florida Caribbean Carnival Cordially invite you to their Fundraiser on December 9, 2006



This Sunday in Baltimore, Maryland

 December 10, 2006


Ice Entertainment

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ROOT Inc in partnership with WPFW (88.9 FM) Radio, WPGC (95.5 FM) Radio, the Emergency Management Agency (The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Children, Youth, Family and Elders, Psychological Assessment Services (PAS), US Trans, and AMERIGROUP is pleased to have Mayor Elect Adrian Fenty join them as well as The Anacostia Senior High School Students & The  Department of Youth Rehabilitative Services (DYRS) as they host a Youth Forum 

"By the Youth, For the Youth, About the Youth"

Monday - December 11, 2006 

From 6pm to 9pm

@ Anacostia High School Auditorium, 16th & "R" Streets, SE, Washington, DC

This youth forum will let the youths voice their collective opinions and seek solutions on the following issues addressed to a panel of senior officials of the District of Columbia Government: Gun Violence within the Community; increased youth violence; school violence; and emergency preparedness.  

This forum is being sponsored in part by the Office of the deputy Mayor for Children, Youth Families and Elders for the purpose of aiding the DC Youth Development Strategy, in collaboration with policies being implemented under incoming Council Chair Vincent Gray.






Washington DC 

December 22, 2006

EZ Street

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The Historical Bohemian Caverns

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New Years Eve Gala in Maryland

December 31, 2006

De Island Masqueraders Cordially invite you to their First Annual New Years Eve Gala & Show

@ Prince Georges County Ballroom - 2411 Pine Brook Avenue, Landover Maryland

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PanMasters Steel Orchestra

Along with  

DJ Sprang International


DJ Zeanus

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Washington - Crown Bakery, 5329 Georgia Avenue, NW, WDC- 202-291-3009

Maryland - The Jerk Pit, 8145-C Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD - 301-982-5375

Join De Island Masqueraders as they "Spread Their Wings" to the 2007 St. Thomas Carnival

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Happy Birthday Finiana

Happy Birthday DJ Super Slice

Happy Birthday Aunt Beulah

Happy Birthday Mayor Fenty (WDC Mayor)

Happy  Birthday Bob Baldwin (International Recording Artist)   Bob is celebrating his Birthday on December 9, 2006

Happy Birthday to our "Myspace" friends:


AfricanBeauty (Jalila)


Singing Sandra

Ronn G (Celebrating his BIRTHDAY on 12/14/06 AT SESTO SENSO LOUNGE)


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Shout Out to: Yolanda it's really nice hearing from you and we hope you will be back strong on your feet soon!  Happy Holidays.


Bev we love you dearly, and Collin is forever in our thoughts and prayers!





Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!













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