-- Susan Mangatal - 

  Greetings Online Family:

Hello...Hello...Hello, I missed all of you last week because we were too busy celebrating my birthday.  I must say it was the best birthday I have had in a long time.  I want to thank all of you (who made it out), for coming to my party and celebrating with me.  Oh, and the gifts...thank you all for the gifts!!!  I love everything!!!!  I'm actually still admiring all of them, so much so, that they are still sitting in my living room, so everyday I come home I go through each and every gift bag.  Yes, I know I sound a bit crazy, but really this was a very special birthday for me.  To the folks that made it possible (Todd and Alton at Crossroads), I'm glad you both ignored me when I insisted I didn't want you to celebrate my birthday in a big way.  You guys made me (with my stubborn self) "buckle down"  and call all my friends and family to attend, and I thank you for that.  Again, thanks to all of made me feel very special!!!!!

You know "on the real", sometimes when you live year to year in a community you really don't realize how many people you know until you bring them all together for an event such as this party.  One thing that was very impressive was how well the Caribbean Community was represented, and it's great to see that we are reaching such a broad cross-section of the community.  I am very proud to see that!!!


Oh, Todd has some exciting news to share with you.  (See below)

...Todd Mangatal

As you may know, we at Arious Entertainment for many years have been a part of the DC Carnival in some form or another.  We started as bandleaders with basically no knowledge of this whole Carnival Culture.  Yes, my wife is from Trinidad and of course we had attended many Carnivals in the past and truly enjoyed them, but it was more as spectators.  We never really focused on all that Carnival really was, especially Carnivals in the U.S., and what it offered the Communities where they took place.  

I think our first Carnival in the U.S. was many years ago here in DC, I don't even know if it was a Carnival, but it was basically the foundation of Carnival in DC as we know it now, and what it has evolved into (which was back in 1981.)  This one was a great event because it took place between the White House and the Monument which was really cool!  Of course, they had vendors, a lot of calypso music, along with international and local entertainment.  That was really nice, but what's sad now is, where this event took place (because of security reasons) you cannot freely go there anymore.  Just image thousands of Caribbean people in the back yard of the White house just "fetting" (partying)...those were the days!

As the years progressed, we regularly attended Carnivals in Orlando, Miami and New York, and they were great!  This is where we fell in love with Carnival and realized how important it was to the Caribbean Community in the U.S., because this is one time of the year when they (the Caribbean Community) in all these cities could come together and do what they do best "enjoy themselves" and also meet and greet old and new friends, and expose the full spectrum of their culture (Costumes, food, music, and heritage).  We also realized Carnival has a tremendous marketing potential, which to this day has gone untapped!  But we will talk about that in the future.  

As we expanded and returned to this area we stumbled upon DC Carnival by accident when we were trying to get home via George Avenue, and it looked like there was a parade taking place that blocked the entire street.  After getting over the aggravation, and settling into a spot, we decided to investigate to see what was going on.  Then we noticed the music that was being played was Caribbean.  Imagine how excited Susan was.  Of course we investigated further, and began seeing all the costumes.  The most amazing site for me was the "mud band", I had never seen anything like this before.  Like I said earlier we had been to many Carnivals, but I guess I forgot to mention that in most cities Carnival parades are usually early in the morning, so we never really saw the parades.  Carnival for us was usually the after party in the park with some Heinekens and rum and great music.  This "mud band" was completely different, it was like...people in their true state "one with the earth".  Oh, and the music was just very exciting - A tractor trailer filled with speakers blasting down Georgia Avenue.  Back then the crowd was pretty small and orderly...well I take that back, one thing that I remember was when a mud person hugged a Police Office on a motorcycle and his nice clean blue shirt was covered with mud.  Oh, you should have seen his face...ha...ha...ha.  Yes,  there were many other things that I remember about that year, but since this is a family e-mail I'll mention it another time.  After this DC Carnival had me hooked!  Again, the mud band is what sold me on Carnival!  

As we grew, we had the opportunity to see there were more to Carnival, than just the partying and drinking, I discovered there was culture involved, so we decided to get more involved with Carnival through a number of avenues such as becoming bandleaders (putting a band in the parade).  It was actually my idea to put the first reggae band in the parade with Teddy Bear Productions.  Now Susan is one of the board of directors of the organizing committee here in DC, and we are looking at this Carnival from a completely different angle from when we came in.  It will take a long time to talk about it all, but I will as time progresses.

Now this year 2005, we have teamed with ICE Entertainment and one of the legendary, founding bands, and one of the DC's few wire benders - Jackie & Associates.  Jackie has been one of the bands to constantly contribute to the Carnival with many of the large costumes that makes Carnival...Carnival, as well as his very well designed sections.  Jackie's costumes has won many prizes throughout the years locally, and in a number of Carnivals in the U.S.  I know he plays a big part in Baltimore and a few Carnivals up North, so we are proud and honored that Jackie has asked us to work with him this year.  

As you know ICE Entertainment has consistently promoted Soca and Calypso music/artists in Washington, along with his yearly "Camouflage Fete" which is always "off the hook".  What I like about the Camouflage "fete" is everyone is there.  I have experienced the hard core dancehall and reggae fans who you would never see at a Soca party, arae always out at ICE Camouflage fete.  He's definitely reaching a wide market.

Again, this year (2005) Arious and ICE will be presenting a section in Jackie and Associates band called "Sweet Heart".  "Sweet Heart" is very beautiful section, so right now we are looking for all the sweethearts to join Arious and ICE for DC Carnival!  Click Here to Check out "Sweet Heart" and other sections!  However, we encourage you to jump with us in our section, because you know if Arious and ICE is there, it's gonna be a party (because that's all we know)!!!!  This section is all inclusive, so I guess that means everything (drinks, costumes, masquerade fee, etc.) and even the opportunity to participate in Baltimore Carnival (for a small band fee).

I look forward to you spending DC Carnival with me and my crew this year.  Check out our section "Sweet Heart", and  if you like it you can sign up on-line, and also purchase on-line directly from the site.  Be mindful that if red isn't your color there are 4 other sections that you are welcome to choose from, just let us know which section you like.  You can e-mail me at; or, or call 301-324-2401.  All the details are on the site so click here.  

Additionally, our band launching will take place on May 28th, at ICE Entertainments party "Skin" at the T & T Clubhouse.  Click here for more details!

...Todd Mangatal 


People, I am so glad Todd is back.  As you can see he is back to himself talking with you and informing you as he has done in the past.   Isn't this great!   I hope you are pleased that he has found the time to chat with us again.  Hum, maybe I can sneak off and take a small break now.  (I doubt it though)! 

Well, Klassik Productions had a very successful Caribbean Gospel Mother's Day Show.  The reviews were wonderful, and people are still raving about this event.  Congratulations to Klassik (Jennifer, Grace, and Glenda)!  In one of my recent e-mail I informed you that some of this Klassik's Gospel show proceeds will be donated to the T & T Working Women's Committee Scholarship fund.  To get information about applying for the Scholarship, please click here.  The deadline to receive applications for consideration is May 27th, 2005 (postmarked), and the  Scholarship awards presentation will take place on July 17th 2005.


This weekend on Saturday - May 21st, please support Caribe Inc. "Dreamscape" launching of their Kiddies Section "Neptune's Children" for DC Carnival.  Their "Kiddies Cabaret" will take place at T & T Association headquarters at 5123 Georgia Avenue, N.W. Wash. DC from 3:00 - 7:30 pm $7.00 admission.  Children from ages 5-12 are invited to participate in this band launching "Mini Band".  Scroll down for more details or click here to view the information on our "Events" Page.  

Also, Oliver Samuels is in town at Howard University's Cramton Auditorium this Sunday, May 22nd.  If you know anything about Oliver, then you know he is a very funny comedian from Jamaica who presents his comedy in plays.  This year Oliver has titled his play "Oliver Samuels in Patrick Brown's Ras Noah and The Hawk".  Come out and check out Oliver Samuels, you are guaranteed to laugh all night long.  Click here to view flyer for more details.

Since this is the Carnival season, starting next week and for the next 5 weeks there will be events upon events taking place here in town.  Continue checking our site for all the information.  On the weekend of the 28th (1) ICE Entertainment's "Skin" Fete; (2) De Four of Us and Friends "All Aboard the Bay Lady Boat Ride",  and (3) H & H Productions "A Night Called War Time-The Battle for DC" A Sound Clash featuring Ricky Trouper from Kilamanjaro, Raw Deal from Baltimore and Emperor DC Foundation Sound.  Click here for the flyers and all the information or scroll down to view details

Until next week!  Have a great weekend!; 



The Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc. launched the BAND TOGETHER TO BUILD THE DREAM wristband campaign on February 14, 2005.   For a donation of $5 or more, you will receive a "Build the Dream" wristband.  Your support brings us one step closer to building this memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.   Click here to enter the contributions page for additional details  Help us honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his vision for America.  Help us “Build the Dream.”  For a list of persons/places to send your contributions for this MLK Memorial, please visit  




Caribbean Vibes Radio (Internet 24-7 radio)

SIZZLING THURSDAYS!!!  Be sure to join the rejuvenated &  energized maestro "Fabulous" for "Sizzling Thursdays". Showtime Thurs. 9:00pm-12 mid..  Don't forget Daylight savings time began here in the US, so make sure you are listening at the appropriate time (9:00pm est.).  Feel free to share this information/link with friends and family across the globe.  Email your requests, shout-outs to or toll free 1-866-ONE-VIBE 

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CaribNation - The longest running US-Based Caribbean Television program 10:30pm on Sundays, on PBS affiliate WHUT, Howard University Television, Channel 32 (or check your local cable/satellite listing)

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Trinidad and Tobago Working Women's Committee of Wash. DC 

The Trinidad and Tobago Working Women’s Committee was formally organized in June 2004 to raise the awareness of nationals of the Caribbean about the importance of giving something back to our Community.  Understanding that it is more important to give than to receive and bearing in mind that our youth is the future of the world, the Caribbean Students Scholarship Fund, Inc (CSSF) was officially launched.

The Trinidad and Tobago Working Women’s Committee is the fund-raising arm of the Caribbean Students Scholarship Fund, Inc. (CSSF)

  ABOUT THE FUND (CSSF, Inc.) - The purpose of the fund is to offer scholarship assistance to students who are in their senior year of high school and to freshmen undergraduate students. The students must be of Caribbean descent and reside in the metropolitan Washington DC area.  The program is also designed to establish and maintain a fellowship rooted in traditional and historical Caribbean principles of using one’s skills in service to the community and, at the same time, putting into practice those principles that build upon the strong history of the Caribbean.  The program is also a great benefit to non-Caribbean people who lack knowledge of this area.

For Scholarship Application, please click here!




Atlanta, GA Carnival Memorial Day Weekend May 27-30, 2005 






Orlando, Fl. Carnival Memorial Day Weekend May 27-30, 2005






Virginia Beach Carnival

June 10th-12th  







Washington DC Caribbean Carnival!

June 25th & 26th, 2005 

A Message from DC Caribbean Carnival





Some Bands to check out for costumes and to play mas with are:; www.caribe.comArious and ICE Section "Sweet Heart" with Jackie & Associates & additional sections of Jackie's band - Please Click Here!






Baltimore Caribbean Carnival

July 15th, 16th & 17th, 2005





Boston Carnival






Support De Original Baltimore Caribbean Carnival Extravaganza in September 2005





Click Here to View EventsFor Events


Click The Star Above to enter the "EVENTS" Page for More Details or Click Here!





Caribe's 2005 DC Caribbean Carnival presentation is “Dreamscape.”  

This year, Caribe will be presenting an all-inclusive children’s section entitled, “Neptune’s Children.”  

Saturday, May 21st, 2005

  Caribe will be launching “Kiddies Cabaret” at the T&T Association 5123 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.  3:00 – 7:30 p.m.   $7.00.  Children from ages 5 to 12 are invited to participate in this “mini band” launching.  

The price includes food, music and a fun workshop on how to design a costume and a short talk about the history of carnival will be given.  A panel of judges will be on hand to select the team who decorates the best costume. 

Millie: 301-772-1765; Keisha: 240-606-6639; Clyde or Joyce Thompson: 301-248-1306

Check The Events Page and scroll down to view flyer for Additional Details or click the STAR Above

This Sunday, May 22nd, 2005

"Oliver Samuels in Patrick Henry's Ras Noah & The Hawk"


Cramton Auditorium (Howard University) Wash. DC

Featuring Oliver Samuels & Glen "Titus" Campbell"

"An Ark Full of laughter...If one is simply looking for a healthy dose of laughter, Ras Noah and Di Hawk should easily provide"

In advance tickets are $36.00.

For tickets Ticket master: 800-551-SEAT; Howard Box Office: 202-806-7194; Spice Island Record: 240-462-5843 or 301-772-2422; Caribbean Delight: 301-429-1270; and most local Caribbean Restaurants, Bakeries, Markets.  For more details on outlets

Click Here, and scroll down To View Flyer on our "Events" Page

Saturday, May 28th, 2005

ICE Entertainment, Radio Boyz and Frontline Productions



at the T&T Association (Clubhouse) Washington DC

5123 Georgia Avenue, N.W.

Admission: $10 all night long!

DJ's: Spoil Bratz International, Demolition, Fireburn


Arious & ICE launches their section for DC Carnival 2005 from Jackie & Associates Band!

Come out and check out the Costume/Section!!!!!

Check The Events Page and scroll down to view flyer for Additional Details or click the STAR Above

Saturday, May 28th, 2005

H & H Productions Presents A Nite Called "War Time-The Battle for DC (A Sound Clash)


Featuring Ricky Trooper from Kilamanjaro

Emperor DC's Foundation Sound


Raw Deal Baltimore's Sound

20 Mins. Round; 15 mins. Round; & 10 Mins. Round...Chune Fe Chune

Crowd Will be the Judge.

Place: The King Solomon Lodge, 2245 Rhode Island Avenue, N.E. Washington DC.  

Admission: $20 B4 1am

 For Information call 240-354-9724 and Higher Heights Recording Studios at 240-462-4749

Click Here To View Flyer

Sunday, May 29th, 2005

Pan Masters Steel Orchestra Annual Pan Jamboree

at De Panyard - 

4559 Rhode Island Avenue, North Brentwood, Bladensburg, MD

Click Here To View Flyer, and For More Information

Sunday, May 29th, 2005

"De Four Of Us and Friends"


All Aboard bay lady

Boat Ride

Inner Harbor-Baltimore

Soca, Dancehall and hip hop on Deck #1: DJ Smalley "Golden Touch" and Andy Mix (DC) 

Deck # 2: DJ Steve "De Waxman" & De Musical Prime Minister 

Boarding at 11 pm and returns at 3am

Admission $35.00

Tini Food Included

Cash Bar and Must be 21 with ID

For Info. call Neil: 410-402-4024; Steve: 443-562-4211 and Brian: 410-952-5189.

  Check The Events Page and scroll down to view flyer for Additional Details or click the STAR Above

Saturday, June 11th, 2005

The Entertainment Group, Inc.


Krimson Kickers "Invitational" 7th Annual Soccer Tournament

at MLK Jr. Park

at 1120 Jackson Road, Silver Spring Maryland 20904

Come See the Area's Top Teams Compete, plus Guest Teams from NY, PA, Jersey, & NC

First Place Winner $$$ & Trophies 

Second Place Runner-Up: Trophies

Arts & Craft; Soccer Equip.; Refreshments

For Registration and Information call 443-540-5668

Click for Details!



Shout Outs

Congratulations to Corriane on the birth of her first baby.  Little Madison is extremely gorgeous like her mom, aunt (Charlene in London) grandma, cousins and great aunts.  Sonia, I can't believe you are a grandma, aren't we getting old!!!

Allister Demas (Knock Boyz) all the way in the South (now) - Happy Belated Birthday.  I hope you loved spending your birthday in the islands!  I truly envy you!!!  We miss you here in DC.


Special Birthday Greetings is extended to Mr. Roland Barnes - President of DC Caribbean Carnival.


Special Belated Greets to Lightfoot (Wonderful singer here in Washington), and it was wonderful seeing you at the party!!!!


Belated Birthday Greets to Kim (Thanks for bringing and accompanying Brandy to the party)



Mark - Life is real crazy isn't it!  Please get well soon.  We are still baffled, but you are in our prayers and thoughts always!!


To Germaine:  We hope you enjoy your trip to Trinidad.  I know you will have lots of fun!  


AnnMarie: Nice talking to you this week.  It has been a long time.  Families  should always keep in touch!


Shurla, Abasade, Beverlee and Brandy...Thanks so much!

A special hello to Ms. Dean (Voice of America), Millie, Gloria, Kathy, Pat, Deanne and Herman

Spyder & Gianna-Sorry for your unfortunate weekend last week, but stay strong.  We are always here for you and for every bad thing that happens there is a good thing around the Corner.


Barry (The Entertainment Group, Inc.) it was nice seeing you this week!


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