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December 10, 2004




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WHAT'S HAPPENING by Susan  Mangatal

Greetings To all among our on-line family:

In the past, you must have noticed how very disoriented Todd had become with our youths, and you may recall he had openly voiced his opinions regarding this on numerous occasions.  Unfortunately, we recently fell victims to a crime committed by our youths, and it completely disgusted me.   In the late part of summer, we decided to invest in a vehicle for our Business (Arious), one that we could use for advertising purposes.  We had intended to have it “rapped” and get the full works to making it a moving billboard for the company.  However, it was stolen, and the scariest part was, it was stolen from in front of our home. 

Mind you, we live in a nice neighborhood, which for some time now have been known, and called “the black Beverly hills”, we actually grew up in the neighborhood, and felt very comfortable moving back there.  However, lately vehicle theft have become very prominent, actually thefts in general.  The most unfortunate part of this entire situation is that these crimes are being committed by our black youths, to their own people “black on black crimes”.  Normally, when we receive our neighborhood association newsletters, we are appalled to see the escalating amount of crimes being committed by youths to their own people.  I never really thought that we would become victims, but that was a stupid thought.  I guess I should thank God that we were not “jacked”, and the vehicle was taken during the midnight hours. That would have been worst.

Todd and I, on a daily basis listen to Todd's favorite radio host Mr. Joe Madison (The Black Eagle), who is the host of his radio program “Madison The Black Eagle” on XM Satellite radio and WOL 1010 am and 1450. Mr. Madison normally discusses the problems with our black youths, and some of the dumb things they do, and about the crimes they commit. I have even heard him on many occasions describe them as “knuckleheads”, and at times I thought he was a bit hard on them, but he really isn’t.  Because they do things without thinking like “knuckleheads”, tell me how could they commit crimes to their own people?  Mr. Madison talks about some of the solutions (one in particular) is not enough programs established for our youths, but how many programs must we establish for them to think better and live a crime free life?  They really should know better.  Of course, we do not want them to commit crimes, but damn, if they insist on committing them, then why don’t they just go to the more affluent communities out of our area and take from the rich (areas such as Montgomery county and Potomac (to name a few))?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning or encouraging them to commit crimes, but it really doesn’t make any sense that our youths are committing them (in the first place), and most importantly to their own people. Why can we live normal and love and respect each other and each other’s property? Why can’t we pattern ourselves to live like our white brothers and sisters?  You don't read or hear about them committing crimes against each other.

Sometimes, I really just don’t understand any of these problems.  However, sometime ago Todd came up with a solution for these problems with our troubled youths.   You may not agree with it, but after much debate I now see it really may not be a "bad thing"  He believes with all the energies our youths have, and put towards stealing, violence, etc., why (for punishment) don’t they be sent over to Iraq to fight the war?  Just send them to Iraq to serve some time.  Yes, I hate the war and the thought of sending our families to that awful place bothers me, but this may teach them some discipline.  If they want to be criminals, then they can go to Iraq and kill, steal, fight, etc.  Over there they will surly see a different life, and how hard and awful being away from home, with bombs, bullets, and death all around them.   That really may teach them some discipline and learn to love and respect each other. It's very clear that the jails and the detention centers are too easy, since these crimes and violence are escalating.  Well, let me know how you feel about this solution., or if you have a better solution, feel free to share it with us.

We received some information from a Community in DC who has planned a march against violence, homicides and guns.  This will take place this Saturday, December 11, 2004, at Park Morton Community.  If you have some time please join the Park Morton Community with their efforts against violence.  "In the past, Park Morton and its residents have been plagued, as many parts of this city, by senseless violence, homicides, and gunfire. The community wishes to rise to the occasion, and celebrate the beginning of a new awakening and awareness, during this holiday season. Park Morton and its residents will like to reach out to the surrounding communities, as well as to the entire city, to collaborate together in the spirit of the season during this festive occasion and say no more to senseless violence, unnecessary homicides, and Guns Aside."


Bowen YMCA Marching Band Lead Residents in March Against Senseless Violence and for Community Restoration

WHO:  The Park Morton Resident Council, ROOT (Reaching Out to Others Together) Inc., and The Alliance of Concerned Men; Council Members Jim Graham, Ward 1, and Adrian Fenty, Ward 4; Michael Kelly, Director, DC Housing Authority; local merchants, community organizations, community residents, and Park Morton youth.

WHAT: The Anthony Bowen YMCA Tigers Marching Band will lead participants and concerned residents taking a stand against senseless violence, and homicides, for Guns Aside, and for community restoration through the Park Morton Community.

The march will precede the activities for A Christmas Story in Park Morton Festivities will include Guns Aside Rally, T Shirt Give Away and Guns Aside Pledge; essay contests, poetry contests, and drawing contests for children of Park Morton, with winners receiving savings bonds and gift certificates. Also a family will receive a free holiday shopping spree courtesy of the Alliance of Concerned Men and Giant Food Store.

A Christmas Story (and party), complete with bands and carolers and part of the Annual 12 days of Christmas campaign, will take place inside the Capitol City Pavilion.

WHERE: Participants will begin gathering at 12:30 PM on Lamont Road and Warder St. The band, complete with police escort, will lead the cavalcade on a march filled with Christmas revelry through the Park Morton community ending at Capitol City Pavilion, 3401 Georgia Ave, NW.

Festivities, facilitated by youth affected by violence and homicide from Park Morton, will take place inside the Capitol City Pavilion beginning at 1PM.

WHEN: This Saturday, December 11, 2004 from 1pm to 4pm

Have you made plans for New Year's yet?  If not, I believe the best deal in town is the Caribbean Connection Event. This event is being given by Washington Rampage (2nd place winners of the small band category in DC Carnival).  We have had the opportunity to work with these folks and they do a wonderful job, so if it’s anything like their band, they will surly put on a fantastic event.  This is there 3rd Annual Gala, and according to Yolanda and Beverlee, there will be lots of fun to have.  They recently re-evaluate their budget and was able to reduce the price to this Gala, so if you have not made plans yet, then bring in the year 2005 with Caribbean Connection.  Scroll down to see their ad below.  Also, look out for their 2005 band launching in Mid February (2005).  I have seen their costumes, and they are very beautiful.

We are very happy to hear that Caribbean Vibes Radio are growing so rapidly.  According to Fiona they had to increase their bandwidth, which proves that people are listing and tuning in.  Fiona and crew, we are very happy and proud of your accomplishments.  So folks don’t forget to check out “Caribbean Vibes Radio”, the new 24-7 Caribbean Internet Radio.  So log on to catch some vibes and feel the experience.  “Catch it...Feel it!!!!!  This Upcoming Thursday, and every Thursday Check out DJ Fabulous Live for "Sizzling Thursdays" 9-Midnight.  See message from Fiona.  

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Hope things are Irie in your world!
We are excited at the rapid growth of Caribbean Vibes Radio. We've just past our first full month streaming on-line and thanks to you we've had to increase our bandwidth!!!  That tells us you're listening and are making Caribbean Vibes Radio part of your daily life. We love it!!! Continue to share the experience with all your friends all over the world.

People are still talking about last weeks show! Many of you requested a tape of the show (which we didn't record), but plan to archive future shows! We'll keep you posted on that. Well, DJ Fabulous will bring the flow bigger and better---all in true Caribbean Vibes fashion! My advice to you is that you tune in. I can't express how wonderful the show will thank me! Also, please take a moment and 'tip' the DJ with an email to or phone 1-866-ONE-VIBE.

There's still time for you to email your holiday greetings
( to friends and family. This a real treat for your friends and family to hear Christmas greetings, Kwanzaa and Happy Hanukah or just well-wishes for the New Year! right here on Caribbean Vibes Radio.  See below for the instructions
You are all invited to our first Christmas celebration with the iM4radio and Caribbean Vibes Radio crew. It takes place at Exhale Lounge, located in the heart of Adams Morgan, 2305 18th St. N.W in Washington, D.C. Meet the staff of and Caribbean Vibes Radio. Relax and mingle from 6pm-10pm.
"Sizzling Thursdays" with Selector Fabulous is every Thursday from 9pm-12 midnight (est.) The show going to be well sweet, suh don't miss it!
Peace and blessings,
Fiona (member of the Fabulous fan club)


Email your Christmas and holiday greetings to be announced online through January 1, 2005! Email
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Until Next Week!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Happy Birthday Greetings to Finiana (Co-Founder of Caribbean Professional Networking Series [CPNS]. 

Ziggy:  Happy Belated Birthday!!!!  You have some major explaining to do, because Todd and I are unhappy with you about this birthday party thing we are just hearing about.  How come we didn't get an invitation?

Fiona thanks for all the love, and big up to you and all the Caribbean Vibes Radio Crew!


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West Indian-American Military Members Association

cordially invites you and a guest to their

Second Annual

Christmas Party

Saturday, December 18, 2004

7:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.


Andrews Air Force Base

Schedule of events for the party

7:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.          Cocktail reception

7:30 p.m. – 7:40 p.m.          Invocation

7:40 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.          Announcements and recognition

8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.          Dinner served

9:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.          Dance and Raffle prizes

12:30 p.m.                          Bars stop serving alcohol

1:00 a.m.                            Celebration concludes

For Driving Directions to the Base and for more details, contact Winfield  at 301-523-1797; Saint at 301-873-4011; Pierre at 301-758-8273 and Ryan at 301-221-7788 





Caribbean Connections

3rd Annual New Year's Gala

Date: December  31st, 2004

Time: 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM

Place: Best Western Hotel, 5910 Princess Garden Parkway Lanham, MD  20706

Cost: Single Ticket     $100.00
Couple Ticket   $180.00
Gala Price Includes: Dinner (Buffet Style) 8 PM – 10 PM

Open Bar & Champagne Toast

RSVP: 12/15/04
Contacts : Beverlee: (301) 455-3576, Coleen: (646) 302-9298, Joel: (240) 354 – 3360, Yolanda: (301) 580-5866.
INFO: Website:   www.,  Email:
Directions:  Take 495N to exit 20A (Annapolis Road) Right Lane to Princess Garden Parkway, under overpass, 1st right,
                        Best Western Hotel located on the left.
Take 495S to exit 20A. (Annapolis Road) Left@ light.  Right lane  to Princess Garden Parkway, under overpass, 1st  right, Best Western Hotel located on the left.


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