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Greetings On Line Family


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Todd Mangatal

Lately, I have not been saying much about anything, just informing you on what's happening.  Actually, I've been focused on the DVD I pulled together of the footage I captured at this year's Carnival.  
However, yesterday as I was riding around I decided to tune in to one of my favorite talk radio station, and I became very disturbed about the discussion of the violence and many killings taking place here in DC.  You have known me in the past to talk and be angry about this, and about the war in Iraq, but I got to thinking about the problems we are encountering here in DC with the numerous amounts of killings in our neighborhoods, among our youths, and realized we are truly fighting a war among ourselves right here on American soil.   It blows my mind that among the people I know in this area several of them have lost a family member/child to the violence and war that is being fought here in DC/Maryland, but I don't personally know anyone who have been injured or killed in the war!  My thoughts about solving these problem are racing through my mind, but before I share them, I must think and discuss this further with my friends. If I share them now, they will be too harsh, and I may loose some of my on-family for being blunt.  I am angry about this problem, but I need a little time to cool down before I talk about this further.  

On a more calmer note, I must ask you to keep Ms. B. Dawkins son Colin in your thoughts and prayers, who is still recovering from being shot (to his head) a few months ago.  Colin is really fighting for his life.  

Before I move on I want you to keep in mind a quote from Kenneth E. Barnes, Sr., MS www.rootinc.org "Too many lives are being lost; too many victims injured, and too many communities are being held hostage to this systemic and endemic tide of violence.  As a government, and as a community, we must begin to offer proactive, rather than reactive, alternatives"



"My Caribbean Story"

Part 2

by Todd Mangatal

Finally, I have found a little time to continue with “My Caribbean Story”, which I begun some time ago.  As you know, I decided to write my story, so that you would get to know me, learn more about my Company, and most importantly for you to trust, respect, understand and support what we are doing here at Arious.  

I ended Part 1 (one) of my story telling you that we were constantly working in Orlando, Florida in our Dry Cleaners, and partying just as hard as we were working.  Sorry for the delay in sharing Part 2 of my story with you, but Caribbean Heritage Month had been a “trying” one, and instead of focusing on positivity, we came face to face with haters and dream killers.  As we go along we will tell you more about that. 

Orlando, Florida our 2nd home!  There, it was all about working and partying, and the friends we acquired in Orlando were what you would call “real friends”, actually, when you met a Caribbean person in Orlando, you would find that person would “latch” on and would soon become a part of the close knit group of Caribbean folks, who partied/"limed" together on a regular basis.  If not at clubs, it would be at each other’s home or at the local Caribbean restaurants and bars. 

The majority of our close friends were of Jamaican decent, who felt they needed to make me an honorary Jamaican.  I fondly recall when this took place, one of our friends asked me to be the DJ at a party in his home, and I was delighted to do so.  Once the guest started arriving I realized the majority of the guest were of Jamaican decent as well, so as critical as Jamaican’s are about their music and who the selector is, I knew I had a hard task ahead of me trying to rock these folks.  Well, before I knew it the “rude boys” who were lined on the walls with their Heineken and/or Guinness were just rocking and stepping to the selections I played, which was really nice to see.  I actually had them moving/rocking to my selections, and that’s when I was told by my friends and was initiated as a "true Jamaican.Simply because of how I played the music... they couldn't believe an American could have vibes like this.  It was so funny experiencing how our friends would treat me at weekly happy hour gatherings/"limes" at the local Caribbean restaurants and happy hour spots… during our conversations many of them would insist on including me in their heated discussions and would frequently ask me questions that related to Jamaica, such as “Todd isn't this business on whatever street in Jamaica”, which would just “trip me out” because at that time I had never been to Jamaica, but they had embraced me so that they forgot where I was born, and felt I was from Jamaica and a true Jamaican.  What I learned here is not only the meaning of true friends, but the power of knowledge.  I had taken the time to learn everything (the music) and was able to please.

In Orlando of course there were many great concerts and events (Reggae and Calypso), and since it's warm all year round there were always outdoor shows taking place, so we had the opportunity to see many of the greats.  Anyway, at this point in our life, we continued building our dry cleaning business, as well as building our personal dreams by promoting events for our company (Arious) as well as consulting and working with Orlando’s # 1 Caribbean Radio Personality Lady D.  I recall one big event Lady D and her husband Martel produced, which really sticks out in my mind and I am really proud of - it was the 1st Miss Orlando Beauty Pageant.  Our role in this event was consultants, a sponsor, and we provided the music.  Our role started off very simple, we were just there to help, but we ended up coordinating the entire fashion show portion of the event, after the Fashion Show Coordinator decided to walk away from her project at the last minute. Therefore, Susan and I were asked to pull the project together in a short period of time by Lady D.  With major time constraints, needless-to-say, we pulled it off miraculously, we somehow found models (several young ladies who were our employees at our Dry Cleaners and who had never model before), we acquired clothing and items from local Caribbean stores, found a host/announcer, and somehow pulled this entire show together in a matter of a few hours.  From this point, we knew we could do anything.  We realized though that we had the knowledge to do anything, but we didn't have time to say we couldn't do it, it just had to be done to help out a friend.  This fashion show portion/project turned out to be a major hit of this event.    TO CONTINUE READING MORE OF "MY CARIBBEAN STORY"  CLICK HERE...........



Last Sunday evening we attended the 2nd Annual Jamaican Independence Celebration (44th Independence) at the OAS Building (Courtyard) at 17th and Constitution Avenue here in Washington DC, which is across the street from the White House, and which is literally the President's back Yard.  This event was organized by the Jamaican Embassy, and it was a wonderful event.  The major acts that performed for this 44th Independence was International Artist Kimani Marley, The Sketalites, The Bare Essential Band, Lovindeer, and the MC for the entire show was Jerry D.  This free event was great, and was well attended.  Jerry D did a fabulous job as he always does.  Actually Jerry D became friends with us several years ago, when he traveled here to DC for the world cup when the "Reggae Boys" took part.  We made sure Jerry D's time here in Washington was comfortable and enjoyable, and from then on we became friends, and will be friends for life.  There were so many people who attended this event, many business owners, doctors, lawyers, etc., and each and everyone seem to have had a wonderful time.  "Big up" to the Jamaican Embassy for organizing an event that was very well done. 

For those of you who read the first part of "My Caribbean Story" and read about some of the great events that had taken place in DC in the late 70's and early 80's, well, I must say after being back in Washington DC for the last 10 years, this is the first event (and I have been to many) that brought back the memories of those past events, which was filled with Unity and consciousness.  Hopefully, we'll see more positive events like this in the future.  "Big up" and respect to Jamaica for 44 years of Independence.  One Love!!!  Look out for a video clip next week of this event on Arious TV


Before I close I would like to official announce that my wife Susan Mangatal has resigned from DC Caribbean Carnival.  I am trying to encourage her to tell her story of the inner workings of a body that is mismanaged, dysfunctional and made up of a few self serving and hateful individuals.  I’ve already told her if she doesn’t tell her story I will, and If I do it will not be nice, because you all know I tell it as I see it, and know it (the truth)!

 I really feel the community needs to know all that has been taking place with an event we all love, and one that is needed to keep us all together, and has the potential to bring in lots of funds from sponsorships to help expose the culture, etc.  After seeing how the attendees dwindled this year from over 500,000 people to what I observe to be maybe around 100,000 people. it's a sad, sad, sad thing to witness, but this is what happens when we act like “crabs in a barrel”.  Nobody wins!  

I must be selfish and say I am happy that she is focusing her time on Arious and our dreams instead of killing herself for an event that is run by a few hateful and disrespectful folks.  Anyway, I’ve said enough, because you must be feeling my anger through these few statements.  As you know I had decided to stay out of all aspects of Carnival, and just go out and enjoy it as a spectator and take some videos, but that didn’t work out.  A month before the event I was dragged into it, because my wife was disrespected and insulted! Anyway, no one disrespects my wife.  When you disrespect her, you are disrespecting me, and that is war!!!!  Anyway, enough said for now.  

Until next time, and be assured that Susan will tell her story in the next “What’s Happening”, she seems to understand the need to share her experience with the community.  

This is not meant to hate or destroy, only to inform with the hopes that it will change, because if I want to destroy I would only need to pick the phone up and make a few calls, and no one would have to know about it!!!! 





Washington DC

August 11, 2006

The Last Day to Enter the Educational Lyrics, LLC, in conjunction with The Washington Mystics

as they Present

The Hip Hop Forum Essay Contest

A Chance to Win a $500 Scholarship Prize.  On grand prize winner will be chosen, and will receive this $500 Scholarship to go toward the educational advancement of the student's choosing testing and or college admissions fees, supplies, books, etc.  The 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive prizes or gifts, courtesy of the Washington Mystics Foundation.  The Scholarship winner will be presented to winners at the local schools.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible to submit an essay, students must be:

  • Between 14-19 years of age and in attendance at a scheduled taping of the Hip Hop Forum at the Verizon Center tomorrow 8/11/06.

  • Forums and Essay Subjects: Why is it important to rise awareness about the AIDS epidemic in your community? What do you think is the most effective way to inform people about this disease?

  • Forum: 8/23/06 Hip Hop Health Expo - Essay Subject: Why is there racism?  What is the antidote to cure racism in the future?

For More Details Click Here!!!!



New York City

A member of our on-line family is missing one of their family members.  As of yesterday (8/2/06)  Ms. Jemma Owens of New York is still missing and has been missing since JULY 13, 2006. 

Jemma Owens is listed as a missing person since July 13, 2006, from the New York City tri-state area.  She was last seen traveling from the Bronx (University Avenue) to Brooklyn (Flatbush).  The police and the center for Missing and Exploited Children are involved.  

Our on-line family member feels THE MORE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THIS YOUNG LADY LOOKS LIKE THE BETTER CHANCE SHE WILL BE FOUND.  So Please click Ms. Owens picture below for a larger view and circulate to all of your colleagues, especially all of our on-line family in the New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area.

image002.jpg (43938 bytes)

Please forward all phone calls to either Detective Gianni at (212) 473-3762 or Mr. Jaime Owens at (917) 346-5531



Brooklyn, New York

Support New York Council Woman Yvette Clarke as she runs for Congress - the 11th Congressional District Seat.  Victory to Ms. Clarke's  on September 12th.

A fundraiser for Ms. Yvette Clarke is scheduled to take place on August 17th to aid her effort.  Click Here to See the details on the fundraiser and the location.   For more details on The campaign, the web site is www.voteyvette.com 



Arious Creative Concepts 


The DC Caribbean Carnival 2k6 DVD

a montage of The "Sights and Sounds of DC Caribbean Carnival"  as I witnessed and experienced

Click Here To View Video Trailer, or button below 

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Order your 2 hour DVD featuring Highlights of the 14th Annual DC Caribbean Carnival Festival



Pan Jam, DiManche Gras, The Parade, The Festival/Concert in the Park, plus a bonus behind the scene look of the Organizers of this major Caribbean event!

Cost - $20.00 and 

Shipping and Handling! -  



You can also pay via money order or check, payable to Arious Entertainment.  

Send your payment to:

Arious Entertainment, P.O. Box 1568, Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060





Until Next Week, and have a safe and wonderful weekend!!!







This Weekend Events

THIS AND EVERY FRIDAY!!!   Check out CeeC Promotions and United We Stand Productions at their Sizzling Fridays

AT CAFE U-TURN, LOCATED AT 1942 11th STREET, NW (at the corner of 11th and U)  FREE HAPPY HOUR 6:00 pm-9:00 pm, w/DJ NATTY KOOL and RAS LIDJ AND DEEP BAND performing!!!!!








Upcoming Events


Soccer Extravaganza 2006









MARK KENDAL 410-866-0250 OR 410-245-0200



Teams from the United States, Canada and Trinidad & Tobago are invited




Sunday, August 20, 2006

New York


CONTACT:    Raine Martin, RCJ Media     347-312-4120                     msrainemedia@gmail.com


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        






New York, NY, July 19, 2006: The Five Star General, Rodney "Bounty Killer" Price is saddling his troops to the East coast of the U.S. for the Saddle to the East New York Launch Party on Sunday, August 20th at the Wild Palm Nightclub in the Bronx.  In collaboration with U.S. based non-profit organization Upliftment Jamaica, the 'Poor People's Governor' is riding out to the Big Apple with his Alliance comrades Wayne Marshall , Mavado , Idonia, and Marlon Binns , to raise funds for Upliftment's education and health initiatives in Jamaica's impoverished parish of St. Thomas.


Bounty Killer, in association with Upliftment, is reviving his signature celebrity charity concert Saddle to the East, after a five-year hiatus, at the Goodyear Oval in St. Thomas on August 26th . The show features an all-star line up of the biggest and best of Dancehall, Reggae, and Hip Hop entertainers including Elephant Man , Capleton , Vybz Kartel , Remy Ma , Wayne Wonder , Bling Dawg , Busy Signal , Ce'Cile , Leftside & Esco , Bushman , and many, many more. Saddle to the East 2006's proceeds will benefit Upliftment.


Promoted by Bounty Killer's Alliance Promotions and New York's Platinum Entertainment, and sponsored by New York's leading Hip Hop and Reggae radio stations including Hot 97, Link Up, Irie Jam, Royal Radio, Hype Radio, and Waah Gwan Radio, the Launch Party is an opportunity for U.S. fans to get a taste of Saddle to the East and to support Upliftment's initiatives, which include improving academic training and structure, furnishing teaching materials and supplies, and re-building playgrounds in St. Thomas's under-funded schools.


" "We have always looked to Bounty not only for his ground breaking work in helping to bring reggae music to mainstream, but also the work that he has done with Upliftment Jamaica and other charity organizations ," states Marcus of Platinum Entertainment. Marcus and Platinum Kidz will be spinning alongside First Class Sound at the launch."   To read more...click here




2006 Island Fire Pageant

scheduled to take place on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2006 

Deadline for Registration in the 2006 Island Fire Pageant as a contestant or an entertainer is August 31st.  Get an electronic copy of the applications today by replying to arvian@bellsouth.net .


The men, women, boys and girls compete separately in this pageant.  

The age range for contestants is 
8 - 12 yrs (Prince & Princess) 
13 - 17 yrs (Jr. Mr. & Jr. Miss)
18 - 35 yrs (Mr. & Ms.)  

Contestants DO NOT have to be born on a Caribbean island/country; however, they should have had some form of EXPOSURE to the Caribbean culture.  

The competitive categories are Introduction, Island/Caribbean Wear, Talent, Formal Wear, Question & Answer. Winners receive a cash prize, crown, trophy and sash.


Contact Arvian:  
(919) 961-2629 



Sept 8 - 10th 2006, Druid Hill Park


dE oRiGiNaL BaLtImOrE cArNiVaL eXtRaVaNgAnZa





in support of the



9:00 PM —2:00 AM

THE CLUB at Andrews Air Force Base

(Main Entrance off Allentown Road)

Music by Bobby’s Music Machine & DJ Brian  

Donation: $20 in advance / $25 @ the door - ID REQUIRED - Cash Bar - Hors d’oeuvres

For Information contact:

Winfield St. Hill: 301-523-1787; Deanne Samuels: 301-499-3158; Ryan Bascombe: 301-221-7788; St Clair Wyre: 301-873-4011; Annette Achille: 301-879-8449                             

Hosted by T&T Working Women’s Committee & West Indian American Military Members Association



SEPTEMBER 19, 2006
Sunset Films International's movie 
Will open to the public for the first time
TIME: 7:00PM

Info: 301.891.4900  - Sunset Films
        202.806.7194 - Box Office




3rd Annual Las Vegas

Legends of Rasta Reggae Festival
September 23rd & 24th 2006
Formally The Annual Bob Marley Festival Tour

10 PM
Location: Clark County Government Center Amphitheater, 500 S. Grand Central Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89106, (from the Airport take I-215 W toward Las Vegas/Los Angeles/Salt Lake City, I-15 N via EXIT 10 toward Las Vegas, Take the Charleston Blvd. East exit- EXIT 41A. onto W Charleston Blvd./NV, turn Left onto S Grand Central Pkwy. Takes about 13 minutes)
 Ticketmaster Outlets including Smith's Food & Drugs, Robinson's May, and Tower Records. Tickets are also available on the Internet at www.Ticketmaster.com and http://www.LegendsofRastaReggaeFestival.com or 702-474-4000. In the spirit of Reggae Music, Universal Love, Peace & Unity, Fans can get from Noon to 2:00 PM, first 400 for a $5 cash donation or $8 in nonperishable food.



Birthdays, Big Ups & Congratulations

Happy Birthday Junior, Brian in Los Angeles, Pammy, Sharlynn!!!


Congratulations to Neicy a new member of our community who recently moved from Canada - on her niece Tamara on winning Queen of Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2006






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