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Greetings On-Line Family

“National Women’s History Month” 

This month women are celebrated around the world, because March is designated “National Women’s History Month”, where we recognize and celebrate women’s accomplishments, as well as their rich and varied contributions to the history and culture of the United States and around the world.  As you may know the idea to honor women was established in 1980, and in 1981 Congress passed a resolution establishing “National Women’s History Week”, but in 1987, Congress expanded the week to a month (which coincides with Int’l Women’s Day on March 8).  This year the theme is “Women: Builders of Communities and Dreams, honors the spirit of possibility and hope set in motion by generations of women in their creation of communities and their encouragement of dreams”.  This theme honors women for bringing communities together and restoring hope in the face of impossible odds.  

“Community comes in many forms, and dreams change, expand, and are sometimes fulfilled”

There is one beautiful woman in our community here in Washington DC that I have great respect for.  I have grown up marveling at her contributions, commitments and successes, and I must recognize her for being such a great “role model”.  Mrs. Deanne Samuels (who is actually related to me through marriage on my side of the family), was the President of the Washington DC Trinidad & Tobago Association for 2 years, and before being voted to the President's position she was the Chairperson for the Special Events Committee of this Association.  She has worked for the U.S. House of Representatives for approximately 30 years.  If you have been reading our e-mails then you must have seen information regarding the “T & T Working Women’s Committee” fundraising events, (which is Mrs. Samuels “brainchild” prior to becoming the President.)  This Committee is the fundraising arm of the Caribbean Students Scholarship Fund, and its goal is to provide funds for Caribbean children and children of Caribbean decent that reside in the Washington metropolitan area.  Mrs. Samuels is the Executive Director of this Scholarship Fund, which has been in existence for approximately 4 years. 

Mrs. Samuels is a hard worker and truly a wonderful person.  She works very closely with everyone in the community whether it be the folks at the Embassy, bandleaders, or any group that approaches her for help or guidance.  Actually, the word “no” is not in her vocabulary, she believes in helping everyone.   It seems that she also has created a close bond with many of the women leaders in our Community and supports them completely.  Mrs. Samuels has actually been in my life while growing up in Washington, but unfortunately she was at a distance where I heard and saw wonderful things, and when it was allowed I was able to visit.  I remember back then my thoughts about her was that she was definitely a strong person and believed in herself and in what she believed was right.  I fondly remember seeing her children grow up, and will always remember how nice it was spending a lot of time with her daughter while they were visiting my home and family over the summer seasons, on holidays, and on many occasions babysitting the entire “Bristol” clan (all the brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. of the Bristol Family which is Mrs. Samuels maiden name) What I thought about her then has not changed, but just grown.  She has been a major inspiration to my life, and personally touched me by her undying commitment to everyone in our Community. 

If you attended the T&T Working Women's Committee Brunch (Fundraiser) this past weekend, then you know it was a major success.  As we stated in last weeks blast, everyone must try to get there early before the food are sold out.  That’s precisely what happened,  the food sold out early!!!  According to Mrs. Samuels husband Herman "Folks were just coming and coming looking for food, but there was no more to be sold."  Anyway, they are extremely thankful for your support.  Please keep checking our blasts for their upcoming fundraisers..

Another woman that I must say a few words about is Condoleezza Rice (First African American Women U.S. Secretary of State.)  Normally, answers about every situation or person I question come to me, and I feel if these answers were incorrect then I would not be blessed with receiving them.  Anyway, my thoughts and answers about Condoleezza Rice have been put aside because I took a long hard look at this woman and what she has accomplished throughout these years.  Imagine in my life time a black woman is the Secretary of State and who was previously President George Bush's National Security Advisor, a black woman such as herself may even be running for President of the United States in 2008.  Unbelievable!!!!  She has accomplished a lot in her time, she was a gifted student and a prodigy on the piano, and who entered college at the early age of 15 with intensions of becoming a concert pianist.  However, along the way she was influenced by political science, so Ms. Rice changed her plans and studied international politics.  In the early 80's she was teaching at Stanford University and became a prominent public voice on International Affairs.  At that time she worked with the Pentagon and with Former President George Bush's Administration as an expert on Foreign Affairs.  By the few facts I have stated above, you must realized that she has paved a way for all black women in this country.  She demands and gets respect and is truly an inspiration to me and to many.  At her young age of 52 (turning 52 later this year) she has accomplished a lot more than many will ever accomplish in their lifetime.  I must congratulate her for her accomplishments, and I cannot help but be proud of this fascinating and successful black woman.  I am currently reading her book entitled "Condi - The Condoleezza Rice Story" authored by Antonia Felix, which gives me some great insight in Ms. Rice life.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  I did some research to obtain a good bio on Ms. Rice and the best one I found can be viewed and read by clicking the following address, or by you copying and pasting the address in your web browser http://www.historychannel.com/thcsearch/thc_resourcedetail.do?encyc_id=220652 

“National Women’s History Month” - by Susan Mangatal

On The Music

   This past weekend up and coming conscious Reggae Artist Richie Spice performed here in the Washington Metropolitan area.  Due to his latest hit “Youths Are So Cold” becoming very popular, he and other artists from the Fifth Element Crew/Label are currently on their “Street To Africa” tour all over the United States and around the world.  This concert had a great turnout, and the show started out quite nice with his energetic band “Fifth Element band” (who is another fabulous band.) followed by Fifth Element artists Jah Penco, Lady Etana and his brother Spanner Banner.  You may remember Spanner Banner from his popular song several years ago (in the early 90s) entitled “ Life Goes On”.  His older brother is also in the business and is very talented, he is Pliers of the duo Chaka Demus and Pliers, you must remember their classic hit “Murder She Wrote”.   I was very surprised to learn that one of his big hits “Earth A Run Red” is 7 years old, but only topped the charts in 2004, along with his many other songs that topped the Charts as well such as "Marijuana", "Youths are so cold", "I Swear" and my favorite “This Ghetto Girl” which I just love the lyrics of, and which I am attempting to quote (in my words) “…This Ghetto Girl don’t think she is simple not because when she smiles you see her dimple…this ghetto girl don’t think she is soft...you better get her autograph…  (Forgive me because my quote is not as accurate as he sings and delivers his song .)  Richie Spice has all the elements in place to be an accomplished conscious Reggae Artist, and the show this past weekend was really great.  We have no complaints, it was just a cool, musically fulfilling evening with lots of messages being delivered by Mr. Spice.  Check him out when he comes through your town.

On The Music Scene: This Weekend - 3/23/06-3/26/06


“The Buzz Around Town”

 RasLidj@Uturn3.23.06.JPG (407664 bytes)      Tonight (Thursday, March 23, 2006) local artist "Ras Lidj" and his band "Deep" will be performing at Club U-Turn.  For some time now Ras Lidj introduced his ReGG-Go music (the fusion of Washington DCs local sound Go Go, and Reggae), which is a very interesting mix.  If you are fan of go go music then you will be happy to know that Go Go Musician Little Tim  is a member of "Deep", and he does a great job bringing out the true go go sound.  You will be guaranteed to rock and sway to the go go beat.  Club U-Turn is located at 11th and U Street, N.W. Wash. DC, 1942 11th St., NW, WDC

This Friday, March 24, 2006

The Launching of

"Come To Washington: A Song for The City" by Mr. Lincoln Ross of Sonnig Records'

It's finally here!!!  As you must know by now, in the past few weeks there have been a lot of talk in our town about "Come To Washington: A Song for The City" by Mr. Lincoln Ross of Sonnig Records'.  A Campaign organized by Sonnig Records along with one of it's artist Jazz singer Changamire has organized the launching of "Come To Washington: A Song for the City" as DC's unofficial song.  This song and the launch takes place tomorrow Friday, March 24, 2006, and is on the lips of many here in Washington.  This launch (free) will be held at Jenny's Asian Fusion, located at 1000 Water Street, S.W., Washington, DC.  Join Sonnig Records, Mr. Lincoln Ross, and all of us at this launch tomorrow night Glenn Harris a native Washingtonian Sports Anchor will be hosting this exciting event, and there are a lot of giveaways.  For more details on this special event CLICK HERE for the Press Release  and Click here for Arious Special Invitation to this event.  You can also log on to check out Lincoln Ross on and his new song on his site at www.lincolnross.com, or you can also call Sonnig Records at 202-210-2427 - http://www.sonnigrecords.comPlease feel free to drop us a line letting us know your thoughts on Mr. Ross's song.


 On The Soca Scene

Events for this Weekend (3/26/06) and Upcoming

The Carnival Season in Washington DC has begun!!!

This year I.C.E. Entertainment will be taking part in the DC Carnival in a big way, by presenting a costumed band for the Carnival parade scheduled to take place on June 24, 2006.  His band/portrayal called "Royal Fantasy" consists of three sections called (1) Venus's Rapture, (2) Nefertiti's Passion and (3) Aphrodite's Fantasy (some sketches are below and are in no order).  

RoyalFantasysketch5.JPG (215318 bytes)  RoyalFantasysketch2F.JPG (183564 bytes)  RoyalFantasysketch4.JPG (228444 bytes)

But this Sunday, March 26, 2006 you are invited to experience the "real thing" the launching of "Royal Fantasy" with a "Curry Que" Fundraiser Ice and his partner/s will have sexy male and female models displaying their costumes at this event, along with a host of fantastic food available for sale.  On the menu is: Buss Up Shot, Curry Chicken, Curry Shrimp, Curry Goat, Channa/Potato and Dhal.  

So plan on coming out and liming with some sweet soca music.  To RSVP and most importantly to obtain the address and directions, please call Germaine at 410-944-0323 or 240-447-2417.

Arious Entertainment are proud sponsors of "Royal Fantasy"



Will be in concert here in Washington DC on Friday, April 7th, 2006, for their first Performance of this year (2006)


So Please Mark your Calendars!!!!!



Upcoming Events

Howard University Poutre, Coskel University & Crown Bakery



Poems of Calypso & Home


Roger Bonair-Agard

Competitor in National Poetry Slams, Featured Poet on HBO's Def Poetry Jam 


Location: Howard University Main Campus Blackburn Center, Gallery Lounge, Washington DC
View Map

Date: April 10, 2006

Time: 8:00 pm

Host: Niama Sandy - niamasandy@gmail.com

- An Open Mic Hour Will Take Place before the Featured Performance

- Free Admission & Caribbean Style Refreshments!


About Masquerade

Through poetry and song, Masquerade explores the ways in which distance, remembrance, and seventeen years away from home shape a man. Masquerade critiques and celebrates the Trinidadian ethos by examining the influence its seminal music -- Calypso -- exerts on a poet and the larger world.

One hour in length, the poetry concert provides Caribbean and American audiences the opportunity to experience this historically significant and politically relevant art form through the lens of one man's life in poem and song. Whether reinterpreting the tale of a calypso's central character, relating his mother's early advice on race, or conjuring the sights, sounds, and scents of Carnival, Masquerade offers intelligent entertainment of the most enjoyable order.


3rd Annual Caribbean Days Conference Pledge to Addresses Caribbean-American Community Challenges

Caribbean People International Collective, Inc. will hold its 3rd Annual Caribbean Days on Capitol Hill Conference from April 3-5, 2006 at the Charles Sumner School Museum & Archives, which is located at 1201 17th Street, NW, Washington DC 20036.....For more Click Here for the Press Release and more details

Support Local Artists

Ras Lidj with his band "Deep", whose specialty is "Regg-go" (the Fusion of Reggae and Go Go Music) on this Thursday, March 23rd, 2006; 


The Rising Sun Band on March 30th, 2006 both at Club U Turn which is located at 1942 11th St NW, Washington, DC it's on the corner of 11th and U St 202-299-9882.


Happy Birthday

Mark Kendal 

Keith Preddie


Happy Belated Birthday 

Herman Samuels

Andy Ramano


Special greetings

Ambassador David's Productions  LLC - www.caribbeanconnection2002.com.  Thanks for the information!!!!


Bernice Stevens who is opening a new student center on May 1st, 2006 at 16155 SW 117th Street Miami Florida. The center is called "AHEAD OF THE CURVE" and will accommodate all types of learners and employ an integrated approach to Social studies, Language arts, Science, Math, and Art. The art of math will be a special area where all students will benefit.  Send Donations School supplies and gifts to Bernice at 13916 SW 17t St., Miami Florida 33177.  Good Luck Bernice!!!!!

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