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Greetings On-Line Family


Actor Mr. Hill Harper, who is a very good friend of my sister (Shana Mangatal) recently completed writing his book, entitled “Letters To A Young Brother: Manifest Your Destiny”.  Some real good things are being said about this book and it seems Mr. Harper has some real good projects coming up, so it would be good if we all get behind him and support this book since all of the proceeds are going to a foundation he has started to provide scholarships for those who can't afford it.  As we all know education is power!!!!   It also seems that this book has a good positive message, and is filled with important information from one of the few black actors in Hollywood who is also highly educated, and who has a regular role on a hit prime time show CSI, NY.  I hope all of you on my on-line family pick up a copy and share it with you sons, brothers, friends and neighbors, etc.  Below, I have shared with you a letter from Mr. Hill Harper regarding his book.  Please note this book will be released on April 20, 2006, but you can pre-order your copy and save 35% on the List Price.   

To Pre-Order please click the following button!!!! Click here to learn more about Hill Harper's book & to purchase


HillHarperpicLrg.jpg (38038 bytes)  

Hey everyone, it's Hill Harper, and I am writing you today because I NEED YOUR HELP.

As a lot of you know, my book:  Letters to a Young Brother: MANifest Your Destiny is coming to bookstores this April. The book is part memoir/part motivational tool for young men and is all about the issues surrounding the transition from "boyhood" to "manhood."

The publishing community believes that young men of color do not read and are not a market that deserves any attention.  In one of my book pitch meetings with another publisher, I was told point-blank, "Hill, please don't write a book for this population, we want to do a book with you, but please not this book, you are proposing a book for a population that doesn't read."  


As all of us know, young men are generally not camped outside of bookstores just waiting for "the next hardcover to drop." For many, this is going to be a "gifted book," much like the books that have been gifted to and inspired me such as The Purpose Driven Life.

Many of our young men today lack mentors, role models, and suitable males in their lives that can provide answers to their questions.  My book is written as a mentorship on paper, from the perspective of an "older brother" rather than that of a judgmental "elder."  The proceeds from the book go toward my MANifest Your Destiny Foundation, set-up to award scholarships to young men and women who want to further their education but cannot afford to.   

It is also important that Letters to a Young Brother sells because we have a similar one in the works for young women.  But, our publisher will only get behind it if this book sells well.   Please pre-buy multiple copies and gift them to any young men or parents of young men you know.  The book is currently available on Amazon.com <http://amazon.com/>  at a 35% discounted, pre-sale price.  Please pre-buy and FORWARD THIS E-MAIL to others and ask them to pass it along as well.  Letters to a Young Brother means so much to me, and I believe it can change lives!  

Thank you so much for all of your support,

Hill Harper

P.S.  Another great new book that deserves our support is The Covenant with Black America, edited by Tavis Smiley.  It is fantastic, and I think the books complement each other well.

Todd Mangatal


Celebrating "National Women’s History Month”

with Susan Mangatal


“Women: Builders of Communities and Dreams, honors the spirit of possibility and hope set in motion by generations of women in their creation of communities and their encouragement of dreams”.  This theme honors women for bringing communities together and restoring hope in the face of impossible odds.  


“Community comes in many forms, and dreams change, expand, and are sometimes fulfilled”  

There are so many women that I can feature, but  since it is the last week of this special month I have chosen to talk briefly about a "Team" and "Teamwork" (A very important asset behind the successful woman), actually, it's an important asset behind anyone.  

"Team" is a defined as a number of persons organized/ associated together in work or an activity, and "teamwork" is defined as a cooperative effort by the members of a group or team to achieve a common goal.  I personally believe in teamwork, because without a team one will not succeed.  

A team behind a woman makes that woman shine and allows that woman to accomplish everything she sets out to do.  

I will use a great quote Mrs. Deanne Samuels sent me  along with her thanks to explain my thoughts on a team and what one accomplishes with a team.  This quote is from Honorable Augustus Hawkins (former member of Congress)  ..."The leadership belongs not to the loudest, not to those who beat the drums or blow the trumpet, but to those who day in and day out, in all seasons, work for the practical realization of a better world--those who have the stamina to persist and to remain dedicated.  To those belong the leadership."

I must now congratulate (along with Mrs. Samuels) the women of the T&T Working Women's Committee of Washington DC.  They are all leaders, and is an outstanding team.  There working and personal relationships are excellent, and they all must be honored.  Mrs. Samuels stated "I cannot accomplish any agenda without the support of the Working Women's Committee, Annette Achille, Pat St. Hill, Brenda Samuel, Patricia Phillip, Karen Barrington, Yvonne Callwell and the Community as a whole".

The T & T Working Women's Committee Annual Fashion & Hat Show (Fundraiser) entitled "Threads", will be taking place on Sunday, April 30, 2006.  Look out for more details!!!


On The Music

    This past Friday, March 24, 2006, we attended the launching of Mr. Lincoln Ross (of Sonnig Records') song "Come To Washington: A Song for the City", and we were impressed.  There was a great turn-out, and it was a very nice event.  Lots of giveaways!!!  We haven't gotten word yet from Changamire' (the woman who organized this event) along with her fabulous Committee about the feedback from the folks who attended.  However, on the night of the event Mr. Ross expressed to us his happiness for the turn-out and the acceptance of his song by the audience.   He seemed very pleased with everything.   As for the folks who checked out Mr. Ross's song on his site, the reviews were mixed, some liked it and some didn't.  However, the goal was for this song to  become Washington DC's official song, and we have not gotten word on the status of this yet.  We, would like to express our thanks to Changamire' for including us in this project.

The Washington Post Express did a great article on Mr. Ross in its March 24, 2006, issue.  To read it, please log on to www.washingtonpost.com/express and download the March 24th edition.  The article on Mr. Ross is located on page E3.



On The Music Scene: This Weekend - 3/30/06


“Back by Popular Demand and The Buzz Around Town”


 RasLidj@Uturn33006-2.JPG (150130 bytes)      Tonight (Thursday, March 30, 2006) CeeC Promotions will be celebrating her 1st Anniversary with "Rastaman Vibrations" at Club U-Turn.  Back by popular demand special guest and local artist "Ras Lidj" and the "Deep Band " will be performing.  Also celebrating with CeeC Promotions is Iyah Gift and Ras Kwasi who will be performing as well, along with DJ Natty Kool selector from the Club Turntable.  

Ras Lidj will be performing his hits and bringing to you his ReGGG-Go music (the fusion of Washington DCs local sound Go Go, and Reggae) ..."The Raw Energy and Positive Vibrations of Roots, Dancehall, Reggae and a strong DC Pocket Beat Fusion", which is a very interesting mix.  If you are a fan of go go music then you will be happy to know that Go Go Musician Shorty Tim  is a member of "Deep", and he does a great job bringing out the true go go sound.  Club U-Turn is located at 11th and U Street, N.W. Wash. DC, 1942 11th St., NW, WD

This Reggg-go sound is hot and if you are fan of go go music you will like this! 

"Go-Go music is Washington D.C.’s own home grown staple music form.  It was first started in 1966 by the “Godfather of Go-Go”, Chuck Brown. Chuck, as he is affectionately called by his legion of fans, combined Afro/Latin percussion, jazz improvisation, Afrikan call and response, and hard funk energy over a continuous drumbeat to create a new non-stop live dance musical form"


The Carnival Season in Washington DC has indeed begun!!!

The I.C.E. Entertainment Carnival costume band launching and fundraiser of "Royal Fantasy" that took place last Sunday, March 26, 2006, was real good.  We arrived at the "Curry Que" around 5:45pm and was the last people to get the scrapings of food that was left.  They completely sold out of everything early.  It was so funny to hear folks "quarrelling"  with I.C.E for food.  We even witnessed them making a liquor run, because certain beers ran out too.  The "lime" was real nice with lots of "old talk", laughter, discussions and showings of the costumes and fun.  I.C.E's partner even had to cook additional food for the late comers (free of charge).  Good Job to the I.C.E. Team and Mas Camp.  Actual pictures of "Royal Fantasy's" three sections (Venus's Rapture, Nefertiti's Passion and Aphrodite's Fantasy is forthcoming!!! (please note the sketches below are not in any particular order)

RoyalFantasysketch5.JPG (215318 bytes)  RoyalFantasysketch2F.JPG (183564 bytes)  RoyalFantasysketch4.JPG (228444 bytes)

 To reserve your costume contact  Germaine at 410-944-0323 or 240-447-2417.

Arious Entertainment are proud sponsors of "Royal Fantasy"



Krosfyah will be performing in Washington DC at the Lime Night Club on Friday, April 7th, 2006.

Please Mark your Calendars and get your tickets early!!!!!




Upcoming Events

Howard University Poutre, Coskel University & Crown Bakery



Poems of Calypso & Home


Roger Bonair-Agard

Competitor in National Poetry Slams, Featured Poet on HBO's Def Poetry Jam 


Location: Howard University Main Campus Blackburn Center, Gallery Lounge, Washington DC
View Map

Date: April 10, 2006

Time: 8:00 pm

Host: Niama Sandy - niamasandy@gmail.com

- An Open Mic Hour Will Take Place before the Featured Performance

- Free Admission & Caribbean Style Refreshments!


About Masquerade

Through poetry and song, Masquerade explores the ways in which distance, remembrance, and seventeen years away from home shape a man. Masquerade critiques and celebrates the Trinidadian ethos by examining the influence its seminal music -- Calypso -- exerts on a poet and the larger world.

One hour in length, the poetry concert provides Caribbean and American audiences the opportunity to experience this historically significant and politically relevant art form through the lens of one man's life in poem and song. Whether reinterpreting the tale of a calypso's central character, relating his mother's early advice on race, or conjuring the sights, sounds, and scents of Carnival, Masquerade offers intelligent entertainment of the most enjoyable order.


3rd Annual Caribbean Days Conference Pledge to Addresses Caribbean-American Community Challenges

Caribbean People International Collective, Inc. will hold its 3rd Annual Caribbean Days on Capitol Hill Conference from April 3-5, 2006 at the Charles Sumner School Museum & Archives, which is located at 1201 17th Street, NW, Washington DC 20036.....For more Click Here for the Press Release and more details



Support Local Artists

Ras Lidj with his band "Deep", whose specialty is "Reggg-go" (the Fusion of Reggae and Go Go Music) on this Thursday, March 30, 2006; @ Club U Turn which is located at 1942 11th St NW, Washington, DC it's on the corner of 11th and U St 202-299-9882.


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Adams (DJ Bobby's Music Machine) on the Christening of their son Quisan Charles Adams 



We congratulate CeeC Promotions on 1 year with Rastaman Vibrations!


Special greetings

Big Shout out to Brixton Hitman on Saturday Night Rockers on San Francisco's KUFS radio 98.3 FM.  Click the link to learn more about Briston Hitman and to tune in http://www.brixtonhitman.com/index2006a.html and check out his new updated reggae charts on www.brixtonhitman.com

Checkout Prince Thierry in France with his radio program.  His site is www.dancehallstyle.net.

Greetings are extended to DJ Paul Mack aka DJ Fabulous (our local DJ) on his internet radio show on Thursday Nights from 9pm-12Mid. on Caribbean Vibes Radio (Internet Radio).  Click the following link to enter the page to log on and listen.  Fiona greetings to you as well and good job!!! www.ariousentertainment.com/CaribbeanVibesRadioLogOnPage05.htm 


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