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  Greetings Online Family:

Happy Easter to you and yours!  

I absolutely can't believe Easter is here already.  It seems the older one gets the faster time goes!  It's really flying this year.  


National Women’s History Month - “Recognizing and Celebrating Women’s Accomplishments.”

As you may be aware this past month America celebrated Women.  March is designated “Woman’s History Month”.  The idea to honor women was established in 1980, and in 1981 Congress passed a resolution establishing  “National Women’s History Week”.   In 1987, Congress expanded the week to a month (March month to coincide with Int’l Women’s Day on March 8).   During this month women are recognized and celebrated for their rich and varied contributions to the history and culture of the United States.  This year the Women’s History month theme is/was “Women Change America” which honors and recognizes the role of American women in transforming culture, history and politics as leaders, writers, scientists, educators, politicians, artists, historians and informed citizens.  This theme also celebrates the myriad ways in which the spirit, courage, and contributions of American women have added to the vitality, richness and diversity of American life.  


You must forgive me for not realizing that March was “Women’s History Month”, I just learned of this in the past 2 weeks.  I heard some talk from radio hosts, and on some programs, but I just assumed they were honoring women, and did not realized this month was established and is designated “Women’s History Month”.  Well, if you have been reading my e-mails you would have noticed last month for “Black History Month”, I felt it was very important to recognize and “give props to” black women who have made a major contribution to our history, and who are my role models.  There are several women I admire around the United States who are still among us, and who are running successful business, and who are Congresswomen, Secretary of State, Activists, Publishers, Lawyers, Artists, Poets, Writers, Scientists, athletes, singers, etc., etc., etc.  Of course there are many I could talk about, but you may be aware that Cathy Hughes (owner and head of Radio One) is one of the many women I truly admire.  She is the true meaning of success!  Click here to read my previous e-mail where I honored and recognized Ms. Hughes.  Actually, I would like to say Congratulations to her and her son as they celebrate their 25th Anniversary of Radio One.  


Another powerhouse woman who has been in my heart for years and who started here in Baltimore is an Icon, and the true meaning of success.   I could only be talking about Ms. Oprah Winfrey.  As this month comes to a close, I feel it is very important to highlight Ms. Ophra Winfrey.


Ms. Winfrey…this gorgeous woman has come a long way and has triumphed over ever adversity that came before her.  She is the richest Black woman, actually the first black woman billionaire.  Ms. Winfrey is an Oscar nominated actress, winner of many Emmy awards, film producer, owns and host her own successful TV talk show, owns her own magazine “O” (The Oprah Magazine), philanthropist, owns her own production company (Harpo) and most importantly she has done a lot to motivate us and gave us hope.  Her generosity has given love and hope to many. 


Below are Ms. Winfrey's comments on “Making It Happen” and on “Being Yourself” taken from “Essense Making it Happen" by Patricia Hinds and Ed Lewis


On Making It Happen Oprah states:  “I feel tremendously powerful because I do believe I have reached a point in life where my personality is aligned with what my should came to do.  I believe you have to use your ego for a higher good.”  On being herself she states: “I understand why I would be a puzzlement.  I don’t play sports, I don’t sing, I don’t look like your typical movie star.  I think for a culture of people who have been for so many years denied and deprived and licking in self-esteem, it’s very hard to see the possibility of what awaits in your future.  It’s really hard because the world has given you ideas about who you can be.  It takes a lot of courage to be who you really are and not let the rest of the world tell you what that is”.


Below I have listed Ms. Winfrey’s Biography beginning in the early years when she was far from being successful.  This documents her difficult childhood and how she overcame the odds to turn her life around.  Anyone can do this, so I hope that Oprah’s story of her early years touch someone and give them motivation to continue with their dreams and reach for the stars.

On January 29, 1954 Oprah Gail Winfrey was born to unwed, teenage parents in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Oprah had a mountain of obstacles already in front of her as a newborn baby... she was born to unwed teenage parents, she was female, she was black, and she was poor. Oprah's mother was an eighteen-year-old housemaid named Vernita Lee. Her father was a twenty-year-old doing duty in the armed forces: his name was Vernon Winfrey.

For the first six years of her life, the young Winfrey was raised on a Mississippi farm by her grandmother. That being perhaps the first stroke of good luck for the young child. Oprah has stated that living with her grandmother probably saved her life. While in her grandmother's care, she was taught to read at a very early age, instilling a love of reading in her that she retains today. She began her public speaking career at the tender age of three when she began reading aloud and reciting sermons to the congregation of her church.

Oprah has said that she heard her grandmother state on several occasions that Oprah was "gifted." While the young child didn't know exactly what being "gifted" meant, she thought that it meant that she was special. And that was enough to keep her going. That bit of praise, the thought that she was "gifted" and "special" may have been what got her through the hard years that she was to spend with her mother.

At the age of six, her mother, Vernita Lee, decided that she could care for her young daughter and Oprah was sent to live with her mother in Milwaukee. From ages six to thirteen, Oprah stayed with her mother. She was raped by a cousin when she was nine years old and later molested by a male friend of her mother's and by an uncle. The young girl never told anyone about the abuse that she was suffering. Instead, she held her anger and pain inside and she rebelled. She repeatedly ran away and got into trouble.

Her mother decided to put her into a detention home. Fortunately for Oprah, she was denied admission to the home because there were no openings. So, in what may have been her second major stroke of good luck, she was sent to live with her father Vernon Winfrey in Nashville. Before she ceased her promiscuous and wild behavior, she became pregnant and gave birth to a stillborn baby boy when she was fourteen. The death of her baby devastated her and she vowed to turn her life around.

Her father helped her with her mission by strapping her with his strict rules and discipline. Vernon made sure that his daughter stuck to her curfew, maintained high grades in school and encouraged Oprah to be her best. Oprah's father helped her turn her life around. Oprah has spoke of his requirement that she read a book each week and complete a book report on the book.

At the age of nineteen, Oprah landed her first job as a reporter for a radio station in Nashville. Shortly afterwards, she entered Tennessee State University to pursue a career in radio and television broadcasting. During her freshman year at TSU, Oprah won several pageants, including "Miss Black Nashville" and "Miss Tennessee."

In 1976, Oprah Winfrey moved to Baltimore, where she hosted a TV show called People Are Talking. The show was a hit and Winfrey stayed for eight years. She was then recruited by a TV station in Chicago to host her own morning show, A.M. Chicago. The show was competing against the immensely popular Phil Donahue Show. After several months, Oprah's warm-hearted style had taken her to first place in the ratings. Her success led to a role in Steven Spielberg's film, The Color Purple in 1985, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award.

In 1986, Oprah started the Oprah Winfrey Show. The rest is, as they say, history. Oprah has come from being a poor, black, farm girl from Mississippi to a national celebrity. To her resume she can add reporter, actress, writer, producer, activist and TV talk show host... but it doesn't stop there.  Oprah, it seems, is unstoppable.

Written by Victoria Walker

Yes, Ms. Winfrey is indeed unstoppable.  In most recent years (in mid 2000 to be exact) she launched her own magazine “O” (The Oprah Winfrey magazine), and she just released her latest TV movie project “Their Eyes Were Watching God” based on the Zora Neale Hurston novel, starring Academy Award Winner/Actress Halle Berry.  Check out Oprah every day on your local TV networks and on Cable TV “Oxygen” that she co-founded.  You can also learn more about Oprah from her website


Congratulations to Marcus Johnson

Marcus Johnson, Jazz Pianist, keyboardist, Founder, President and CEO of Three Keys Music, based locally here in SILVER SPRING.  Mr. Johnson has recently joined WJZW (Smooth Jazz 105.9) here in Washington DC.  Mr. Johnson is currently hosting the morning drive with Jacqui Allen.  

PD Carl Anderson comments, "Marcus Johnson is Smooth Jazz. Over the years, he has been a terrific ambassador for our format. His passion, enthusiasm and amazing talent add a wonderful dynamic to the Smooth Jazz 105.9 morning show. We're excited to have him and Jacqui Allen together to help wake up Washington."

"Expanding my career with this new role is a blessing, and working with Smooth Jazz 105.9 is a natural fit," says Johnson. "There is so much synergy between the music I make and the music they play, as well as between my fan base and their listening audience."

Look out for artists upcoming album releases from Mr. Johnson's company "Three Keys Music: are Alyson Williams, Bobby Lyles, Nick Colionne and Marcus Johnson himself.


This week I received some information from a young lady Ms. Mushiya Felecia Strickland regarding an artist I have been familiar with for years.  Mikey Dread is known for his famous trademark/saying "Dread At The Control.  I felt I should share this information with you because as a young girl I grew up hearing this man, along with his famous trademark/saying, which if you are a reggae fan you are very familiar with.  Please read Ms. Strickland information below on Mikey Dread.

Mikey Dread

Legendary Reggae Artist, Producer and known for his Famous trademark and saying “Dread At The Control”

If you are looking for a great Jamaican Reggae Legend for your events, please consider Mikey Dread.

If you are not familiar with this living legend, please allow me to introduce you to him.

Mikey's contribution to the Reggae and Rock Music World has not gone un-noticed, he's well respected by both his peers and fans in both Genres.   Working with the who's who in Reggae and Rock for years on end.  Consistently giving the people what they want: TRUE Reggae Rhythm through an Authentic Reggae Performance.

MIKEY DREAD, as well as being a reggae artist and producer with International recognition may best be known as the pioneer of reggae broadcasting worldwide. Beginning in his hometown of Port Antonio, Jamaica as selector/DJ for his sound systems, Safari and Sounds of Music, he graduated from Jamaica's College of Arts, Science and Technology before taking his landmark job at the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) radio and television network in 1976. It was here he developed his Dread At The Controls label and trademark. His production expertise has helped launched many artists, from Earl 16, Edi Fitzroy, Rod Taylor, Sugar Minott, Junior Murvin and the Roots Radics Band to the Clash, UB 40, Japanese rock band Anarchy, Izzy Stradlin (ex Guns N Roses) and stretches through the late 70's into the 80's.

After many years working for Independent Record labels he then decides to take back control of his life and music. He continued writing and recording for the next few years but kept a low profile, a musical genius mind was at work.  He pursued a university degree in Florida, adding a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Communication to his credit. His 2000 CD release, “World Tour” was his first release in ten years and was released on his own Dread At The Controls label.  Currently Mikey Dread is in constant demand for his Roots and Culture Music playing in 2004 at top concert venues in France, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and the UK and selected clubs and Festivals across the USA and Hawaii.


Mikey Dreads, energetic stage performances around the USA and Europe, these past years has garnered rave reviews from media and audiences alike, he is well known for his Irie roots and culture consciousness, and charisma with his fans proving Mikey Dread is still the Dread At The Controls!


Please take a look at links and see what others have to say about Mikey Dread

Mikey Dread continues to be an energetic performer, his shows are well worth the price of a concert ticket. Mikey Dread has over 40 individual recordings behind him. Mikey has spanned the World with Live Real Reggae Shows.  Bringing along with him special Guests to the delight of his audiences.

Mikey  Dread is recently touring and promoting the long requested "African Anthem"  and "World War III" recordings, which have become Reggae recording staples both in Europe and the U.S.

Mikeys stage performances have always been one that is flawless.  If you have had the opportunity to catch Mikeys act.  You would have had the opportunity to experience the raw energy that this awesome entertainer affords you. He starts his set with Reggae Dub extracted from his humble beginnings of the 70's and 80's in Jamaica he's in fine tune when he sings such hits as S.W.A.L.K., Choose Me and the World's famous, World War III and gradually moves you towards his more recent work with more conscientious lyrics such as Prophecy and In a Foreign, he reminds us of times past with his hit song "The way we use to Live" taken from his "Rasta in Control" CD.

Mikeys brilliance is accentuated in his stage performances. His set is normally perfect due to the obvious care taken in the musical selections.  Anyone who attends a Mikey Dread concert would definitely leave pleased, he definitely has something for everybody, he has Roots and Culture for those. He can definitely appeal to the women. Mikey is a well-rounded performer and will most definitely give you your monies worth and then some as he will give to you 150% of himself musically.  Mikey continues to spice up the stage.

There is no wonder that he is referred to as "The Rasta in Control"!

Please visit Mikeys homepage and sample his works at:

Mushiya Felecia Strickland 


This weekend there are a few things taking place in our town, and overseas.  For starters check out The Trinidad and Tobago Association Annual Good Friday Fish Dinner.  The Association will hold its annual Fish Fry this Good Friday, March 25 from 12:00 noon - 6:00 p.m., at the Association headquarters, 5123 Georgia Avenue, NW. Friday, 25 March from 12:00 noon - 6:00 p.m.. Donation $10.00. Eat in or Take Out. Drinks at Club prices. Tell a friend! 

Additionally, on Friday (3/25) stop on by Pan Masters Steel Orchestra's PanYard for their annual Fish Fry.  Check their site for more information


Yes, the Carnival Season has begun and this weekend kicks off DC Carnival!

This Saturday, DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc. will be hosting their first fundraiser (Saturday, March 26th, 2005).  Their Annual Glorious Saturday Fete @ The Caribbean Style Restaurant.  Check the "Events page" for all the details.  

Also, this Saturday, March 26th, please support I.C.E. Entertainment & Radio Boyz as they present "Bare As You Dare" @ T&T Clubhouse, 5123 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC.  Scroll Down for more Details or check our "Events Page" 



Pan Masters Steel Orchestra 20th Anniversary celebration

April 10, 2005

More details are listed below or contact Pan Masters Headquarters/Pan Yard 301-864-2610 or the Public Relations Office of Caribbean Festivals, Inc. - Mr. Roland Barnes @ 301-249-1028 (h) or 202-255-1987 (c). Tickets are $20.00 each and are available at Pan Masters Steel Orchestra.  

Click Here to Enter "Events Page", and scroll down to view ad.


An excellent local photograph Mr. Ted Mebane, and an associate of ours here in Washington DC, recently informed us that he traveled to Trinidad to attend Carnival (as he always do) and captured some great photographs.  You are welcome to log on to his site to view his beautiful photos of the 2005 Trinidad Carnival, and even photos of DC 2004 Carnival, and much more.  Please log on to and enjoy!!!!  Let us know what you think about Mr. Mebane’s photos.

Keep on helping the people of Guyana from recovering from "The Floods of Guyana".  To Contribute and help with whatever you can contact your Local Guyanese Embassy and your Local Red Cross Office, or any of the below agencies. Or

Until next week!  Again have a wonderful and Safe Easter Holiday, and Spring Break.; 



Caribbean Vibes Radio (Internet 24-7 radio)

SIZZLING THURSDAYS!!!  Be sure to join the rejuvenated &  energized maestro "Fabulous" for "Sizzling Thursdays". Showtime Thurs. 9:00pm-12 midnight.  Share the link with friends and family across the globe.  Email your requests, shout- outs to or toll free 1-866-ONE-VIBE

REMEMBER Wednesday from 9:00pm for "Under Pressure" with DJ Gusma from outta Italy.  Nuff vibes and sweet melodies for one HOT hour. Show repeats on Thursdays 1pm-2pm.

2005 Carnival


Virginia Beach Carnival - June 10th-12th

DC Caribbean Carnival - June 25th & 26th

March 26, 2005 - Glorious Saturday Fundraiser Fete 

Boston Carnival 


This year (2005) Features: (1) Carnival band: See the years new offering and when bands will be launching; (2) Jouvert Committee: Register your "Old Mas Ban"; (3) Applications: A very powerful feature- Vendors, Bands, etc. (4) Advertise: Online, Carnival magazine, bands, etc; (5) Village News: - want to know what's up, you to can submit an article for online publication. 300-500 words & photo; and (5) Market Place: Purchase T-shits, Caps, Mug, Calendars, etc. 

CaribNation TV

WHUT - TV  - Ch.32,  6pm Monday, March 28th, 2005: CaribProfile: Trinidadian Artist/Musician David Boothman - A celebrated artist/ musician from Trinidad and Tobago has been involved in the arts for over thirty-five years.  “As a colorist, I am moved by color relationship – the subtleties of texture, nuances of line and shape, creating forms from abstract to figurative, from impressionism to cubism, from expression to quasi-realism.”  As a musician, he is compelled to explore the relationship of color and sound from a mystical sense.  This exploration has influenced his values and selection of icons and motifs for his music and his art. David, a composer, artist, musician and teacher has received numerous awards for arts in education and multi-media arts production.  His works are included in numerous private collections as well as in international corporate buildings in Europe and Latin America.



The Trinidad and Tobago Working Women's Committee of Washington DC

2nd Annual MAD HATTERS HAT SHOW AND TEA "HATTITUDE" at Andrews AFB on Sunday, April 10, 2005 @ 3:30 pm

T&T Working Women's Committee - 301-499-3158



Click Here to View EventsFor Events


DC Caribbean Carnival presents it's annual Glorious Saturday Fundraiser (Fete) @ Caribbean Style Restaurant.  

Click the Star above and scroll down to view ad.


Click The Star Above to enter the "EVENTS" Page for More Details or Click Here!


I.C.E. Entertainment & Radio Boyz 

Presents "Bare As Your Dare"

Featuring: NYC, DC & B-More Mix Masters: Mix-a-Lot Crew, Demolition Dex & Spinnaz, Inc

@ T&T Clubhouse, 5123 Georgia Ave., NW, Washington DC.

 Click The Star Above to enter the "EVENTS" Page and scroll down for More Details or Click Here!

This Monday, March 28th

CeeC Promotions Presents

"Reggae" meets "Go Go"

"Ras Lidj" meets "Lil Benny"

at The Market Lounge, 1309 5th Street, N.E., Washington DC


"Moet Mondays"

For More info. contact

Free until 8, and ladies free until 9pm.  Doors open at 6pm with Free buffet by Tropicana Eateries.  Mature Audience (21 & over)

 Click The Star Above to enter the "EVENTS" Page and scroll down for More Details or Click Here!



 Easter Monday, March 28TH 2005

Montego Bay Jamaica

Irish & Chin

"Death Before Dishonor 5"

Sunday April 10, 2005

Caribbean Festivals, Inc., a non-profit, tax exempt organization will stage a performance at the Publick Playhouse for The Performing Arts featuring Pan Masters Steel Orchestra, Washington DC preeminent steel band  in concert with Robert Greenidge, world renowned pannist from Trinidad and Tobago.

Caribbean Festivals, Inc. Presents

 Pan Masters Steel Orchestra 20th Anniversary

With A Special Performance by Pan Masters

@ Publick Playhouse for The Performing Arts, 5445 Landover Rd. , Cheverly, Md.

with Guest Artiste: Robert Greenidge

Performance: 6:30pm

Check The Events Page for Additional Details or click the STAR Above


 Sunday, April 10TH 2005

HAT SHOW & TEA  ""HATTITUDE" at Andrews AFB on Sunday,
April 10th at 3:30p.m.
T&T Working Women's Committee

Check The Events Page and scroll down to view flyer for Additional Details or click the STAR Above


Shout Outs

Special Belated Greetings is being extended to Paulette!  Hope your day was extra special!

Congratulations to Marcus Johnson on joining the Morning Drive on Washington DC's WJZW 105.9 FM (Smooth Jazz)! 


"Bob The Wiz", you are still in our thoughts, Get Well Soon.


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