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Susan Mangatal

Greetings On-Line Family

Happy 4th of July  

June - Celebrate Black Music Month

Proclamation by the President of United States for Black Music Month ...During Black Music Month, we recognize the outstanding contributions that African-American singers, composers, and musicians have made to our country, and we express our appreciation for the extraordinary music that has enriched our nation...                                               George W. Bush

We cannot bring this Black Music Month to a close without paying tribute to Rap music and it's founder.  In the late 70's the beginning of Rap Music was an extremely exciting era in most of our lives, I can still remember the excitement we all felt as teens when we first heard the hit rap song from the Sugarhill Gang "Rappers Delight" back in 1979.  Actually, I remember having a great party at the end of the school year with all of my new friends from America, and hearing each of them trying to rap the lyrics to "Rapper's Delight", there was also a dance that went with the song too and of course everyone was doing it quite well except for me...that was so special to me (I'm not sure if the dance was national or just created locally here in MD/DC).  Anyway, as teens we knew this music would be the next "big thing", it was just a special feeling we all had about it, but the media and even our parents indicated it would not last...it was only a fad.  Won't they wrong!!!!  The whole hip hop culture evolved from this music, which is still very successful today.  

Many folks think Reggae music came from Rap, but it's the opposite, Rap/Hip Hop music developed from Reggae music.  The beginnings of rap started with a gentleman from Jamaica who called himself "Kool Herc".  Harc (who is known as the Godfather of Hip Hop) was a selector as well as a DJ or he was the DJ and the MC.  His style of dj'ing involved reciting improvised rhymes over instrumental sections of reggae records/music, which mostly took place at his house parties throughout the Bronx.  Since Reggae music was not popular in America at the time Harc would select a unique play list of R&B, Soul, Funk and different disco records and recite his rhymes to them.  Kool Harc and his style of dj'ing soon became very popular in the Bronx and drifted through Brooklyn and Manhattan, which rapidly broadened and spawned into hip hop.  

Hip Hop and fashion mogul millionaire Russell Simmons is responsible for rap music's astonishing success.  Simmons with his big dreams began promoting parties in and around NY with his friend Curtis Walker, after co-writing a semi-successful rap song with his friend Walker "Kurtis Blow" he began managing different rap groups including "Run DMC" (which included his baby brother Joey "Run").  Run DMC received immediate success.  In 1983 Simmons met Rick Rubins a wealthy young punk rocker and with a few thousand dollars each they created Def Jam Records.  They released music no major label would look at and signed some groups that became very famous, such as L L Cool J, Public Enemy, KRS One, Eric B and Rakim, Beastie Boys, Slick Rick and many more. 

Simmons who was a smart businessman and very enthusiastic along with Rubins made some great business moves, they released some major hip-hop hits and turned out some successful hip-hop groups.  Simmons worked hard to make sure hip hop reached the record buying masses, he lobbied MTV to play hip hop videos, he signed white rappers to help broaden his movement, and he welcomed white audiences defining hip-hop as a youth culture not a race based one.  He transitioned into making movies and into fashion with his own fashion/clothing line "Phat Farm", he is also the CEO of "Rush Communication" which is an umbrella company for a variety of ventures aimed at American Youth.  

Russell Simmons indeed mainstreamed rap/hip-hop, and "took the cultural expression of an impoverished minority and innovated it as a business; by harnessing its economic power, he made it a pervasive element of contemporary life. Dozens of black artists found a national audience, in a movement that not only generated wealth, but also changed America's understanding of itself."     

logoCAHM.jpg (52967 bytes)  As we bring to a close the Celebrating of National Caribbean - American Heritage Month (June)This was the last week to celebrate Caribbean-American Heritage Month, and even though we should be celebrating our Caribbean-American heritage all the time all year round, it's special to have this month dedicated to this celebration.  Wow...lots of events commemorating this special month took place all over the country which we tried to feature on our "Caribbean-American Heritage Events" Page and on our "Events" Page.  We look forward to next years' celebrations!!!


This past weekend was pretty "hot" in this area due to Carnival taking place.  We didn't really participate since we "were not feeling it", but lots of people certainly did.  We were in "chill mode" all weekend and of course did very little.  We however, did venture out on Friday night and checked out Xcaliber Sounds from Trinidad, who were excellent (I might add).  DawgE Slaughter and his crew were "off the hook". Thanks DawgE Slaughter for the nice quick dance.  Directly after Xcaliber closed their set at their 1st "gig", we figured we would check out the "man" himself DawgE Slaughter perform live at Ice's all night "Chocolate" and breakfast fete, but by the time we arrived the place was secluded, so we decided to go by Shuuuuuuuu (the all inclusive "Secluded Fete") and folks were streaming out of the venue, so that didn't seem to still be happening.  Then we figured we would swing by "The Taboo Fete" just to see if we would be able to get in, and from the amount of cars we saw trying to get into the venue, we just gave up at that point and headed home.  Of course by then the sun was coming up.  

The parade was cool, and for us getting up and down the entire parade route was great, no pushing, problems or large crowds (we can't stand large crowds), it was real nice to be able to walk up and down without any problems.  By the time we saw the bands around 2-2:30 pm they had already passed the judging point, therefore most were not in formation, but was jumping, parting and enjoying themselves on the Avenue.  We did capture a little of all the bands on DVD, but was sorry that we did not arrive early enough to make it to the judging point so we could see the bands in all their splendor, glory and most importantly see their presentation.  We did get a lot of belligerent e-mails from folks who were very disappointed that the bands disbursed before they got to the festival site (Banneker Park across from Howard University), therefore many never saw the parade or the bands, according to their e-mails they were waiting and waiting by the park to see the parade and it never arrived.

After the parade we didn't make it out the house until late Sunday evening, we decided to stop by the Carib United, KnockBoyz...et al  thing, which was very nice at the Country club in Upper Marlboro.  It was cool and mello, and nice talking with folks about all that took place over the weekend,  the DJs too were great.  This event was so much more our speed, and had real good vibes!!!  We decided to stay out late to check out RadioActive from Trinidad, but it seemed they were briefed before they began their set that it would be a reggae crowd attending, so to me they spent a lot of time trying to please the reggae crowd and by the time they transitioned into soca we were out the door.  Hopefully, next time we will be able to hear how diverse they are with their Dj'ing abilities. 

To all the winners we say congratulations to you, we are happy to see Ice Carnival placed 2nd in the Large Band category and 2nd place for Jr. Female Individual, and Shortmus Productions for capturing 3rd Place in the Small band category, 2nd Place for Jr. Queen of the Band,  and 2nd place for Adult Female Individual (both bands we have worked with).  To Lester from DeIsland Masqueraders - you did it this year...2nd Place in the small band category and 2nd place for King of the Band...Congratulations!!!  For all the winners CLICK HERE!

I know Todd is almost finished with editing what he captured on DVD and he intends to place a little of it on    for all to see, so we will let you know when it's up.  He may also have a DVD ready soon!!!  I did capture some photos but I am far from being a photographer, so after I download them to my system I will see how they turned out and will share the good ones with you.  To view pictures log on to Ted Mebane's site at www.tedmebane.com, Trinipointman photo gallery or you can also check the Carnival site photo gallery, there are plenty photos to view at these locations.

We were informed by JC Entertainment the organizers of the 2nd Annual Original Last Lap Breakfast Fete that all went well with their event. There were lots of "last minute" challenges, but they made it and did great!  We wish them all the best for next year and with all their upcoming events throughout the year!!!  

All the correspondence we received regarding Caribbeana's 19th Annual Comedy Festival were extremely great.  Most indicated they had a delightful time and experiencing the comedy from many Caribbean islands was fantastic.  Folks also said they laughed and laughed and laughed.  We are so glad to hear such wonderful news.  Thanks Mr. Martin for bringing to us yet another wonderful comedy show.  All the best to you and thanks for all you do in our community.  Check out a wonderful review of this event below written by Ms. V. Martin

Imagine walking into a half lit auditorium, taking a seat near the mid-section in an effort to see the jokes about to pounce from the comediennes lips triggering crowds of laughter.  Five minutes later the lights go down leaving a single spot light shining on one spot with the legendary Caribbean icon of the DC Metropolitan area, Von Martin taking center stage. Von opens with a tribute to the late (Saluche), Lucien Small, comedian from St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Charles Hyatt, Jamaican actor and broadcaster who both passed this year. A minute of silence was paid to both men and then a “Clap for that” announced, just like Saluche would signal the crowd to do.

One audience member through laughter stated, “I didn’t know Von could tell a joke”.  But he did and got fine applause for it as the audience settled in for an evening of bustling humor and good ole’ talk. The show was a well-structured presentation with the four comedians including talker Debby Maillard appearing second in the billing, with puns on the immigration issue currently in debate at the moment.

This year’s comedy show held at Howard University’s Cramton auditorium was, for all who attended the event, a smashing, and laughable cultural experience.  It lived up to the tradition of Caribbean comedy with co-master of ceremonies, Sprang-A-Lang stating, “It’s the comediennes that bring the truth to the stage, nothing but some good ole’ talk.”  For many it is a way of life. It helps bring a vast variety of people together to bond in one commonality, laughter.  The artists all spoke on aspects of life for Caribbean people throughout the Diaspora, living in London to America and of course the Caribbean.

There were innuendos on the political landscapes in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados; with a considerable amount of jovial laughter coming from the comediennes’ overtones of days gone to what is happening, now in Caribbean lifestyles and relationships between men and women. 

Wendell Ettienne, a first timer to the Washington DC Comedy circuit, was a welcoming cast member. The young artiste obviously was very comfortable and witty in his pronouncement. There were some sexual innuendos well covered in double entendre and truly laughable. The crowd was all in stitches. Mac Fingall of Barbados was outrageous. His Bajan accent alone setting you up for laughter was a pleasant sound to the ear, as he went into his routines about power of the woman. The humor was clean and full of fun.

Then came Jamaican Paleface (Tony Hendriks) with another accent and visually evoked uncontrollable laughter. Imagine seeing a white Jamaican, which had to be an unexpected reality for many in the audience. But the moment he went into a solid diatribe of Jamaican ole talk, the whole auditorium went into an uproar. Dennis Hall a.k.a ‘Cultural Sprang-A-Lang’ weaved the show in a very professional and entertaining manner.

The contributions of Calypsonian Relator was most outstanding, he is truly an entertainer par excellence. The imitations of Billy Eckstine, Dean Martin singing calypso and Satchmo all showed Relator’s excellence as true holder of the cultural domain. Finally the outpourings of Calypsonians Gypsy and Black Sage doing Extempo singing are unmatched. This form of entertainment is indeed extremely unique and very entertaining. It is indeed a true revelation as to the calypso tradition of time gone by.

The show ended with its usual presentation of awards to the artiste and Von received an accolade resembling a globe and time clock presented by his daughter, Vonetta Martin on behalf of his wife, Brenda C. Martin, son, Vonulrick “Ricky” Martin, and community supporters for the amazingly significant achievement of 30 years broadcasting Caribbeana on WPFW. A fitting conclusion to a night of wonderful humor from the Caribbean was indeed felt by all who attended. Those who didn’t missed something very special. Von says a DVD of this year’s celebration is on its way and will be available online. For further details one can go to www.vonmartin.com. Look out for dat!


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Troy and Linda on your wedding taking place this weekend in Trinidad.

Little brother, please know that we love you dearly and we know Linda is indeed your soul mate.  Much blessings to you both and the family and have fun at the wedding and the baby christening.  We are just very hurt that we are unable to see you make your vows this weekend, but we will see you soon!!!



Special Birthday wishes to Shana Mangatal 

Happy Birthday to Mosity, Jenny, Audrey, Larry, Jessica and Kelsey.

Special Happy Birthday greeting to Brandon on his 2nd Birthday!!!  

   Happy Anniversary to Brandy and O'Tous, may you have many more years together!!

From all of us here at Arious we hope your special day was filled with lots of joy!!!!

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Happy Birthday to All Our MySpace Friends.  

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6/29/07: (1) Author Ms. Understood -Chi. IL; (2) Chrissy-WDC; (3) Specialist "riddim Int'l"-MA; (4) KJ-OH; (5) Adina Sandy-B-more MD; (6) Erika "Desire" -WDC; (7)Tina Ingram -FL & NY

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Belated Greetings to: 6/27/07: (1) Kayaa -LV NV; (2) Sun Karma/DJ Demoness -VA; (3)  DJ Quicksliver 93.9WKYS-WDC & MD; (4) Decca- Mia. FL; (5)  "Upscale_pro"-WDC; (6) Shavon-MD; (7) K-Massive-NY; (8) -JA



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