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Greetings On-Line Family!

This past weekend here on the home front an aspiring star and friend to many in our community was selfishly taken away from us tragically.  This young man Mr. Alton A. Ashman aka "Rraw Dawg" was certainly full of laughter, full of energy and most importantly full of aspirations.  He was loved by many and to my husband Todd and I he was a very nice person with a good vibe.  He was very respectful, always with a big smile and reaching out his hand with the popular handshakes to Todd and even hugs to me.

 Mr. Alton Ashman "Rraw Dawg" was well on his way to achieving his dreams.  He was a dancehall artist from our area and was a member of the popular "Alliance" which is headed up by popular dancehall artist Bounty Killa ("The Alliance agency is known for its outstanding work in booking, promotions and production, and has over the years guided the careers of some of dancehalls most prominent recording artists such as Wayne Marshall, Movado, Busy Signal and many others.")

He was the producer of the "Yellow Tape" Riddim along with his friend Trevor "Baby G" James, Jr., which was released in 2005 ("Baby G" is the son of Legendary King Jammy and he produced Rraw Dawg's most recent Video "Gangsters for Real").  Dancehall artists such as Lady Saw, Wayne Marshal, Angel Doolas, Bounty Killa, Bling Dawg, Vybe Kartel, Voicemail and many others recorded on this "Yellow Tape riddim under Rraw Dawg's own label called "Ahrrah" (Ahrrah Entertainment).

He was also an up and coming actor, and the most recent movie he acted in is called "Bashment -The Fork In The Road" written and directed by Film maker Steve "Tehut-Nine" McAlpins.  Mr. McAlpins also directed "Rraw Dawg's" most recent video for his "Gangstar For Real" song.  You will see "Rraw Dawg" again in Mr. McAlpins upcoming movie "What Goes Around" slated to be released this year.

We send out heart felt sympathy to "Rraw Dawg's" family, children, friends and fans.  I know they are in deep pain due to the selfish and violent way in which he was taken.  It's all heart wrenching, and leave us asking "why must we continue hurting each other so violently?"   Unfortunately, the madness continues and as a result one of our young bright stars was taken away selfishly and far too soon.  

Nevertheless, as I read all the condolences and different websites on the Internet it is clear that "Rraw Dawg" was very much loved in this area and many simply cannot believe he is gone - just taken away so violently.  I am just so sick of incidents like these and Todd is extremely sick and tired of talking about them, they simply are very senseless.  I don't know how he lived and I don't really care, what sticks out in my mind is how much he aspired to be the popular artist and actor he was on his way to be.  For me the fact still remains that he was gunned down senselessly!  Some time ago a friend of ours took an interest in "Rraw Dawg's" career and shared with us some of the plans he had in mind for "Rraw Dawg", I now wish he had followed through with these plans, if so maybe "Rraw Dawg" would still be with us now.  I know our friend will miss him dearly!!!

We understand "Rraw Dawg" will be laid to rest this weekend in Brooklyn New York, where he grew up at the Miracle Temple Ministries, but we are not sure about all the details.  May he Rest In Peace and one special thing Todd and I will always remember about this young man is how he shined when he walked into a room, you could tell he was that star he so aspired to be.  Many of us will always remember his signature and famous slogan "Ahrrarrrrr!!!

You will find more details about "Rraw Dawg" on his myspace sites: www.myspace.com/rrawdawg or www.myspace.com/rrawdawg1 

According to Prince George's Police a $25,000 reward is being offered.  "Anyone with information, about the incident is urged to call the Prince George's Police Homicide Unit at (301) 772-4925.  If the case is ruled a homicide, anyone with tips leading to the arrest of the suspect will be given a cash reward of up to $25,000".  "Callers who wish to remain anonymous can call the Crime Solvers' Tip Line at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477)


       It's Black History Month    

As you know it's Black History Month - it's time to celebrate, acknowledge, honor and memorialize our leaders, inventors, discoverers, athletes, and even entertainers who have made exceptional accomplishments and contributions throughout our history.   

This week in celebration of black history, I felt it would be interesting for me to do a small collage of photos (a pictorial review) that describes black history throughout the years.  Beginning with Slavery and moving through the years to more recent times.  Hope you enjoy it!  Even though I enjoyed doing the research and pulling this all together, I found myself breaking down and getting angry...some of these photos were a bit hard for me to bare especially since many of the events these photos depicts was only a short time ago (only 40 and 50 years ago).  Click on to each picture to see the larger version, and place the cursor on the picture so you can get the description.  Special thanks to the Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division and Courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration.

Slavery:   African men crowded onto a lower deck of the ship, "Wildfire".  African women crowded on an upper deck. Brought into Key West on April 30, 1860.  HenriettaMarielastvoyageslaveshiplrg.jpg (20401 bytes)  How slaves were "stored" on the deck of a slave ship    

Notice of Public Sale of Negros.jpg  Notice of Sale of slaves  Auction & Negro Sales," Whitehall Street. 1864.  Black Woman Hanging  

     The Struggle - Many, many years of the struggle.  Indeed "A Picture Speaks a thousand words" (these pictures are not in any particular order) Click on each for the larger version.  

Frederick Douglass

Drinking Fountain at Courthouse with disturbing sign  A sign on a restaurant in Lancaster, Ohio. August 1938. Ben Shahn, photographer. (Sign: "We Cater to White Trade only")  A rest stop for Greyhound bus passengers on the way from Louisville, Kentucky to Nashville, Tennessee, with separate accommodations for colored passengers, September 1943.      Emmet Till  School integration in Clinton, Tennessee, December 4, 1956.

Littlerock Segregation    In March 1965, deputies and troopers attacked voting rights activists with clubs and tear gas, on a march from the Alabama town of Selma to Montgomery.   On the orders of Bull Connor, high-pressure firehoses are used against young demonstrators.   White Kids refusing to go to school with blacks-segregation  selma.montgomery_voting rights March   

September 15, 1963 Seventeen days after the March on Washington the Klan Strikes Back -bomb a killed these young girls  A women is beaten in selma  March in  Montgomery 50,000 marchers  1963 Police dogs attack non-violent marcher.  

Martin Luther King pulls up a burned cross from his front lawn as his son stands by. (1960)  MLK being kissed by wife afte rbeing released from jail


The Movement:  

Nelson Mandela

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rosa Parks



Malcolm X

Ben Carson

 PictureofMLKMXHTJR.gif (23362 bytes)   March on Washington View from above 1963    Marchers at theMarch on Washington1963  

MLK giving his I have a Dream speech-March on Washington  Leaders_marching at the March in Washington   2nd phot of_leaders_marching at March In Washingon


Million Man March:  Photo of the Million March Attendees in 1995 in Washington  Photo of the Million March Attendees in 1995 in Washington - What a Crowd and a great day Attendees of Million Man March 1995  


Jena 6 March:  Jena 6 Marchers 2007  Marchers at Jena 6 Louisiana March 2  Rev. Al Sharpton hugs Mychal Bell (Jena 6 victim of unfair justice)  

Photos of Jena 6 marchers in Jena Louisiana  Photo of Jena 6 marchers in Jena Louisiana2  

March for Justice 2007:  March for Justice.11.16.07 View from Above  March for Justice.11.16.07 Marchers/attendees  March for Justice 11.16.08 - 3  

March for Justice.11.16.07 - 6  


  Senator Obama Barack on his way to the White House 2008



  On the political front, this week was extremely exciting with all the "craziness" that took place.  Accusations, attacks, maliousness, and hatefulness (speeches and pictures) all raised its nasty head this past week from Senator Clinton's camp, Senator McCain's camp and even President Bush struck out with harsh words as well.  

Clearly, still the struggle continues and it's growing harder and harder; the road is indeed long and difficult for Senator Obama.  However, the Democratic debate turned out to be very interesting and  Senator Obama did very well.  We all are proud of you Senator Obama!!!

I'm sure with this great momentum the Senator will prevail, and the overall "Change" we all are seeking will be delivered.

  Now, this Tuesday's March 4th primaries are very important (the Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont primaries).  So, please folks go out and keep up the momentum by voting for Senator Barack Obama, so that he maintains his current position as the front-runner in this democratic race which will allow him to be the democratic nominee and ultimately win the General elections and become the next President of the United States.  Letís continue making history together!!!









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To all of you our on-line family, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and comments with us, and for always supporting us.  As you know without you there would be no us.  So thanks very much for your support and One Love!



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Caribbean American Community Revs Up
for NEA's Read Across America Day

Students in Lanham & Hyattsville, MD will join millions of their peers across the country to celebrate the ninth annual National Education Association's (NEA) Read Across America Day on March 1, 2007.

NEA's Read Across America Day, which falls on Dr. Seuss's 103rd birthday (March 2), expects more than 45 million readers, both young and old, to pick up a book and read.

To honor the good doctor and celebrate the fun and value of reading, Read Across Jamaica Foundation is asking you to join NEA and many of America's leading literacy, youth, and civic groups in bringing a nation of readers together under one hat-the red and white stovepipe made famous by the Cat in the Hat-for a flurry (or furry) of reading excitement!

WHO:    Read Across Jamaica Foundation in partnership with University of MD TEAMS & Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity      

WHAT:   Caribbean-American Reading Party
WHEN:   Saturday, March 1, 2008
WHERE:  Just Jerk Caribbean Restaurant, 9005 Lanham-Severn Road, Lanham, MD
                & Junction Caribbean Restaurant & Market, 900 Chillum Road, Hyattsville, MD

For more information contact:
Jaínice Wisdom, 301-806-2984

Our goal is to show America's Caribbean-American children the joy of reading-on March 1 and every day.  For more information on NEA's Read Across America, visit www.nea.org/readacross and learn of other reading celebrations that are happening from coast to coast.



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Very Special  Birthday Greetings to my favorite person, my heart, and my very best friend Todd!

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From all of us here at Arious we hope your special day was filled with lots of joy!!!!

We would like to extend birthday greetings to Gerry, Maria, Dexter, Gabby and Jelisa

Happy Birthday to All Our MySpace Friends.  May you all have a very happy birthday!!  From all of us here at Arious !



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