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Greetings On-Line Family!

  We want to send our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the 32 victims (students & teachers) of the Virginia Tech Shootings.  This massacre comes as a shock and is very devastating to all of America and around the world.  Our deepest sympathy and prayers are extended to all who lost a loved one in this horrific event.  We know the heartache you are experiencing and will experience forever, from this senseless tragedy, but may you find solace in the wonderful memories you hold near and dear.  To all of the 32 victims (names released by The Associated Press) May you rest in peace!  Ross A. Alamaddine; Christopher J. Bishop; Brian R. Bluhm; Ryan C. Clark; Austin M. Cloyd; Jocelyn Couture-Nowak; Daniel A. P. Cueva; Kevin Granata; Matthew G. Gwaltney; Caitlin M. Hammaren; Jeremy M. Herbstritt; Rachael Hill; Emily J. Hillscher; Jarrett L. Lane; Matthew J. LaPorte; Henry J. Lee; Liviu Librescu; G. V. Loganathan; Partahi M. H. Lumbantoruam; Lauren A. McCain; Daniel P. O'Neil; Juan R. Ortiz; Minal H. Panchal; Erin Peterson; Michael S. Pohle, Jr.; Julia K. Pryde; Mary K. Read; Reema J. Samaha; Waleed M. Shaalan; Leslie Sherman; Maxine Turner; and Nicole White. To view their profiles, share your memories and send your condolences click the following link http://www.nytimes.com/ref/us/20070418_VICTIMS_GRAPHIC.html

It seems out of all this loss, the main topic in the media regarding this tragedy is about gun control.  However, what triggers my thinking is: What happened to this young man in his life to make him so angry?  What made him explode the way he did?  Why did he feel the only way to solve the issues he was experiencing was to take so many innocent lives.  A few of these questions have now been answered, since we have learned about his writings, his videos, his personality, and his state of mind.  Now, the real question is what could have been done to help this young man, and what signs should we look for to spot these types of behaviors?

Just yesterday a friend sent a text message to me and the message read "Hey guys: 32 kids woke up yesterday and didn't know it was their last day to be alive.  Life is short, so I'm sending this to say I love you...I love you!!!"   My friend is absolutely right, we all must say "I love you" and express our love and what we feel for each other on a daily basis, you never know what might/will happen tomorrow.  Don't lose any more time hating, fighting and disrespecting the folks in your life.  No matter how upset you are with someone, be the bigger person and toss the anger or hurt aside, actually I find it best to approach it "head on" and deal with it, just so you can move on with building your friendship/relationship.   We can start or strengthen a few things in our life such as being more patient; focusing more on the things we say to each other; tuning in and focusing on the people around us and on their way of thinking, and on the way they interact; a simple smile, and most importantly reach out and be kind to each other.

Sadly these 32 victims lives were just taken away in a very short time with no indication that it was going to be taken.  Life is indeed too short, so love...love...love each other, say it and show it every day!!!!

You are welcome to share your thoughts and feelings on this sad incident ariousentertainment@earthlink.net!



Thanks to the many who shared their thoughts on the Don Imus negative remarks about the Rutgers University Female Basketball players, that I commented about last week.   Some of your comments  and solutions are great and they were really thought provoking.  Again, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and life to address this important issue through this (our) forum.  I  have already began responding to your e-mails individually, and I will continue over the next few days until I answer all of you.

Regarding this issue, I strongly believe the time has come for Mr. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson, as well as many of our leaders to move full steam ahead towards working on ways to get  through to the rappers regarding cleaning up their rap/hip hop lyrics and most importantly finding solutions to help solve the crime epidemic spreading through our communities.  With their voices and strengths lots of issues can be solved in our communities.


     We at Arious would like to wish Von Martin a very happy birthday.  Von is one of our local Caribbean personality of WPFW 89.3 FM (WDC).  He is a well known Broadcaster and Producer and the founder of Caribbeana Radio Services.  For several decades Von has been the host of his long running Caribbean Radio Program "Caribbeana", and which he still hosts each and every Saturday on WPFW 89.3 FM from 7pm-10pm.  Check him out on Saturdays at 89.3 FM or on the net at www.wpfw.org.  Dear Von from all of us here at Arious, we send special birthday greetings to you, and hope that your day is the most joyous.

  Last week we lost a man that has done a lot for our Caribbean Culture locally here in DC/Maryland/VA.  Mr. Carl "Poppe" McLean passed away.  Mr. McLean who was a very good mas designer, among others were one of the original founders of the Caribbean Carnival here in DC.  Mr. McLean along with his friends and fellow mas makers (Ms. A. Green-owner of Islander Restaurant), Mr. K. Smith, Mr. C. Thompson, Mr. Boynes, Mr. P. Taylor and others felt there was a need to expose our Culture in this area and after successfully taking part in the New York West Indian/Labor Day Carnival for a number of years, he and his friends came together and decided to create there own parade and festival locally.  This was successfully done in 1974, 1975 and 1976, their Carnival parade took place on Constitution Avenue, NW.  from 3rd Street to the Ellipse (17th Street).  We are happy for all Mr. McLean contributed to exposing our culture and creating a path for all to follow.

As always we thank you for your support and for browsing through our new on-line shopping pages for  ladies, gentlemen, travel and gifts.  Remember we are creating a safe portal to on-line shopping for all your entertainment, travel, and personal needs, so please continue utilizing/using and supporting all that we offer through our partners.   

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"Ah come back home: Perspectives on the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival" is a book Mr. Von Martin and  Mr. Smart wrote regarding Carnival.  I found a few copies available through Amazon.com. The price quoted by the sellers is a bit costly, but it's worth picking up.  You gain a lot of knowledge, info. and understanding, about Carnival.  I have placed the link below to purchase this book at amazon.

A must read book!   

Please focus on obtaining Mr. Steve Perry's book "Man Up!  Nobody's coming to save us"  This is a real interesting and powerful book with great messages.  Click on the link below to purchase your copy


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April 22, 2007

"Sunday Lime"

Join the Washington DC Carnival Bandleaders 

Association for their 




For All Events and for more details on these events


To Go To Our "Events" Page


April 21st-May 5th - St. Maarten Carnival 

Sat., 4/21/07: Opening of Carnival Village (8pm)

Sun., 4/22/07: Children's Carnival Parade (1pm)

Mon., 4/23/07: Senior Calypso Finals (9pm)

Tue., 4/24/07: Youth Extravaganza (9pm)

Wed., 4/25/07: Sr. Roadmarch Competition (9pm)

Thurs., 4/26/07: Concert: Morgan Heritage (9pm)

Fri., 4/27: Local Band-O-Rama: From Us to you II (9pm)

Sat., 4/28/07: JOUVERT (4.00 AM) Latin Concert: Revientan San Martin (9.00pm)

Sun., 4/29/07: Soca Explosion I: M. Sylvester & T. Seales 9pm

Mon., 4/30/07: Grand Carnival Parade (10am)

Tues., 5/1/07: Second Day Carnival Parade (2pm)

Wed.-5/2/07: Zouk/Kompa Concert: Who's the Boss III 9:00

Thurs., 5/3/07: Reggae Concert: Buju Banton (9pm)

Fri., 5/4/07: Concert-Yung Joc & Mr. Vegas (9pm)

Sat., 5/5/07: Last Lap Jump-Up (8pm)/ Burning of King Momo (12am)


For air travel arrangements to St. Maarten click the plane.  Please note the arrival city is St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles (Airport code is: SXM): 

For hotels in St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles click the following picture and place St. Maarten in the city slot.

For your automobile rental click on the car

St. Lucia

April 23-25, 2007


The Rodney Bay Village Music Bash


"A Premier Musical Event"


The Star-studded, award-wining dynamic line up of Caribbean performers at this premiere musical event includes: Reggae Legend Bares Hammond, Trinidad's own David Rudder (one of the world's most prolific singers and performer), Destra (the queen of soca), Sean Paul, Maxi Priest and Shaggy, along with a host of local St. Lucian Performers.

@ St. Lucia's Digicel Coco Cabana in Rodney Bay.

Sneak away for a weekend getaway in St. Lucia and relax at this musical extravaganza.  

For your air travel click the plane (pic).  Note: St. Lucia's Airport codes are: UVF for Hewanorra Airport or SLU for Vigie Field:

For your Hotel arrangements click the following pic. and place in the destination City slot "Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia"

For Vacation Rentals click the following picture. 1) Select "Caribbean" & 2) Select St. Lucia:

For your rental car click on the car pic. below. Note: Place St. Lucia in your "Pick Up City Location" and enter.  Then select the airport you will be arriving at Hewanorra Airport Code: UVF or Vigie Field Airport Code: SLU:


One Heart Charities 

Crowns the First Capital Star

at it's Final Round on April 24th

Congratulations to this week semi-final winners: 1st Place Jamie Jones; Eric Townsend and Cheryl Gilbreath  Congrats to last week's  semi final winners: 1st place: Pam Ward; 2nd Place Fred Rivers and 3rd Place Tumblin Thunder



Friday, April 27th

Saturday, April 28th 


Sunday, April 29th 

Travel to Tobago for the 

3rd Annual Plymouth Jazz Festival

Artists Scheduled to Perform:

Elton John, Diana Ross, Bares Hammond, Earth, Wind & Fire, LL Cool J, Machal Montano, Mary J. Blige, Heather Headley, Gladys Knight, Al Green, Sean Paul, , Destra Garcia & Atlantik, Roy Cape & All Stars

Log on http://tobagojazzfest.com for more details!

Use our travel company to make all your travel arrangements to attend the Plymouth Jazz Festival in Tobago. 

For your air arrangements, please click the plane

Vac. Rentals, Hotels, etc. please click the hotel 

Your automobile rental, please click on the car 

Click This link to search for and purchase tickets to attend this festival.

 Get Premium Tickets at TicketsNowGet Premium Tickets at TicketsNow

Tampa Carnival

April 28, 2007


For your air travel please click the plane

Hotels in Tampa from $57.00.  Click the hotel and place

Tampa in the Destination City: 

Your automobile rental, please click on the car  


Birthdays, Shout Outs & Congratulations



Very Special Birthday Greetings 


Special Birthday Wishes to Mr. Martin, please enjoy your day!!!!  


Happy Birthday Amenda, Valerie, Frances, Orlando, Alfred, Benjamin, Carmen, Beatrice, and Connie , 


From all of us here at Arious we hope your special day was filled with lots of joy!!!!


Happy Birthday to All Our MySpace Friends (Stop by and give me a shout on our MySpace site

4/20/07: (1) Shemar Moore -Oak. CA; (2) Vonvitto-WDC; (3)  Celebrity Long John -NY; (4) DJ Mafioso-ATL; (5) Miss Richie-ATL; (6)  420 Magazine -CA; (7) MS. Savage -Balt., MD; (8) Lee Suh- WA 

4/21/07: (1) Wayne C. McDonald-UK; (2) Mark McLeary-MD; (3) Brian White-LA, CA; (4) A.P. Music 77- SC; (5) Jennifer r watl - ATL; (6) Kandi7-UK; (7) Ale-sv DJ-Italy; 

4/22/07: (1) CoCoa "The Kat-Phil. PA; (2) Kyle Aaron-Ft. Laud. Fl; (3) Veronica Marie "She Unlimited-Bev. Hills, CA; (4) CiBelle-NY; (5) Antonio Key - LA, CA; (6) kimberley "passionfroot"-FL; (7) Keisha-Balt. MD; (8) Ebonee-MD; (9) Mz.Princess -MD; (10) Bianca Carosio-MIA FL

4/23/07: (1) Alwayscute21-CA; (2) Miss English-WDC; (3)Carlaya The Queen of Flow-Las Vegas, NV; (4) "Daddy's Little Girl" - MD; (4) Nadia-atown IL.; (5) -WDC; (6) -NY; (7) Jordin Sparks (American Idol); (8) Lil Bus-Tall., FL

4/24/07: (1) Panamenian Chocolate - Balt. MD  ; (2)  Kim; WV; (3) Dona "horneything" - Rockville, MD

4/25/07: (1) Melisa Joan Hart -CA; (2) Candice-Rosedale, NY

Belated Greetings to

 4/19/07: (1) "jdmtrini" -Miami; (2)  George "fancyhu"-NJ; (3) Kelsey -CA

4/18/07: (1) Candace-Rosedale NY; (2) Melissa Joan Hart-CA (3) Jazz Budda "buddafly" -NY; (4) Amina-"Fly" abuddafly-NY


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Until next week, enjoy this spiritual weekend and

 again thanks for all your support

 We certainly appreciate you being a part of our on-line family!!!  


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