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Greetings On-Line Family:

  Happy Juneteenth

  JUNETEENTH:  Emancipation Day, Freedom Day and Jun-Jun.  Whatever name one calls it, the fact is that it is the oldest African-American Observance in the United States which dates back to 1865, and one of the most important in American History because it commemorates the freedom...the ending of slavery.  This special day is celebrated across the United States on June 19th.

General Order Number 3

"The people of Texas are informed that in accordance with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and free laborer."

To read about the history of Juneteenth, please click the "Juneteenth Worldwide Celebration"  picture for the whole story to your right, courtesy of www.juneteenth.com.




June is Black Music Month

This is the 29th year that "Black Music Month" is celebrated nationally.  President Jimmy Carter designed June "Black History Month" in 1979 and to this day President Bush continues to issue an annual Black Music Month proclamation, which is listed below.  

During this month we are afforded the opportunity to  recognize the many black music genres throughout time such as Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Funk, and Hip-Hop.  Additionally, during this time we celebrate the contributions black singers, composers, writers, producers and musicians have made in the history of music.  

  We at Arious celebrate Black Music Month by highlighting legendary songwriters and record producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Hoffs.  There would be no 1970s soul, no R&B, no disco, without Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff. Their raw, gospel-driven sound combined with sophisticated, precise musical arrangements and socially conscious lyrics paid off with 175 gold or platinum albums and 80 number one pop singles.

Mr. Gamble, from Southwest Philadelphia, and Mr. Huff, from Camden, New Jersey, met in the early 1960s (in an elevator at the Shubert Building, now the Academy of Music) and went on to write and produce for many stars.

Much like Motown in the 1960s Philadelphia International Records declared itself "The Sound of Young America", "Philadelphia International aimed to conquer the world with a specific, auteur-driven sound steeped in the roots of one major American metropolis.  

Kenny Gamble composed their first hit, Expressway To Your Heart, in 1966 as he sat in Schuylkill Expressway traffic on the way to his girlfriend’s house, but it was in the 1970 when Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff stood as the primary architects of upwardly-mobile orchestral version of soul. "Their productions' opulence, smoothness, and chops-- abetted by MFSB, one of the great studio bands in music history-- paved the way for disco, sparked inspiration in Elton John and David Bowie, and acted as the soulful but crossover-friendly counterpart to the decade's wild-assed, post-Sly Stone funk much in the same way Berry Gordy's meticulous empire offset the grittiness of Stax and Atlantic. MFSB's "T.S.O.P. (The Sound of Philadelphia)" had only one line, "people all over the world"-- an echo of the underlying sentiment from one of the label's big early smashes, the O'Jays' "Love Train", but also a clear statement of who, exactly, they were aiming their music towards."  But it was not until 1972, when Gamble set up Philadelphia International Records on South Broad Street, that their impact was truly felt throughout the years.  They were responsible for 70 # 1 Pop and R&B singles, 175 RIAA Gold, Platinum and multi- platinum certifications, five Grammys including the Recording Academy's Trustees Award and more than 3,500 songs produced to date.

Earlier this year Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a presentation of the highly prestigious "Ahmet Ertegun Award." The Grammy-winning, multi-platinum selling duo are responsible for one of the most recognizable and influential catalogs of pop and soul music ever recorded: 

 The Gamble & Huff signature sound is internationally recognized as "The Sound of Philadelphia" with a Gamble & Huff song being played somewhere in the world every 13.5 minutes.

Proclamation by the President of United States for Black Music Month 

America's diverse musical heritage exemplifies the creativity and optimism of our Nation. During Black Music Month, we celebrate the extraordinary talents and creativity of African-American singers, musicians, and composers whose achievements have enriched our culture and enhanced our lives.

For generations, African-American artists have created music that communicates across racial boundaries and expresses both joy and sorrow. When facing the cruelty of slavery and injustice, African Americans lifted spirituals to the heavens, bringing comfort to troubled souls. These timeless declarations of hope and faith evolved into the more modern genres of gospel, blues, ragtime, and jazz, and they are given voice in the musical genius of Scott Joplin, Marian Anderson, Eubie Blake, and Mahalia Jackson. During the Civil Rights era, African-American musicians such as Duke Ellington, Muddy Waters, and Ruth Brown conveyed the struggles of their communities while bringing people of all backgrounds together. Today, this music continues to inspire America's citizens and advance its creative spirit.

Throughout the course of American history, black musicians have used their great talents to share the richness of the African-American experience and to develop a uniquely American style of music enjoyed throughout the world. This month, we honor the pioneers of African-American music and today's contemporary artists who have enriched the lives of people everywhere.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2008 as Black Music Month. I encourage all Americans to learn more about the history of black music and to enjoy the great contributions of African-American singers, musicians, and composers.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirtieth day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand eight, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-second.


# # #

National Caribbean-American Heritage Month (June) -   Celebrating it's 2nd Anniversary! 

Two years ago, in the 109th Congress both the House and Senate unanimously approved H.Con.Res.71, a measured introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland), on June 5, 2006 President George W. Bush issued a proclamation designating June as Caribbean - American Heritage Month.  This proclamation acknowledges the growing political and economic influence of the Caribbean Diaspora and its importance and contribution to the development of the cultural diversity of the United States.

Caribbean-American Heritage Month, 2008
A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

Caribbean-American Heritage Month is an opportunity to show our appreciation for the many ways Caribbean Americans have contributed to our country.

Caribbean Americans have helped to shape our national fabric with their vibrant traditions and their unique history. They have brightened our lives with the spirit and vitality of their culture. Through strong leadership and pride in their heritage, they have enriched America. In all walks of life, they have contributed their many talents and added to our Nation's development and prosperity.

We especially show our gratitude for the men and women of Caribbean descent who have served bravely in our Armed Forces and those still serving today. These heroes have answered a call greater than self, and we keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

During June, we celebrate and recognize the Caribbean Americans whose determination and hard work have helped make our country a better place.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2008 as Caribbean-American Heritage Month. I encourage all Americans to learn more about the history and culture of Caribbean Americans and their contributions to our Nation.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-ninth day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand eight, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-second.


As you know there are lots of celebrations and events taking place around the United States observing and commemorating National Caribbean-American Heritage Month!!!  Please check our "Events" Page for what's going on in our area.   Remember

the DC Film festival that celebrates this special month continues this weekend, so log on to our "Events" page for all the details on this and all the other events taking place celebrating this month.  Additionally, on June 26th plan on attending the 10 Annual Legislative Forum and Reception which is scheduled to take place on Capital Hill - FREE; and June 27th, - A Youth Leadership Institute on International Development will take place.  For all the details on these events log on to: http://www.caribbeanamericanmonth.org or click the banner below.



   As the race for the White House "picks up a little steam," this past Tuesday, June 16th, Former Vice President Al Gore endorsed Senator Barack Obama.  Personally, I felt this endorsement was a bit too late, but perhaps it's "all good".  The speech announcing his endorsement was heartfelt and pretty moving for many, so check it out below.  


The below video is of Former Vice President Al Gore as he endorses Senator Barack Obama this past Tuesday, June 16, 2008, in Michigan.

 Speech (15 min. 02 seconds).  Courtesy of MSNBC

The actual link is below:


As this new race begins, keep Senator Obama in your thoughts and prayers so that he will be safe and far away from any harm.  Kindly continue standing up and not accepting the same old tactics, rhetoric and old politics.  Most importantly, let us get ready to vote in the Presidential election for Senator Barack Obama".  With your support and votes Senator Obama will succeed and will be the PRESIDENT.  We are certain he is "the one"..."the one" who absolutely has the ability and wisdom to move us forward;  "the one" who has the answers to all of the many issues plaguing America currently, and we know he is "the one" who can take us forward toward that change we are seeking in a positive manner.  I hope you are looking forward to the overall change as I am in November, so lets continue making history together!!!!"


PMSOCalypsofinals-1.jpg (66313 bytes)Don't forget this Friday Pan Masters Steel Orchestra will host its Calypso Monarch Finals in North Brentwood, Maryland at their PanYard.  This event is always very exciting and the performances are very entertaining.  The contestants this year are: (1) “D-Culture” ; (2) Mervyn Carter - “Dr Witty” ; (3) Henry Bideshi - “Henry B” ; (4) Wilson LeGendre - “Super Rod” ; (5) Anthony Hoyte - “Algee” ; (6) Joan St. Johm - “Lady Tantalizer” ; (7) Nolan Daniel - “Poison Dart"; as well as the 2007 Monarch Winner: Selwyn Demming - “Bro Marvin”.  You will find the details on the flyer located under or "Featured Events" section below, or by CLICKING HERE or the following link: www.ariousentertainment.us/PMSO2008CalypsoMonarchFinals2ndtSA.htm 


caribbeanas20thComedyFestivalF.jpg (94158 bytes)Next Sunday, June 29th will be Caribbeana's 20th Caribbean Comedy Festival.  It will take place at the Crampton Auditorium at Howard University.  Join Von Martin as he celebrate the 20th year of his festival.  For more details scroll below to our "Featured Events" or Click the picture above.


Thanks to the many who have sent me e-mails in response to my past E-Newsletters and lots of important information.  Most importantly I thank you for your encouraging words!  So until next week...and please enjoy this Weekend!!

Internet Florist           


To all of you our on-line family, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and comments with us, and for always supporting us.  As you know without you there would be no us.  So thanks very much for your support and One Love!


For All Events 

Go To Our "Events" Page


Check out our "Featured Events" listed below.  Many are taking place this weekend, so log on to our "Events Page" above to view all the events, and please go out and Support!

Also, there are several taking next weekend and beyond, so to view all the Events please log on to our "Events" Page above!



June 19-21, 2008

(This free filmfest started on 6/17/08)



June 20, 2008

North Brentwood, Maryland

2008 Calypso Monarch Finals

Washington DC's version of the famous "Calypso Tents" in Trinidad and Tobago.


De Panyard (4559 Rhode Island Ave, North Brentwood MD) and start time is 9:00 PM.




June 21, 2008

Baltimore, Maryland



Baltimore Convention Center, 1 W. Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21201

8 a.m. until 3 p.m.

For more information, call 1-800-787-4337

Join the American Cancer Society, St. Joseph Medical Center, St. Agnes Hospital, and Bon Secours Baltimore Health System at the African American Men’s Health Conference 2008!  This first-ever, family-friendly event is FREE and includes:

  • Continental breakfast and lunch
  • Health screenings
  • Exhibits
  • Expert speakers
  • Giveaway items

African American men have higher rates of diagnosis and death from cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS.  Organizers expect that the conference will address the conditions impacting the health of African American men through education, screenings, and networking of community residents.

Sponsored by:

American Cancer Society, Catholic Health Initiatives, St. Joseph Medical Center, St. Agnes Hospital, Bon Secours Baltimore Health System



June 27th 2008

Hyattsville, Maryland



June 28, 2008


June 28, 2008

Hyattsville, Maryland

Ice Carnival


June 29, 2008



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