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Greetings On-Line Family!

February Is Black History Month

    The Celebrating and acknowledging of our leaders, the inventions, discoveries and accomplishments throughout history!

It's the beginning of Black History Month, so it's time to celebrate, acknowledge, honor and memorialize our leaders, inventors, discoverers, athletics, and even entertainers, etc. who have  made exceptional accomplishments and contributions throughout our history.  We definitely need to celebrate with our children this February; and we really need to spend some extra time learning about and bringing awareness to the many extraordinary accomplishments and the rich culture of African-Americans.

As you may know much of the credit of Black History Month goes to Dr. Carter G. Woodson (Harvard Scholar) who was determined to bring Black History into the mainstream public arena.  Dr. Woodson devoted his life to making "the world see the Negro as a participant rather than as a lay figure in history."  In 1926 Dr. Woodson organized the first annual "Negro History Week", which took place during the second week of February (Dr. Woodson choose the date to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln - two men who had greatly impacted the black population).  Over time "Negro History Week" evolved into the "Black History Month" we know today - a four week long celebration of African American History.

Now, tell me isn't it a wonderful way to begin celebrating Black History Month, with a Black Man running/competing and winning several primaries and caucuses - in order for him to become President of the United States.  Yes, I'm talking about celebrating Senator Barack Obama's success in being nominated as one of the Democratic candidates for President of these United States.

How hopeful, exciting and uplifting...huh???  Did any of you ever think you would see this in your lifetime?  Honestly, I was certain I would because I have been so disturbed with what have been taking place in this country for many years.  Todd and I are constantly discussing and debating many issues, and this one by far has been the most important issue we fully agree on.

  For us, it has been really interesting following the elections (the Primaries and Caucuses).  Senator Obama's win of South Carolina gave me hope especially after witnessing the Democratic Debate that took place a few weeks ago on an important day (Martin Luther King's Holiday observation).  Even though Senator Clinton was focused on lashing out with personal attacks, Senator Obama was classy, poised and very respectful; I was proud that he responded implicitly.  Clearly this debate helped open the eyes of many in America and gave folks the zeal  to go out and vote for the Senator who they felt would be able to take this country to another level.

How about winning 13 states in this week's Super Tuesday's primaries/caucuses?  What a day in this American History.  He's actually very close behind Senator Clinton with the amount of delegates he received.  Indeed, he is a strong contender/candidate, and many folks around American are strongly "feeling" his issues; is in real need for change (a full/complete change); and is hearing his words.

With this being said, I want to mention to you what transpired with me and many of you (my on-line family) a few weeks ago regarding the Democratic Candidates.  Many of you were upset with me after I made a comment about Senator Clinton on my weekly "What's Happening" E-mail blast (some weeks ago).  What I said was nothing real bad, I just questioned Senator Clinton's strength and many of you questioned why it seemed I was supporting Senator Obama.  I was very stunned by the many e-mails I received and I answered each and every one of you, who were mostly women, and who didn't hesitate to "chew me out".  To be quite honest with you, I truly felt that my fears were correct, and indeed we are our worst enemy by the many angry comments I received.  I was sure, and was extremely worried that the South Carolina primary would result in a loss for Senator Obama.  However, the South Carolina win was outstanding and gave me hope...real hope and real pride to see that a lot of folks must feel the way I do. 

"On the real though", I feel the things Senator Obama have been saying (even though both candidates are saying almost the same thing), he is the best candidate...no doubt.  He is truly a classy, powerful man, leader and speaker, and I have a good feeling about him and his passionate, powerful wife Michelle.  I have been watching him very closely over these months, watching his debates and speeches.  Oh dear...let me focus on his speeches for a minute, they are so very moving and touches me every time.  After the South Carolina winning speech, my husband Todd stated to me "this man is pretty powerful and his words are very moving".  To me, clearly he will be the best person who will take this country out of the doom that we are currently wallowing in.  He seems to be an honest man, and he truly reflects me, more than Senator Clinton every would!!!  

Don't get me wrong, a woman President would be great, but I had seen from the beginning that I could not support Senator Clinton, and for me everything I felt was brought to light at the debate on January 21st.  Lots of loathing, disrespect and a sense of repugnance is what I felt from Senator Clinton during that debate.  Her tactics did not show me her strengths, it only confirmed the disturbing feelings I had about her and not to mention her husband's negative statements (who was not always true to the American people nor his family...obviously).  This brings to mind the most appalling statement of all time, the statement where he (Bill Clinton) is referred to as the first black president of the United States, what a negative statement...in my opinion!

If it all boils down to Senator Clinton being the Democratic nominee, then I will support her, but "it's not over till it's over", we have several primaries and caucuses to go before this takes place, and I have a sense America is "feeling" Senator Obama.  

   REMEMBER this weekend primaries and caucuses takes place in the states of Washington, Nebraska and Louisiana, so go out and vote.  Additionally, to my on-line family here in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia areas, our turn to vote is on Tuesday, so please if you are ready for change in this country and for something new, then go out and vote.  

Out of the many e-mails I got from my on-line family a few weeks ago who were a bit upset with me, I got a few motivating ones, but the one below I feel I must share with you because it shows how diverse the people are, who are voting for Senator Obama.  This gentleman Mr. Scott Evans as you will see is from Iowa, and he explains his race and views about why he is supporting Senator Obama.  Please read and send me your thoughts.

On 3:25:32 pm 01/11/08 "Scott Evans" wrote:
   Dear Ms. Mangatal,
   I read your work with interest and have to add my perspective.  I am a
   typical Iowan who has had the privilege of meeting with all the
   candidates for the presidency recently in the Iowa Caucuses.  I
   fall into the stereotype midwestern, white, middle class, college
   educated demographic and in 58 years have seen many politicians
   come and go here in our state.  I recently had the privilege of
   meeting Senator Obama and his lovely wife and attending two of his
   rallies in our county.  My wife had the opportunity as well of
   having lunch with Michelle and together we have come to realize
   that aside from the message of change he embodies the spirit of
   community and reconciliation that I feel will unite a dischordant
   nation.  He doesn't talk about "me", but talks about "we", in a
   way that inspires and challenges each of us.
   I survived college in the days of race riots in Waterloo, Iowa
   when it was the most segregated city in the north.  They were times of
   foment and change too in a much more dramatic way than we will
   ever know in our whitebread world now.  I was able to see activism
   by committed individuals that knew that equality was more than
   just lipservice and soundbites.  I am sorry to say that my
   children do not understand the commitment necessary to effect
   change and have tried to overcome the entitlement generation
   attitudes to no avail.  I see this in many communities and am
   sorry to say that the sacrifice made by men like Martin Luther
   King rings hollow to so many of all races who do not know what it
   is like to live in poverty with discrimination and lack of
   opportunity.  I only hope that this campaign can give HOPE to those
   that might see a chance for opportunity to pull everyone up with
   them and create a world of peace and understanding.
   I hope that your organization can galvanize the community to
   activism and help Barack Obama realize his dream too.  
Thank you.
Respectfully Yours,
J. Scott Evans, PT

On 7:09:26 pm 01/11/08 "Scott Evans" wrote:
 Thank you also for the acknowledgement.  In analysis of the election,
 I wonder if people in not supporting Obama see him as too
 establishment, or too "white" as they called it in the 60's. 
I think
 that whatever furthers the equality of all individuals is the most
 important goal and if he can transcend race, gender, and orientation
 we all can succeed - and this will be a much better world.

 I am a physical therapist, working in holistic care, and use an
 example for my patients that talks about change.  I ask them what the
 best way is to win at tug-of-war.  Most respond that you need to
 entrench and lean back, or pull harder, or fight harder, or become
 more committed........ but the answer is "to buy the other team
 beer".  When they relax we don't have to work so hard.  If we all
 would just relax and look at the true meaning of life, and give up on
 the "them vs me" attitudes, we would make more time to find out why
 each of us is who we are and pursue the opportunity to evolve and
 grow, and reach that higher level of existence that is so elusive.
 Men like Schweitzer, and Ghandi, and King were mystics that could see
 that higher level and tried, in their time, to impart that wisdom to
 all mankind.  Must we continue to make the mistakes that keep us
 apart, and prevent us from achieving that higher level too?  Must
 economics and "me first" thinking keep us on separate sides?  As
 Benjamin Franklin said, "let us all hang together, lest we all hang
 I don't mind if my words are printed if they might sway just one
 person to back meaningful change for a better world.



Senator Barack Obama "Yes We Can Video" by Will-I-Am

Courtesy of You Tube and www.dipdive.com


The Kennedys Endorse Barack Obama January 28, 2008 - Caroline Kennedy and Edward Kennedy.  

If you run into problems launching the video you will see I have place the link below for you to click onto, in order for you to view.  You can also copy and paste the link into your browser, and click "enter" or "go".


Courtesy of MSNBC Video (21 minutes 15 seconds)




Senator Barack Obama's Speech after winning the South Carolina Democratic Primary.  

If you run into problems launching the video you will see I have place the link below for you to click onto, in order for you to view.  You can also copy and paste the link into your browser, and click "enter" or "go".


Courtesy of MSNBC Video (17 minutes 34 seconds)



February 6, 2008, is the birth date of Bob Marley, had he been alive he would have turned 63 years old.  We celebrate him and all he has done for reggae music

February is also Bob Marley’s birth month as well as Reggae Superstar Dennis Brown.

Bob Marley’s music is timeless and it’s crossed many boundaries.  His words are prophetic, and in the times we are going through now with all the war and crime, this is the type of music we need to guide and uplift us.  Sometimes, it seems as the words in Bob Marley’s songs had to have come from a higher place, because they are so “deep” and meaningful.  Reggae music on a whole has the power to uplift and unify the world.  

  Born Robert "Bob" Nesta Marley - (1945-1981) Reggae Singer, Composer, and Guitarist was born in Nine Miles, Jamaica, and grew up in Kingston's rough Trenchtown District.  His first group, "The Rudeboys", later became known as the Wailers.  In 1964, they released their first hit "Simmer Down", which was written in response to gang violence.  In 1972, the Wailers were signed by Island Records, and Bob Marley began to gain a worldwide following, especially in Africa.  His songs spoke of strength through unity and human rights, crime, revolution, and Rastafarianism.  In 1976, 7 men broke into his home in an assassination attempt, the night before he was to sing at a concert supporting Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley.  Unfortunately, he was wounded in his arm, but nevertheless he appeared at the concert.  2 years later he gave a historical concert emphasizing political conciliation, with the song "One Love"  In 1980, he gave another historic performance celebrating independence in Zimbabwe.  Bob Died of Cancer at age 36, but his spirit is not dead, and his songs are still alive in our hearts today.

Details taken from Susan Altman's "Ency. of Afro.-Amer. Heritage" 


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To all of you our on-line family, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and comments with us, and for always supporting us.  As you know without you there would be no us.  So thanks very much for your support.  All The Best to your and yours this New Year!



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