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Arious Entertainment would like to thank everyone who supported all of the events last  weekend in the DC area. It was very nice to meet so many of you from our online community, and wonderful to hear all the great comments about the site and the e-mails. 

We started things off last Thursday night at the Crossroads Entertainment Complex in Bladensburg Md. with a great performance by one of Jamaica's hottest reggae bands Morgan Heritage. This was a positive and uplifting performance.  Morgan Heritage performed for over an hour doing all of their hits plus songs from their new CD. The show started on time and after the show the entire group spent at least an hour signing autographs, taking pictures and talking with fans, this is something you don't see often.  For those in other areas, you will have the opportunity to see Morgan Heritage because they are in the midst of their US tour. For more info. on the tour check out www.morganheritagefamily.com 

Friday night we changed the pace and did it Trini style, we checked out the Good Friday Fish Fry at D' Panyard in Brentwood Md., just outside Washington DC. This was a nice event. D' Panyard is home of the Pan Masters Steel Orchestra. This is truly a great organization that has been performing and training our younger generation to play the steel pan for many years. The Pan Masters has been serving the Community since the mid 80's. It's really nice to see the youths absorbing and learning about the Caribbean culture. When we arrived around  9pm we were met by the sweet sounds of pan music being conducted by one of the great musicians in DC, Mr. Leonard Jack. The aroma of frying fish  aroused our appetites, and as we entered we were greeted by some members of the Pan Masters (Trevor, Willow & Angie). We exchanged greetings, but the Fish was calling us. So we continued in that Direction Making a stop at the bar, which was being tended by one of DC's Calypsonians ( D' Preacher).  Then we proceeded to the fryers and enjoyed the Fried Fish & Bake.  All I can say is "What A Treat". So if you are looking for a nice trini style lyme check out d' Panyard on Friday evenings. This Friday Leonard Jack will be performing with his band Fusion. Check out our Message Board for D' panyard's complete events line up. 

We left D'Panyard around 11:30pm and stopped by the Crossroads Entertainment Complex to witness the performance by Super P and Young Sound out of Grenada. When we arrived the party was in full swing with Bobby's Music Machine & DJ Sprang in Club1.  At 12:15am we decide to walk over to the Restaurant where the Oasis Band normally plays on Fridays. The Oasis band was just finishing up their set and DJ Bob d Wiz announced that Super P and Young Sound would be coming up in 15 minutes. This was a surprise, because we expected the show to take place in Club 1.  With club 1 being the Largest of the 3 rooms at the Crossroads and since Fridays has always been geared more to a Soca crowd, it would have only been logical to have the artists perform in club 1, especially since this would only enhance the night.  Anyway, at 12:30am  John Blake (Caribbean Experience WHUR 96.3 FM) introduced Super P, and at this time there were about 30 people in the restaurant, each artist performed for about 15-20 minutes to a track.  I personally think there performances would have been more enjoyable on a big stage and in front of a larger crowd, because with soca music audience participation is important.  

Coming to Crossroads real soon is Treason direct from Trinidad, so Look out for Treason.  Big up to Rachel (Treason's rep.)  I got the CD and really liked it.  We'll talk real soon.  Check out www.crossroadsclub.com for date of Treason, and all upcoming Soca shows!

Saturday Night was The Official kick off fete for the DC Caribbean Carnival at the Silver Spring Caribbean Style Restaurant & Lounge. This event was a great SUCCESS for DCCC.  The place was at capacity at 1:30pm, and the door had to be shut down.  Many of the patrons could not believe they were unable to get into the Caribbean Style Restaurant. Many waited patiently, and some just couldn't wait for the doors to be re-opened again at about 2:30am.  Finally the massives were let in 10 at a time until everyone was in. Music was provided by Sprang International and Andy Mix. I can't really tell you much about the actual party since I spent the entire night a the door as a volunteer Security Guard for DCCC, and tried to keep the crowd in control. So if  you didn't get in, SORRY!   Look out for the next event. Big...Big shout out and Maximum Respect to Bob for Donating the place for this very important and necessary fundraiser.

On a personal note...Gregory it was a pleasant surprise seeing you in the place.  You shocked your cousin so much that you almost gave her a heart attack.  Anyway, welcome to America.  The last time we saw you was in (Tacarigua) Trinidad, going to school, checking out girls, and running to the "rum shop" getting rum for us to drink.  Nice to see that you are all grown up.  The locs are nice, and we all are proud of you.

Check out DC Caribbean Carnival Website for all DC Carnival Events and details on the Carnival  www.dccaribbeancarnival.com 

Sunday night we had the opportunity to experience a True GALA event.  Something we don't see much off in Washington DC.  The Image Band celebrating their 25th Anniversary.  This event was held at the beautiful Zanzibar at the waterfront which was a perfect location for such a grand event.  We arrived at 8:00pm and was greeted by two lovely ladies (Charmine and Eurica) who presented us with tickets for the door prize, along with Image Bands' commemorative Mardi Gras Beads, something we will hold on to in order to remember this great event.  Sprang had the crowd "jamming" on the dance floor at this point.  We had the opportunity to walk around and meet & greet many who we have not seen for a while.  It was a treat to see BIG D, Linda, Elaine Simon, Tyrone Peters, Shurla Samuel,  Luke with his family, and so many more people.  At this point we made our way to the bar and grabbed a drink, and chilled until it was time for Carl Malcolm and The Positive Vibrations Band to take the stage.  Anita Malcolm (great drummer/singer) did an outstanding job with her rendition of "Pink's" new hit song "Family Portrait".  That was a treat!  The Oasis band followed, and as usual they did a great job.  The biggest surprise for us was witnessing Dr. Clair Nelson's great talents.  Not only is she a great speaker, educator, etc., she is also a Dub Poet, something we were not aware of.  Her performance with DKGB was outstanding, and her message about the "American Soldier Going to War" was well received, and heard loud and clear.  Finally the Image Band took the stage, and I must say we were truly impressed, this was the best performance we have ever seen from the Image Band.  The Horn section was great, and Marge did a great job performing "Caribbeana", and their new single "Jump Around with Pan". Timmy as always, did a good job with his lead singing (his voice is good), he and Luke are always energetic and always entertains the crowd.  We are looking forward to the next 25 years with the Image Band.  Let's see if we can take your music to the world.  For Image Band schedule check www.imageband.com 

A special Happy Birthday to Von Martin (Host of his show Caribbeana on WPFW - Saturdays 7-10).  He celebrated his special day at this wonderful Event.

Before we close out, we must mention that this past Tuesday's DCCC Meeting with the Bandleaders was very positive.  The Executive Members of the Bandleaders Association officially announced they will support the 2003 DC Caribbean Carnival, and will be bringing out their bands, and presentations for this years' event.  All the negative rumors must be ignored, and "squashed".  The bandleaders also announced they recently had elections, and a new president has been elected.  Congratulations to Malcolm John (PanMasters) on his new role as President of the Bandleaders Association.  He will take office on August 1st, 2003.  We think he will do a great job.  Not only does he have the interest of the Mas bands, he also is aware of the issues that the pan bands may encounter.  This is a great balance.  In the past 2 years the leadership has only been concerned about their own personal issues, not the issues of the small bands, the pan bands, the mud band, but only the issues of their big band, this  created tons of tension and confusion and "turned off" many bandleaders, and created a gap between the bandleaders and the DCCC.  This resulted in deterring the little bands from participating and the growth of the Carnival.  We believe this new change will be very positive for the carnival and all the bandleaders. 

Again, Congratulations to Malcolm John, and all the members on the Executive Board of the Bandleaders Association!  When we get an official announcement of the elections results, we will let everyone know.

All comments are from Todd Mangatal of Arious Entertainment!  To contact Todd please e-mail todd@ariousentertainment.com and visit www.ariousentertainment.com

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