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Greetings On-Line Family


Happy Easter to you (our on-line family)!!!!  Thanks to you, in the past few weeks we have really been witnessing the positive effects of our "Weekly What's Happening" e-mail, because many of you love receiving them, and supports the items, and events we advertise.  Due to your overwhelming support, we thought we should take some time this week to talk about the services we offer, maybe you will need our marketing services in the future.  The price of our services are quite reasonable and very affordable.  If you have a product, service or event you would like exposed to our on-line family contact us at ariousentertainment@earthlink.net to find out how.  Keep in mind that our e-mail blast reach over 35,000 people around the world, and it's the greatest and fastest way to spread the word about what you are trying to promote.

I'm really excited about how this has come together, and even though we were down for several months last year due to all types of circumstances beyond our control, many of you have stayed loyal and expressed to us how much you missed receiving the information.  Well, this is about our 3rd year and we started with zero, currently we have 35,000 subscribers nationwide, and is growing daily.  Actually, who knows how many more people are see the e-mails because of forwarding and things like that.  It pleases me greatly when I receive responses from our blast from folks all over the world.  It was a great pleasure this week to get an e-mail from Melvin Jackson, Jr., from HBO's "The Wire" and who also has appeared on Chris Rock's "Everybody Loves Chris".  He has been a part of our on-line family for some time now.

The services we offer seems to be needed in our community!!!  When this started we had no idea it would grow into such an essential and appreciated service.  We were working with a group of musicians out of Bermuda and we were brought in by Qadree El Amin from South Paw Entertainment to do marketing on this venture.  At that point, we felt the best way to market the group were through e-mail marketing, and not through the usual flyers, radio, print (they were old in this time), and we needed something new and more effective - THE INTERNET and E-mail Marketing..."The portal to the world"!!!!  Now, we had something brand new, once we thought about it, put it on paper, it could be transmitted immediately to folks around the world.  From that point on we developed a website, continued building by promoting a few parties, products, etc., began speaking our mind through our commentary and our list grew and grew.  The rest is history, we now have some direction for the next few years, because we see how popular this has become.   

If you know our goals, then you know it's promoting Caribbean Music and Culture, this Internet is the prime vehicle to do so, and to bringing the community together through communications can be accomplished!!!

by Todd Mangatal


(Please note: We have substantially reduced our prices for a limited time in order to be competitive, and most importantly to accommodate the small "businesses")


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  Local actor Melvin Jackson, Jr. who is known as Bernard on HBO's hit show "The Wire" and who is also on UPN's "Everybody Hates Chris" as the Bully recently informed us about a project he worked on late last year and wants to share the information to our On-Line Family.  It's a DVD called the "The Vanishing Black Man", and it's a collection of interviews of doctors, politicians, college students, teachers, law enforcement personnel, a screenwriter and a host of others with questions such as: Are African American Males Becoming Extinct?  Will Future Generations of African American Women not be able to find husbands? etc. along with Music, artwork and a series of monologues woven throughout the movie. This DVD was named Best Documentary and Best Director by Kam Williams.  To purchase this DVD Click the button below and following the instructions.  Be on the look out for music from Melvin aka J. Reed.

Web Mail Message  

“The Vanishing Black Male”


List Price: $14.95





Rapid Increasing Gas Prices!

by Susan Mangatal

These high gas prices are becoming quite annoying.  How can us (consumers) be protected from these pricing cruelty?  You may recall the gas prices began slightly increasing when we went to war, but really began skyrocketing last year when hurricane Katrina hit and devastated America's gulf coast (in late August.)  We were told then due to the oil refineries being destroyed and damaged, prices will be increasing and will continue increasing substantially.  Even though we were concerned we accepted it, because we were more worried about helping the many who lost members of their families, their homes along with everything they owned, and how we would begin helping with the rebuilding from the damages the coast sustained.  However, when we eventually "had enough" and began complaining and letting our voices heard, we were promised that there were no price gouging by the oil companies, however oil companies profits had risen substantially.  So how was that possible if there were no gouging?    Meanwhile, it was reported that Exxon Mobil raked in 10.71 billion in profits (42% from 2004), what thieves!!!   I read some time ago that "The National Consumer group called on Congress to investigate uncompetitive practices by oil companies, curb energy companies' price-gouging by implementing a windfall profits tax and enact strong fuel economy standards to curb demand and save the environment" .  

I truly hope something is done about the rapid increasing prices.  We the American people need to let our voices be heard again.  We cannot sit back and allow these ridicules prices continue getting higher and higher.  I'm sure many are struggling due to these increases, and are experiencing financial hardships.  

Last month locally a gallon of gas averaged $2.33, now (a month later)  we are paying approximately $2.73.  Actually, nationwide a gallon averages $2.79, and it is expected to reach highs up to $4.00.  We have got to do something to solve this major problem, so let me know what your thoughts are, and how these rapid increases are affecting your family and most importantly your life.



To Our On-Line Family In Jamaica

rasastorblackwpsmiller.JPG (1068081 bytes)   Ras Astor Black (pictured here with the Honorable Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller) of the Bob Marley School for the Arts wants all of you to support his efforts regarding making the North Coast Highway named the "Bob Marley Highway".  He is asking all the residence, businesses and visitors to support him with a planned motorcade on the proposed Bob Marley Highway, which is scheduled for Good Friday, April 14th @ 10:00 am from Ocho Rios Transportation Center traveling via Montego Bay to the Nyah Binghi Center, Pit Four, Granville, St. James.  He wants everyone to come out along the proposed highway and wave their Bob Marley flags in support!!!!  See his press release below.

CONTACT:                Bob Marley Highway
Contact Person         Ras. Astor Black
Company Name        Bob Marley School for the Arts Institute     
Voice Phone Number  876-327-9991
Email Address            reggaewalkoffame@gmail.com
Website URL             http://www.bobartsinstitute.edu
BOB MARLEY HIGHWAY Negril to Morant Point - Wednesday, April 05, 2006
"I think we are embarking on a historical journey tonight," Nugent-Hill said. "There is a new horizon coming into view. It is reggae and tourism in synergy and harmony, showing the true culture of Jamaica ."
Empress Jennifer Nugent-Hill, vice-president, Public and Government Affairs, Tropical Shipping was the first keynote speaker at the Reggae Walk of Fame Induction Ceremony at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, March 25th 2006.
Ras Astor Black inviting Prime Minister, The Honourable Portia Simpson-Miller to come to Trelawny to bless and break grounds for the Reggae Walk of Fame on Flamingo Beach at the border of St. James.
Ras Astor Black, Founder/Chairman of the Board for the Bob Marley School for the Arts Institute is also proposing for the North Coast Highway to be named the Bob Marley Highway to give the ras-pect and gratitude in HIS honour.
The Hon. Robert Nesta BOB Marley worked tirelessly in spreading Reggae Music and the message of Rastafari worldwide. Through his work, he gave the world profound and beautiful music and at the same time, promoting our Island home, Jamaica .
Bob promised us that none of us, his seeds, shall beg bread. Over-standing his words, the benefit to us, his children, will:
  • Give all of us a marketable address to do business on the Bob Marley Highway
  • Visitors will want us in Reggae to give them tours highlighting attractions along the Bob Marley Highway
  • see more entrepreneurial ideas resulting in employment on the Bob Marley Highway
  • see  our own Jamaican Brothers and Sisters exploring and learning more about our Reggae Culture on the Bob Marley Highway
A planned motorcade on the proposed Bob Marley High (North Coast Highway) is schedule for Good Friday April 14th at 10am from Ocho Rios Transportation Centre traveling via Montego Bay to the Nyah Binghi Centre, Pit Four, Granville, St. James for the Good Friday Commemoration of the Coral Gardens Atrocity on Rastafari in 1963.
All persons living, working or operate businesses along the proposed HIGHWAY are asked to come out and wave their Bob Marley Flags in support along the proposed Bob Marley Highway.



On The Music!!

 On The Club Scene!!!

On The Reggae Scene


This Thursday, April 13, 2006

Join I & I Productions and Big D Productions as they bring Sound V.I. ZION Records recording artists from St. Croix, Virgin Islands to the Washington DC Area.

Come and Experience the roots, rastafari, reggae sounds of Batch & Ras Attitude and the Zioniers

They will be performing at Club U-Turn, 11th & U Streets, 1942 11th St., N.W., Washington DC 202-299-9882

8:00pm doors open - 9:00 pm Showtime - $10.00 at door




Friday, April, 14, 2006


This Friday, April 14, 2006






From NYC








Upcoming Events

Royal Fantasy Band Launching

April 21, 2006



“Royal Fantasy” will be displaying all the sections of their costumes at ICE Entertainment’s upcoming event on April 21, 2006

Featuring KMC direct from T&T


Log On to Ice Carnival’s website www.icecarnival.net where you will find all the information regarding each section, and where you will be able to join their band and purchase their costume/s.  

The DJs on the Road on Carnival Day (June 24, 2006) are Young Chow (NYC), DJ Mystic Vibes (WDC), and DJ Spice (NYC)

"Royal Fantasy's" three sections Aphrodite's Fantasy (Blue/silver), Venus's Rapture (Red/gold), and Nefertiti's Passion White/gold

CarnivalCostumes 028.jpg (146865 bytes)     CarnivalCostumes 013.jpg (149174 bytes)   CarnivalCostumes 042.jpg (139792 bytes)


 To reserve your costume contact  Germaine at 410-944-0323 or 240-447-2417



Arious Entertainment is a proud sponsor of "Royal Fantasy"




Sunday, April 30, 2006

Trinidad and Tobago Working Women's Committee of WDC



Abosede Big Up!  

Got the "shout out" you sent and we miss you too.  Let's hook up soon for drinks so we can catch up! 



Special Birthday greetings

Vera we hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jillian!

Happy Birthday Greetings to Brandy, hope you enjoy it to the max!!!!  Lots of love.

Happy Birthday to Trini Mike "Klimaxx Entertainment"

Birthday wishes are being extended to  Clifford

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