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Greetings On Line Family


Todd05.jpg (91893 bytes)

Todd Mangatal

Greetings to all.  Hope your week was great.  For me, it was busy, and I do appreciate the words "Thank God It's Friday".  I'm hoping this weekend will be as nice as last weekend turned out for us.  We finally had a chance to do a little exploring of Baltimore's Night fife, and it was interesting and refreshing. We began by hooking up with friends to attend Reggae Singer Luciano's show at the Sonar, but when we arrived we were lucky to have seen the host who informed us that Luciano's appearance was questionable and there was no band (which is unusual for Luciano).  So we decided to hang on to our money instead of going to a clearly unorganized event, so we decided to check out some of the other spots in Baltimore and headed down to the Power Plant Live, which is an entertainment complex near the Inner Harbor.  To our surprise this was a great move, because we were able to do some club hoping, test out the drinks, and check out the different entertainment that Baltimore has to offer.  If you are looking for something exciting to do, then this is a great experience, the Power Plant Live really reminded me of South Beach, Miami or "City Walk" at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  There are at least 6 or 7 different clubs and restaurants in this complex, and we had the opportunity to check out 2.  The first was a large indoor/outdoor club featuring a live band plus a DJ playing top 40 music, what was exciting about this was the fact that when we arrived at the gate they handed us a free pass which was good for free admittance, or a free drink.  This was a nice change to received something free.  Actually, the admission was only $5.00 and the drinks were very inexpensive also.  After hanging out there and enjoying the music and the drinks, we stopped by the snack bar and had some broadwalk fries, which was also a nice change, because it was nice to be able to get snacks/food without spending "an arm and a leg".  Soon after enjoying our snacks we went to a spot called Mosaic, this club really felt like South Beach, Miami, because it was under a tent.  The music at this spot was deep jazzy funky Latin house, that sounds very much like Soca music, with live percussions.  We nestled into this cozy spot for the rest of the night, chilling, talking, laughing and enjoying the Belly Dancers, as well as the break dancers and the live percussionist.  This spot was named one of the best "101 nights out in America" by Spin Magazine (May and July 2006).  To me it really reminded me of "Mangos" in South Beach, Maimi  The atmosphere was real cool and lots of fun, all that was missing was the blue water beaches of Miami.  This complex was ethnically diverse and all of the clubs at this complex had low admission and drink prices. My question is why is it that the clubs that cater to an urban market feel they need to charge outrageous admissions ($20.00 or more) and crazy drink prices.  I recall going to a club down town and they were charging $10.00 for a Marguerita, this is crazy and many charge $20.00 to park.  We parked at a well lit parking garage right next door to this complex for $10.00, again it seems as though we are trying to rob our own people, but I guess if we are dumb enough to keep paying these high prices, they will keep charging them.  

On Sunday after we briefly passed through the Annual TTAB's "T & T Day's in the park", we stopped by a little cozy lounge in downtown Baltimore (The Eden Lounge) to check it out for a minute.  The Reggae music was played right, we got there to hear a little of Papa Webe, and stayed on after he was replaced by another DJ (I didn't capture his name.)  Usually, once the DJ changes the music changes, but to my surprise the music kept flowing and the vibes continued, and the people started to enter.  By 11:30 pm the small cozy club was packed.  This is the type of club I've been looking for since I've been in the DC area, the music was right all night, the crowd were very nice respectfully type of people, the admission was $5.00, and the drinks were moderately priced, and there were plenty of parking.  For me though, as critical as I am about how the music is played to my surprise the DJ really placed a nice selection and kept the people moving and excited all night.  This was another enjoyable refreshing experience.  Baltimore is real cool!!!.  

I really needed to unwind after being so angry last week, and that certainly did it.

This week makes it a year since we lost my father Emmanuel Mangatal, and Susan and I want to let my mother know that we are proud of her making it through this year on her own.  We know how difficult it is for her being alone after having a companion and being married for over 40 years.  Jan, you have done real well, and we are proud of your strength!!!!


I did not have a chance to download the footage I captured at the Jamaican 44th Independence Celebration that was held at the OAS Building (Courtyard) here in Washington DC.  Once, I do I will place it on Arious TV so you can view it.   

However, check out this exciting new video of the best (in my opinion) Reggae Band to come out of the Washington DC area in a long time.  They are "S.T.O.R.M" featuring Monsoon and Lenny Kurleu

Click here to check it out, and let me know what you think

A Note From 

Susan Mangatal

I am just getting the opportunity to go through the many e-mail responses Todd received from his commentary last week,  from all the wonderful people among our on-line family, who specifically told me that it is my duty (to the community) to talk about my time and experiences with DC Caribbean Carnival.  

"Mercy...mercy...me" (as Washington DC's own singer Marvin Gaye sang/wrote on one of his 1971 hit song) is all I can say regarding these positive responses which as you can imagine is very overwhelming.

For the one person who wrote and stated I should not, I simply do not agree with you.  Todd is absolutely right for being angry and disgusted with what transpired these past few months and really over the years with the leaders of DC Caribbean Carnival.  It was "stinky",  extremely disrespectful and really abusive to me.  I will not sit back as I have done for a number of years and not express my disgust for the unprofessionalism and disfunctunality with this group, who simply do not know the meaning of team or teamwork.  Just the Crab mentality is all they are have mastered!!!!  

Anyway, hold on for a bit.  I have just returned home from work related travel over this past week, and I didn't have the opportunity to focus on this and write anything before today, but I will do my duty as many of you stated and talk about what transpired over the course of my time with DC Carnival and what lead me to make such a drastic decision to walk away from something I so love "exposing and sharing my Caribbean heritage and Culture" and most importantly organizing a great event to entertain the masses.  Yes, it is my duty to do my part to make sure these problems are corrected, and this is not being done to hate or slander, but to help and inform the community about what's been done wrong to an event that has been embraced  by all of you, but is being destroyed by the few who are fighting for power and fame.  I can't continue to see several issues as serious as these be swept under the carpet any longer, many of which I have heard floating around the grapevine since I got involved in Carnival, and now have lived it and have seen for myself.  This really is the people's Carnival, your Carnival and I must inform the people.  It saddens me that something so big, is heading in a severe downward spiral, of which I could not continue being a part off






Washington DC

August 20, 2006

The Caribbean American Intercultural Organization (CAIO), the oldest Caribbean organization in the Washington Metropolitan Area, will host its annual Independence church service on Sunday August 20th 2006 at 9.30 a.m.  The service will take place at the Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, corner of 7th and Oglethorpe Streets, N.W., and will be conducted by Rev. Dr. Kortright Davis, Pastor.  Special feature will be liturgical dancers.

All Caribbean nationals and friends of the Caribbean are invited to attend.




Washington DC/Maryland


Ta'Niya McFalin and her grandmother, Melinda Threatt were last seen 08/12/06 in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Ta'Niya McFlarlin is 4 feet tall weighing 80 lbs, light brown skin, dark brown eyes, with dark brown hair.  She was wearing a black shirt with yellow, pink and blue writing on it, the words on her shirt said "you know what I mean Jellybean?", with A blue jean skirt that stops at her knees, with green sandals.  Ta'Niya's hair is in corn rows with white and clear beads at the ends of her hair.

Her grandmother, Melinda Threatt, is about 5 feet and 6 inches, weighing about 180 lbs, light brown skin, dark brown hair.  She was wearing green capris with a green shirt.  Melinda's hair is in long individual braids.  Melinda was driving a 2000 Toyota Camry 4 door the car is gold and the tag # is 648710.

If you have any information, please contact Breya Threatt at 301-249-0571 or 202-422-8355, or Joe McFarlin (father of Ta'Niya) at 301-316-2097 or 301-316-8284.

Ta'Niya McFlarlin - Click on Photos for larger view

Ta'Niya McFarlin.jpg (361535 bytes)     Ta'Niya McFarlin2.jpg (99049 bytes)

Ta'Niya's grandmother, Melinda ThreattMelinda Threatt.jpg (125650 bytes)




New York City

A member of our on-line family is missing one of their family members.  As of yesterday (8/2/06)  Ms. Jemma Owens of New York is still missing and has been missing since JULY 13, 2006. 

Jemma Owens is listed as a missing person since July 13, 2006, from the New York City tri-state area.  She was last seen traveling from the Bronx (University Avenue) to Brooklyn (Flatbush).  The police and the center for Missing and Exploited Children are involved.  

Our on-line family member feels THE MORE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THIS YOUNG LADY LOOKS LIKE THE BETTER CHANCE SHE WILL BE FOUND.  So Please click Ms. Owens picture below for a larger view and circulate to all of your colleagues, especially all of our on-line family in the New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area.

image002.jpg (43938 bytes)

Please forward all phone calls to either Detective Gianni at (212) 473-3762 or Mr. Jaime Owens at (917) 346-5531





Arious Creative Concepts 


The DC Caribbean Carnival 2k6 DVD

a montage of The "Sights and Sounds of DC Caribbean Carnival"  as I witnessed and experienced

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Order your 2 hour DVD featuring Highlights of the 14th Annual DC Caribbean Carnival Festival



Pan Jam, DiManche Gras, The Parade, The Festival/Concert in the Park, plus a bonus behind the scene look of the Organizers of this major Caribbean event!

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Until Next Week, and have a safe and wonderful weekend!!!







This Weekend Events

Come out and celebrate Ras Lidj's birthday with CeeC Promotions and United We Stand Productions at their Sizzling Fridays


CAFE U-TURN, is LOCATED AT 1942 11th STREET, NW (at the corner of 11th and U)  FREE HAPPY HOUR 6:00 pm-9:00 pm, w/DJ NATTY KOOL and RAS LIDJ AND DEEP BAND performing!!!!!



Sunday, August 20, 2006

New York


CONTACT:    Raine Martin, RCJ Media     347-312-4120                     msrainemedia@gmail.com





The Five Star General, Rodney "Bounty Killer" Price is saddling his troops to the East coast of the U.S. for the Saddle to the East New York Launch Party on Sunday, August 20th at the Wild Palm Nightclub in the Bronx.  In collaboration with U.S. based non-profit organization Upliftment Jamaica, the 'Poor People's Governor' is riding out to the Big Apple with his Alliance comrades Wayne Marshall , Mavado , Idonia, and Marlon Binns , to raise funds for Upliftment's education and health initiatives in Jamaica's impoverished parish of St. Thomas.

Bounty Killer, in association with Upliftment, is reviving his signature celebrity charity concert Saddle to the East, after a five-year hiatus, at the Goodyear Oval in St. Thomas on August 26th . The show features an all-star line up of the biggest and best of Dancehall, Reggae, and Hip Hop entertainers including Elephant Man , Capleton , Vybz Kartel , Remy Ma , Wayne Wonder , Bling Dawg , Busy Signal , Ce'Cile , Leftside & Esco , Bushman , and many, many more. Saddle to the East 2006's proceeds will benefit Upliftment.  

Promoted by Bounty Killer's Alliance Promotions and New York's Platinum Entertainment, and sponsored by... To read more of the Press Release and for all the details...click here





Upcoming Events


2006 Island Fire Pageant

scheduled to take place on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2006 

Deadline for Registration in the 2006 Island Fire Pageant as a contestant or an entertainer is August 31st.  Get an electronic copy of the applications today by replying to arvian@bellsouth.net .


The men, women, boys and girls compete separately in this pageant.  

The age range for contestants is 
8 - 12 yrs (Prince & Princess) 
13 - 17 yrs (Jr. Mr. & Jr. Miss)
18 - 35 yrs (Mr. & Ms.)  

Contestants DO NOT have to be born on a Caribbean island/country; however, they should have had some form of EXPOSURE to the Caribbean culture.  

The competitive categories are Introduction, Island/Caribbean Wear, Talent, Formal Wear, Question & Answer. Winners receive a cash prize, crown, trophy and sash.


Contact Arvian:  
(919) 961-2629 



September 5 - September 10, 2006

The Adinkra Group


Da Souls of Black Folk


Washington will be exposed to something new, something many have never before experienced live -- Krump Dancing.  The Adinkra proudly presents an unforgettable week of community events called Da Souls of Black Folk featuring the world's best Krump dancers, the KRUMP KINGS.  Youth in the nation's capitol will have an exciting opportunity to channel their energy in a healthy and positive direction through discovering and exploring the expressive art of "Krumping".  Each event is designed to introduce alternative means to violence through music and dance.  Also featured during the week is FARAFINA KAN a local West African percussion orchestra whose mission is to help young people find purpose and overcome societal obstacles by connecting with the spirit of their enriched African legacy through drum and dance.

For more details check out www.theadinkragroup.com and click flyer below for large view.

DaSoulsBack06.jpg (350432 bytes)



Sept 8 - 10th 2006, Druid Hill Park


dE oRiGiNaL BaLtImOrE cArNiVaL eXtRaVaNgAnZa




in support of the



9:00 PM —2:00 AM

THE CLUB at Andrews Air Force Base

(Main Entrance off Allentown Road)

Music by Bobby’s Music Machine & DJ Brian  

Donation: $20 in advance / $25 @ the door - ID REQUIRED - Cash Bar - Hors d’oeuvres

For Information contact:

Winfield St. Hill: 301-523-1787; Deanne Samuels: 301-499-3158; Ryan Bascombe: 301-221-7788; St Clair Wyre: 301-873-4011; Annette Achille: 301-879-8449                             

Hosted by T&T Working Women’s Committee & West Indian American Military Members Association



SEPTEMBER 19, 2006
Sunset Films International's movie 
Will open to the public for the first time
TIME: 7:00PM

Info: 301.891.4900  - Sunset Films
        202.806.7194 - Box Office




3rd Annual Las Vegas

Legends of Rasta Reggae Festival
September 23rd & 24th 2006
Formally The Annual Bob Marley Festival Tour

10 PM
Location: Clark County Government Center Amphitheater, 500 S. Grand Central Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89106, (from the Airport take I-215 W toward Las Vegas/Los Angeles/Salt Lake City, I-15 N via EXIT 10 toward Las Vegas, Take the Charleston Blvd. East exit- EXIT 41A. onto W Charleston Blvd./NV, turn Left onto S Grand Central Pkwy. Takes about 13 minutes)
 Ticketmaster Outlets including Smith's Food & Drugs, Robinson's May, and Tower Records. Tickets are also available on the Internet at www.Ticketmaster.com and http://www.LegendsofRastaReggaeFestival.com or 702-474-4000. In the spirit of Reggae Music, Universal Love, Peace & Unity, Fans can get from Noon to 2:00 PM, first 400 for a $5 cash donation or $8 in nonperishable food.



Birthdays, Big Ups & Congratulations

Happy Birthday greetings to Ras Lidj!!!

Big up Bruno, it's good seeing you and very nice having you come back to your 3rd home for a visit.

Greetings to Susan's cousin Allison, and her Aunt Princess who is visiting from Trinidad.  It was a pleasant surprise for Susan hearing from you both.




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