by Susan Mangatal - 

  Greetings Online Family:

Those who attended the Shabba Ranks show that took place here in Maryland this past Saturday, may agree with me that the Show was good, there were really no disappointments, except that he sang to "tracks" instead of a live band, but all in all it was a good show.  “Talk about people”…if yo see the amount of people that attended the show”.  The crowd was so large/tight and “off the hook” that they actually had to turn people away; and to everyone’s surprise, to accommodate those who were turned away, they announce that another show would be held the following day (Sunday).

Shabba’s performance wasn’t bad, I was very pleased to see how he looked “pretty buff”, how he delivered his songs, and how he treated and interacted with his audience/fans.  He really did great!!!!  After several hours of performing all of his hits (too many to list), he continued dancing on the stage, which seemed to last for another hour, and then he began signing autographs and mingling with his fans (mind you, not in the VIP area, he was out on the floor with his fans).  Very good PR!  From the crowd’s reaction to his songs, they too were very happy that Shabba was here in DC, and is back on the scene.  Good job, and much respect to Shabba on Saturday night!!!!! 

Now, as much as I hate to be negative, I feel it is very important to respond to my on-line family who attended the show, and who sent me e-mails regarding the disappointing Sunday Night show.  You are not alone!  Todd and I were pretty baffled with what transpired.  We actually spent some time pondering over the situation, and came up with some interesting thoughts.  Anyway, the situation was Shabba did appear on Sunday night, but claimed he had a sore throat/was hoarse, and refused to perform.  How unfortunate!!!!  He simply refused to perform…can you believe this?????

Now, there are 2 scenarios that you have to keep in mind.  The first is: The business owner/promoter, what do they do in this situation?  The first question that must have ran through everyone’s mind was, did Shabba get paid for Sunday Night?  If so, then he is obligated to perform, especially if contracts were signed...correct?  Then, the business owner obviously would have “hit the roof” and demanded that the artist at least go out on stage and try to sing, or “lip sync” if necessary, especially since the artist was singing to tracks anyway; most people may not have noticed, but would have been pleased to see Shabba, and hear all their favorites.  I’m I right?

The second is: Yes, there may be a possibility that Shabba didn’t get paid, hence his excuse for having a sore throat.  However, this I will have to eliminate since I know for a fact all the artists that play/perform at this venue gets paid.  Which leaves me to think, Shabba made a bad decision by not trying to sing.   Yes, if indeed Shabba was hoarse (as Shabba and the DJ indicated), don't you think as an artist, who is just “coming back out on the scene”, would have tried to sing to re-gain your fan base, and most importantly please your fans?  I truly believe once he started performing and the crowd realized that he was hoarse, they may have understood.   Now, checking all of this out behind the scenes was amazing, because instead of Shabba leaving immediately to get rest, or whatever, he stuck around and partied in the VIP (dancing, drinking, talking with his entourage, playing pool and enjoying himself).  So how sick could he have been?  Which as a business owner I would not have tolerated, since my customers were left disappointed by him not performing.

We were "tripping" about this, and are still quite baffled about this situation, because as a business owner myself.  My customers or on-line family (in my case) are all that matters to me; they are the base of my existence, and therefore, whatever I promise them, I will deliver.  If, for some reason I cannot; I will make it a point to address them, or even offer a future discount, or return part of the entrance fee to correct something that turned wrong.  I could never leave them “hanging” and amazed over this “disappointing/bogus” 2nd show, without a proper announcement.  Damn, just make an effort to address the people and make amends.  It’s so simple!!!!!  Right??????  Well, I do hope we get an explanation of what happened Sunday night, so I can share it with you.  Please feel free to continue sending me your thoughts on this situation.

The T&T Women’s Committee of Washington DC, Sunday Brunch, was very, very nice.  Todd and I normally never make it out on time for their brunch, but this time we decided to get out of the house early, so we could enjoy this much talked about brunch.  Well, nice is not the word, it was wonderful.  The breakfast (bake, hops and Buljol, Salmon Cakes and Accra) was good and so were the lunch items.  Of course, we had to sample both.  The peas and rice, stew chicken, fried fish, macaroni pie, stew peas, ground provisions, callaloo, and much more were really delicious.  For the time we were there, the line never stopped, so clearly it was a successful event.  What impressed me was the nice "Stop Violence Against Women" Blue Scarf giveaway that was distributed by the members to all the ladies who were in attendance.  That was a nice token especially since this month Women are being honored.  Below is a message from Ms. Deanne Samuels a member of the T & T Women’s Committee of Washington DC.

Dear Friends:
The Trinidad and Tobago Working Women's committee extends its deepest appreciation to all who supported the brunch last Sunday. 
Our successes are solely dependent on your show of support and we are eternally grateful and confident that we are on the right path. Our fundraising efforts allow us to create avenues whereby we can assist students of Caribbean heritage who possess the desire and the burning drive to pursue their dreams of attaining a higher education.
Thank you very much for your continued support!!
Our next event is our 2nd Annual MAD HATTERS HAT SHOW & TEA  ""HATTITUDE" at Andrews AFB on Sunday,
April 10th at 3:30p.m.
T&T Working Women's Committee


Thanks To The DC Reggae Awards

I want to send a special Thank you to the Organizers of the DC Reggae Awards for awarding us with their “Dennis Brown” Award.  Thank you for recognizing our efforts, and maximum respect for the hard work you have put into making the Reggae Awards possible.  Congratulations to all the winners, especially Willie Paul ((1) Best Male Reggae Singer, (2) Best Song and Song Writer of the Year; and (3) Best Reggae Recording of “Turning Point”); Anita Malcolm from Positive Vibrations Band for winning “Best female Performer”; and Bamboo Station for winning “Best Band of the year”.  Big Up To on their win as well, and all the others too vast to mention that received awards.  In the next few weeks DC Reggae Awards will be hosting a “Thank You” event for all who supported, so check out their site for all the details


Important Apology From Arious

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To Mr. Stewart C. (locally here in the DC area) I saw your e-mail download from the server, but did not get a chance to read it, so please send it again.  I believe yours was very important, since you had a Carnival question!


I can't believe nothing really is happening in town this weekend (it’s kind of dead), after all the big excitement last weekend with Shabba, we are now left searching for something to do (this weekend.)  

On Monday night though, CeeC Promotions begins their “Moet Monday’s” where you will experience the unique blend of Reggae and Go Go from Ras Lidi and Lil Benny as they perform their hits at “Moet Mondays”.  Click here for all the details.

Yes, the Carnival Season has begun!

This week a beautiful young lady took the time to introduce  herself to me, and indicated that she always wanted to meet me, but never had the opportunity.  I want to thank her for her support and most importantly her kind words.  This young lady is the first place winner "Queen of the Band - 2004" from Aming and Associates!  Look out for her next year!!!!  Again, thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate it and your support!!!

Remember next weekend DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc. will be hosting their first fundraiser (Saturday, March 26th, 2005).  Their Annual Glorious Saturday Fete @ The Caribbean Style Restaurant.  Check the Events page for all the details.

Several new bands will be participating in the Carnival this year, which is very exciting.  Look out for Upcoming Band Launchings from "DeRaschalz", "Washington Rampage", and from the all the new bands and old.

Pan Masters Steel Orchestra 20th Anniversary celebration

April 10, 2005

More details are listed below or contact Pan Masters Headquarters/Pan Yard 301-864-2610 or the Public Relations Office of Caribbean Festivals, Inc. - Mr. Roland Barnes @ 301-249-1028 (h) or 202-255-1987 (c). Tickets are $20.00 each and are available at Pan Masters Steel Orchestra.  

Click Here to Enter "Events Page", and scroll down to view ad.


Keep on helping the people of Guyana from recovering from "The Floods of Guyana".  To Contribute and help with whatever you can contact your Local Guyanese Embassy and your Local Red Cross Office, or any of the below agencies. Or

Until next week, please have a safe and wonderful weekend!; 



Caribbean Vibes Radio (Internet 24-7 radio)

SIZZLING THURSDAYS!!!  Be sure to join the rejuvenated &  energized maestro "Fabulous" for "Sizzling Thursdays". Showtime Thurs. 9:00pm-12 midnight.  Share the link with friends and family across the globe.  Email your requests, shout- outs to or toll free 1-866-ONE-VIBE

REMEMBER Wednesday from 9:00pm for "Under Pressure" with DJ Gusma from outta Italy.  Nuff vibes and sweet melodies for one HOT hour. Show repeats on Thursdays 1pm-2pm.

2005 Carnival


Virginia Beach Carnival - June 10th-12th

DC Caribbean Carnival - June 25th & 26th

March 26, 2005 - Glorious Saturday Fundraiser Fete 

Boston Carnival 


This year (2005) Features: (1) Carnival band: See the years new offering and when bands will be launching; (2) Jouvert Committee: Register your "Old Mas Ban"; (3) Applications: A very powerful feature- Vendors, Bands, etc. (4) Advertise: Online, Carnival magazine, bands, etc; (5) Village News: - want to know what's up, you to can submit an article for online publication. 300-500 words & photo; and (5) Market Place: Purchase T-shits, Caps, Mug, Calendars, etc. 

CaribNation TV

WHUT - TV  - Ch.32,  6pm

 Monday, March 21st, 2005: The COORE Foundation - is an international organization with the purpose to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate individual, family, community, and provider- specific health and education promotion and intervention activities. The Foundation also seeks to enhance behavioral lifestyle changes among at-risk communities. The Foundation’s focus is on preventive health (primary, secondary and tertiary) and literacy.  The Foundation (1) serves as a gateway agent for change practices incorporating diverse cultural belief systems and preferences; (2)  develops community-based comprehensive market entry health and educational programs to address target market needs (i.e. disease prevention strategies and library services); (3)  serves as a devout advocate of the belief that a healthy and educated community and country is a productive community and country; and (4) serves as a cathedral for human capital (health, education & career training). We open our doors to assist all in:
L    Lifelong Learning
E    Educating, Enhancing, Empowering
A    Accessing health and educational materials and services
R    Responding to behavior change
N    Navigating worlds of information

WHUT - TV  - Ch.32,  6pm - Monday, March 21st, 2005: CaribProfile: Trinidadian Artist/Musician David Boothman - A celebrated artist/ musician from Trinidad and Tobago has been involved in the arts for over thirty-five years.  “As a colorist, I am moved by color relationship – the subtleties of texture, nuances of line and shape, creating forms from abstract to figurative, from impressionism to cubism, from expression to quasi-realism.”  As a musician, he is compelled to explore the relationship of color and sound from a mystical sense.  This exploration has influenced his values and selection of icons and motifs for his music and his art. David, a composer, artist, musician and teacher has received numerous awards for arts in education and multi-media arts production.  His works are included in numerous private collections as well as in international corporate buildings in Europe and Latin America.



Click Here to View EventsFor Events


Senegal's Legendary ORCHESTRA BAOBAB Returns 

Specialists of the Afro-Cuban Style

 An African-Latin Dance Party at the Birchmere

Senegal's ORCHESTRA BAOBAB returns to the Birchmere to perform for one show only at the Birchmere, 3701 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria, Va.  Show time: 7:30 pm. Doors: 6:00 pm.  

Check the Events Page for the Contact Information 

This Monday, March 21st

CeeC Promotions Presents

"Reggae" meets "Go Go"

"Ras Lidj" meets "Lil Benny"

at The Market Lounge, 1309 5th Street, N.E., Washington DC


"Moet Mondays"

For More info. contact

Free until 8, and ladies free until 9pm.  Doors open at 6pm with Free buffet by Tropicana Eateries.  Mature Audience (21 & over)

 Click The Star Above to enter the "EVENTS" Page and scroll down for More Details or Click Here!


DC Caribbean Carnival presents it's annual Glorious Saturday Fundraiser (Fete) @ Caribbean Style Restaurant.  

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I.C.E. Entertainment & Radio Boyz 

Presents "Bare As Your Dare"

Featuring: NYC, DC & B-More Mix Masters: Mix-a-Lot Crew, Demolition Dex & Spinnaz, Inc

@ T&T Clubhouse, 5123 Georgia Ave., NW, Washington DC.

Sunday April 10, 2005

Caribbean Festivals, Inc., a non-profit, tax exempt organization will stage a performance at the Publick Playhouse for The Performing Arts featuring Pan Masters Steel Orchestra, Washington DC preeminent steel band  in concert with Robert Greenidge, world renowned pannist from Trinidad and Tobago.

Caribbean Festivals, Inc. Presents

 Pan Masters Steel Orchestra 20th Anniversary

With A Special Performance by Pan Masters

@ Publick Playhouse for The Performing Arts, 5445 Landover Rd. , Cheverly, Md.

with Guest Artiste: Robert Greenidge

Performance: 6:30pm

Check The Events Page for Additional Details or click the STAR Above



Shout Outs

Very Special Birthday Greetings is being extended to Andy R.  You will definitely see us at Andy's party this weekend, and of course we will be celebrating with Andy as we always do in pure Trini style.

Special Happy Birthday greetings is being extended to Karen D-T.

Congratulations to Bambo Station on their New CD Release!

"Bob The Wiz", Get Well Soon.


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