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Greetings On Line Family


Mr. Joseph Hill  

The lead singer of the veteran reggae group Culture, suddenly took ill and passed away in Berlin, Germany last week while the group were in the middle of an European tour.

Hill, born January 22, 1949 in Linstead, began his career at the legendary Studio One as a percussionist with the Soul Defenders and also played on Freddie McKay's classic, Hanging On The Wall.

Hill, his cousin Albert Walker and Kenneth Dayes formed the original line-up beginning in 1976, but Dayes subsequently left and was replaced by Telford Nelson.  He had over 22 albums to his credit, issued on various labels, including Heartbeat, Shanchie and Virgin.

Hill was the lead voice behind the epochal 1977 hit, Two Sevens Clash, a reference to the numerological coincidence of July 7, 1977 (7/7/77), as well as other roots staples like Natty Never Get Weary, Stop The Fussing And Fighting, I'm Not Ashamed, Jah See Them A Come, and Jah Alone[Can Give I Satisfaction]. The dub side of the latter song formed the basis for Dread No Have No Forty Leg, which helped establish the career of George Nooks.

The artiste enjoyed a lengthy career in reggae music and will be greatly missed by both fans and peers.
Reports are that the group plans to finish its current European tour and honour all other commitments with Hill's son Kenyatta standing in on lead vocals as a tribute to his father. His last Jamaican appearance was at Reggae Sunsplash in St Ann.

Joseph Hill
He is being hailed by his peers as an inspiration to many and as an artiste who represented reggae at the international level.

"I would like to say that Culture made a great contribution to the development of reggae music," veteran crooner, Ken Boothe said. "He was truly among the greats when it comes to reggae music. The music has lost a stalwart, and my condolences to his family," Ken Boothe added.

"I'm saddened to hear of the passing of Culture. He was really one of the more important contributors to reggae music, which he carried far and wide," said singer Ras Karby who recalled growing up with Culture in Homestead in Spanish Town, St Catherine. Another old school entertainer, Strangejah Cole said he and Culture were more than just friends.

"As you know, we go back a very long way. Due to the music, we were more than just friends really. He (Culture) started 1972 and I started 1962, so I was like a 10 year period ahead of him. But I happened to meet him at Coxsone's studio, and everywhere else where music would be and he was one of the nicest persons. He was one of Jamaica's truly international artistes," was how Strangejah Cole remembered his musical brother and colleague.

Veteran percussionist, Bongo Herman, said that Culture was a good man whose steps were ordered by God. "I'm saddened to know that Culture really pass on, to know that me and him always de pon tour, yuh nuh. He is a man weh really tour hard and perhaps him needed some rest, yuh understand. Fah everybadi want him all over di world. As one tour dun, him take on a next one. Mi ah goh miss him. He is a great man whose steps is ordered by God, mi a tell yuh straight up," Bongo Herman attested.

Leroy Sibbles, himself a musical stalwart, who along with the Heptones helped to lay the foundation of reggae music, said while extending condolences to the late singer's family: "Joseph Hill was the culture of the music business. Its a great loss to the music, and I'm sorry to hear."

We at Arious extend our sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Hill.  We will certainly miss his conscious lyrics!!!!




Todd Mangatal
Greetings to all of you.  This weekend started off pretty cool.  We were planning to check out Destra with Atlantik at "the roads", but her show was postponed/canceled again, so we ended up chilling at home.  Saturday we ventured out to DC to support The Original Baltimore Carnival's fundraiser over at Zanzibar-OTW, and that turned out to be very nice.  On Sunday we briefly passed through DC Caribbean Carnival's Awards Ceremony, and it was extremely nice to see all the awards the bands we sponsored received.  We are so proud of all their winnings, and as a tribute/ commemoration to them I have pulled together a 10 minute video clip which includes their performances on the road on Carnival Day (June 24, 2006).  

Click Here to View Vido Clip on Arious TVClick the TV Screen to view this video clip on Arious TV.  


Talking about DC Caribbean Carnival...hum...!  Well all I can say is: "...and the hating continues..."!!!  On-Line Family, I know this may not be important to some of you, but abide with me for a minute, I have to speak about what transpired over this weekend!!!  

Oh Yes, the hating certainly continues with these folks!  Instead of me finishing/completing my Caribbean story I have to respond to yet another hateful move on the part of DC Caribbean Carnival Inc.  To my amazement and disbelief, I received a “Cease and Desist” letter initiated by 2 members of the DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc., misrepresenting the entire board.  I say “2 members” and “misrepresenting” because I discovered (1) several other members were unaware of this; (2) was not included in such an important decision or discussion; or (3) received a call to be informed about this “Cease and Desist” Letter.  Here it is right before everyone eyes, maximum disrespect being conducted to not only me, but to those members who were not included in this decision. This is one of the reasons I stated this organization is dysfunctional, because if this was a functional organization, before an important decision such as this (to bring legal action against someone who has supported this event for the last 8 or 9 years in some form or another))...such a decision would have been discussed and all members should have agreed with the action that has taken place.  This could be detrimental to the entire organization, and besides if I speak I should be able to do so freely without being threatened, because of the "Freedom of Speech Act"

Also, this is a prime example of mismanagement, because if there were proper management these leaders/managers would have realized that the statements I made on my “What’s Happening” e-mail blast 2 weeks ago, were very vague and unclear.  Unless one was aware of the situation I was referring to, one would have been lost by my statements.  However, the leaders of this Organization must be afraid of something, and assumed that I/we may expose something they are afraid to face up to, and clearly feels must stay hidden (whatever this may be). 

Really, this only shows guilt, if “everything is everything” there would be no reason for me to cease and desist, because these 2 members would know there would be nothing to say, and would agree with “letting the truth be told.”   I thank God that we have developed a means to communicate with our community and no longer can these issues be pushed aside and hidden.  Again, truly, this organization feels some kind of guilty (which they should), and has flown of the handle AGAIN, and have done something stupid and unnecessary.  Most importantly disrespected me, and there other board members by taking it upon themselves without consulting the other members on the board before doing such a terrible thing.  If you are interested in reading more of my comments regarding this problem feel free to click here, and please click here also to get a glimpse of the "Cease and Desist" Letter. 

Below you will notice Susan did talk/write her experiences during her tenure with DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc.  Please read on, it's pretty interesting!!!!


Susan Mangatal 

Former member of DC Caribbean Carnival Executive Board

Yup...as all of you know by now I have resigned from this organization, DCCC (which I just realized is now called DCCI from the "Cease & Desist" Letter).  I resigned in early July, not because I wanted to, but because I was pushed, along with accused, disrespected and verbally abused to the point that it would have become physical.

I must first start by saying to the band leaders here in DC that have faithfully participate in this Carnival for so many years…you are right, you are all so right!!!!  I must apologize to all of you for taking so long to see the truth.  From the first day we got involved with Carnival while working on our promotional campaign for Crossroads, many of you stressed how difficult it was to work with the Organizing committee of Carnival, but being new to this Carnival, I was unable to absorb what you were saying at the time (even though I saw it.Now, I’ve lived it, and I’m sorry to say all that I’ve heard throughout the years, but just couldn’t grasp how these things could be happening, were true.  They all are true!!!! 

I must proceed with this even though I have mix feelings...I just have to...but deep down inside I still feel very committed to this Organization. Thanks to many of you (On-Line family and many local friends and acquaintances) who have sent me correspondences convincing me it's ok to talk about these issues, you have indeed made me see what I have to say will only help solve some of the problems (maybe not all, but some).  

Well, the only way to begin is by sharing with you what led me to resign.  It all began with some questions, actually 5 questions I submitted to the board via e-mail and requested that they be discussed at an upcoming meeting.  I was actually responding to a plea from a PR Committee member who needed a problem resolved (one involving the PR Committee member and a business owner/performer/big supporter of DC Carnival).  This PR Committee member had sent a letter to the leaders of our board detailing and explaining what had transpired with a situation (that had went bad), and had asked the 2 leaders to discuss it and help solve the problem.  It came to me and the other board members after no response was received by the PR Committee member.  Therefore, the letter was forwarded to the entire board in order for it to be discussed and resolve.  I had responded to the entire board requesting that some time be allotted at our upcoming meeting to discuss this problem as well as some issues that I needed to get resolved myself.  Click here to see my e-mail response to all our members regarding this important issue & my 5 questions.          

Actually, my resignation letter to the members of the DC Carnival board members pretty much covers a lot of why I had to move on, so click here to read why I was pushed to leave something I love so dearly (My Resignation Letter via e-mail).   Also, as you read you will see how and why Todd became upset and disgusted with this Organization.

As you must have read by now, in response to my questions, instead of receiving answers I was verbally abused in the most profane and vulgar way, so much so that after the meeting the members of the board joked “girl…you are brave boy, that man almost jumped over the table to buss your _ _ _”.  To me this was not a joking matter, because here it is they saw what almost happened, where it was going, and never even tried to stop it.  Not only that, but the President did not even intervene or tried to answer the questions himself, he just sat there without saying a word about this disgraceful behavior, nor requested that it be stopped immediately.  Clearly this shows he agreed with this abuse.  Even after things calmed down, he pulled out the Corporation (DCCC/DCCI) By-Laws and read the duties of this member and stated “I don’t see him doing anything wrong.”  I wondered at the time what did that have to do with my questions.

You tell me (on-line family) now that you have read these questions, were they not warranted an answer, civil answers?  Weren’t these question something a board member needed to know?  I know I was not out of place for asking these questions because I am a board member, and these are things we all (board members) should be aware of.

As you see from my resignation letter this board member was very pleased and proud of himself by calling an outsider of our group (a bandleader of one of the 4 bands we had sponsored in this years’ Carnival) and relaying his nasty outburst to him “word for word” not realizing that this band leader was (1) appalled by this whole situation, (2) by receiving the call (where he seemed to be proud of “cussing out” one of his team), and most importantly (3) by him belittling me, the little position I held, along with my business and family.  Of course, Todd was called immediately by this band leader with this information and Todd instantly got extremely upset, and made the necessary calls, over and over and over to this member, without getting an immediate response.  DISRESPECT!!!!  He didn’t have the common courtesy to call Todd right away, only when he was good and ready, and when he did he couldn’t explain to Todd why he had done this, and didn’t even seemed to care.  I want you (on-line family) you please tell me, didn’t Todd have the right be upset and expressed his disgust about the unprofessionalism on his e-mail?

To make a long story short, this member had the “nerve” to call me to apologize, but upon the advise from a friend and a supporter of the Carnival, I didn’t accept the calls nor the apology.  As my friend explained to me, “you cannot accept this man’s apology because you will be accepting and condoning the disrespect he has shown you from his verbal profane abuse, most importantly you will be condoning the physical abuse you almost endured at this meeting in his attempt to “jump across the table”" (as the other board members put it)” 

Honestly, this board member needs help and really should have been removed for misconduct!  Per Article 5 (Membership) - Section 5 of DCCC/DCCI By-Laws.  However, at the time since none of the board members had the (excuse my phrase) “balls” to intervene, I felt I would have been alone in this fight (as I always am.).  Oh yes, I knew I needed to take the necessary steps to ask for the removal of this individual, but I felt alone, and from past experiences I know the rest of the members of this board did not have the “back-bone” to stand up with me to put a stop to this misconduct.  However, even though everyone who were at this meeting were appalled by this behavior (except for the President and maybe one other member), stated it after the meeting, but didn’t do anything to correct it, once again another major issue was “swept under the rug” and overlooked.

Now silly me, as dedicated to DC Carnival and to the projects I had started, stayed on and tried to finish the year, even though it was the most difficult decision I made and the most difficult time I ever had working with this Organization.  Anyway, a week after Carnival ended at our regular meeting, I again was approached in a negative manner by this member over a report I could not complete due to the Treasurer not forwarding to me some information that was needed to complete the report.  Even though the Treasurer apologized to me and to the board for not forwarding the information, this member began his verbal abuse again, with the unwarranted accusations, and nasty remarks towards my character.  It was clear now that it really wasn’t worth it being a part of this board, so I didn’t say a word, I just took his insults and knew this was it for me, and I absolutely had to go.

Now, after all the responses Todd received from his e-mail 2 weeks ago, and from all that I received this week.  It is my duty as all of you encouraged for me to share with you some of the issues that I experienced.  What I experienced may help someone who is currently on a board that is experiencing the same issues, or it may help the person who will take my place on DC Caribbean Carnival.  If you wish to continue reading about my experiences, please click here to continue or the button below.   

                                by Susan Mangatal



As I stated on my 2nd page (continuation page) of my comments, "I’m done talking about DC Caribbean Carnival, Inc. and it’s issues, we at Arious have more important things to deal with in our quest to take Caribbean music to the mainstream, and create a thriving organized, respected Caribbean music industry. What happens now is in the hands of you the Community, you will soon know some of the facts, what’s actually going on with the leaders of this Organization, and may be able to take the steps that’s needed to make this a successful and long lasting Caribbean event in the Nation’s Capitol."

So I say to the leaders of this group, go on my brothers, do what you must, because I have nothing to hide, however it seems you have lots to hide and is afraid for something to be exposed.  Yes, I will fight you to the top on this one, because in this case everything will eventually have to be exposed, which is something you seem not to want happen, but you have taken it to a level of sending “Cease and Desist” letter.  I know for a fact, this is what the community has wanted all along, and they will finally see what has been going on with a non-inclusive organization.  So go forth and do what you wish!!!!

 I intend to continue to speak the truth through my commentary as I have done for the many years on my weekly What’s happening” e-mail, and you are not going to stop me, because I have said nothing false or harmful, only to help you grow and the community gain a long lasting and successful cultural outlet!!!


Back to more positive issues at hand!!! What did you think of S.T.O.R.M Reggae Band?  Don't you agree they are good, at least the single that is featured on their video is real good and so is the video?  Truly, they are one of the best local Reggae Bands here in Washington DC/MD/VA.  As for Monsoon (the DJ), for years I have seen his talents, and believed in is potential from day one.  He will go a long way, and Lenny Kurleu is a good singer, actually both of these guys are very talented, and in my opinion are beginning to really "click" together!!!

I didn't get much response about their video, so if you didn't have a chance, check it out again and let me know your thoughts.  

Let me give them a "plug", if you are in the Baltimore Area this Sunday the 27th, I understand they will be performing at the Eden's Lounge, so you might want to stop by and check them out live.

Click the TV Screen to check it out their song and video Hola Hola, and let me know what you think

Click to hear STORM's Hola Hola and see their video



Arious Creative Concepts 


The DC Caribbean Carnival 2k6 DVD

a montage of The "Sights and Sounds of DC Caribbean Carnival"  as I witnessed and experienced

Click Here To View the Video Trailer, or TV Screen below 

Click to view video clip of DC Carnival Sight and Sounds DVD


Order your 2 hour DVD featuring Highlights of the 14th Annual DC Caribbean Carnival Festival



Pan Jam, DiManche Gras, The Parade, The Festival/Concert in the Park, plus a bonus behind the scene look of the Organizers of this major Caribbean event!

Cost - $20.00 and 

Shipping and Handling! -  



You can also pay via money order or check, payable to Arious Entertainment.  

Send your payment to:

Arious Entertainment, P.O. Box 1568, Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060





Washington DC/Maryland

We have not gotten word regarding these 3 missing people, so we have included the announcements this week once again!  If any of them are found, please inform us!!! 


Ta'Niya McFalin and her grandmother, Melinda Threatt were last seen 08/12/06 in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Ta'Niya McFlarlin is 4 feet tall weighing 80 lbs, light brown skin, dark brown eyes, with dark brown hair.  She was wearing a black shirt with yellow, pink and blue writing on it, the words on her shirt said "you know what I mean Jellybean?", with A blue jean skirt that stops at her knees, with green sandals.  Ta'Niya's hair is in corn rows with white and clear beads at the ends of her hair.

Her grandmother, Melinda Threatt, is about 5 feet and 6 inches, weighing about 180 lbs, light brown skin, dark brown hair.  She was wearing green capris with a green shirt.  Melinda's hair is in long individual braids.  Melinda was driving a 2000 Toyota Camry 4 door the car is gold and the tag # is 648710.

If you have any information, please contact Breya Threatt at 301-249-0571 or 202-422-8355, or Joe McFarlin (father of Ta'Niya) at 301-316-2097 or 301-316-8284.

Ta'Niya McFlarlin - Click on Photos for larger view

Ta'Niya McFarlin.jpg (361535 bytes)     Ta'Niya McFarlin2.jpg (99049 bytes)

Ta'Niya's grandmother, Melinda ThreattMelinda Threatt.jpg (125650 bytes)




New York City

A member of our on-line family is missing one of their family members.  As of yesterday (8/2/06)  Ms. Jemma Owens of New York is still missing and has been missing since JULY 13, 2006. 

Jemma Owens is listed as a missing person since July 13, 2006, from the New York City tri-state area.  She was last seen traveling from the Bronx (University Avenue) to Brooklyn (Flatbush).  The police and the center for Missing and Exploited Children are involved.  

Our on-line family member feels THE MORE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THIS YOUNG LADY LOOKS LIKE THE BETTER CHANCE SHE WILL BE FOUND.  So Please click Ms. Owens picture below for a larger view and circulate to all of your colleagues, especially all of our on-line family in the New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area.

image002.jpg (43938 bytes)

Please forward all phone calls to either Detective Gianni at (212) 473-3762 or Mr. Jaime Owens at (917) 346-5531



AnthonyAlexisForStateSenate.gif (58457 bytes)Click for larger view!!!



Until Next Week, and have a safe and wonderful weekend!!!




This Weekend Events

Ras Lidj and Deep will be performing at the Market Lounge this Friday, August 25th, opening up for JunkYard

(Showtime:  11:00 - 1:00)

Click the following Link for larger View (for more details).



Upcoming Events


2006 Island Fire Pageant

scheduled to take place on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2006 

Deadline for Registration in the 2006 Island Fire Pageant as a contestant or an entertainer is August 31st.  Get an electronic copy of the applications today by replying to arvian@bellsouth.net .


The men, women, boys and girls compete separately in this pageant.  

The age range for contestants is 
8 - 12 yrs (Prince & Princess) 
13 - 17 yrs (Jr. Mr. & Jr. Miss)
18 - 35 yrs (Mr. & Ms.)  

Contestants DO NOT have to be born on a Caribbean island/country; however, they should have had some form of EXPOSURE to the Caribbean culture.  

The competitive categories are Introduction, Island/Caribbean Wear, Talent, Formal Wear, Question & Answer. Winners receive a cash prize, crown, trophy and sash.


Contact Arvian:  
(919) 961-2629 




Labor Day Weekend - New York Caribbean Carnival (Brooklyn) - September 4, 2006

THE WEST INDIAN AMERICAN DAY CARNIVAL ASSOCIATION (WIADCA)  WIADCA - The Official Website of The West Indian American Day Carnival Association - New Orleans Mardi Gras gets focus at 39

Log on to get all the details and events taking place over the Labor Day Weekend www.wiadca.org or www.wiadca.com


September 5 - September 10, 2006

The Adinkra Group


Da Souls of Black Folk


Washington will be exposed to something new, something many have never before experienced live -- Krump Dancing.  The Adinkra proudly presents an unforgettable week of community events called Da Souls of Black Folk featuring the world's best Krump dancers, the KRUMP KINGS.  Youth in the nation's capitol will have an exciting opportunity to channel their energy in a healthy and positive direction through discovering and exploring the expressive art of "Krumping".  Each event is designed to introduce alternative means to violence through music and dance.  Also featured during the week is FARAFINA KAN a local West African percussion orchestra whose mission is to help young people find purpose and overcome societal obstacles by connecting with the spirit of their enriched African legacy through drum and dance.

For more details check out www.theadinkragroup.com and click flyer below for large view.

DaSoulsBack06.jpg (350432 bytes)



Sept 8 - 10th 2006, Druid Hill Park


dE oRiGiNaL BaLtImOrE cArNiVaL eXtRaVaNgAnZa




in support of the



9:00 PM —2:00 AM

THE CLUB at Andrews Air Force Base

(Main Entrance off Allentown Road)

Music by Bobby’s Music Machine & DJ Brian  

Donation: $20 in advance / $25 @ the door - ID REQUIRED - Cash Bar - Hors d’oeuvres

For Information contact:

Winfield St. Hill: 301-523-1787; Deanne Samuels: 301-499-3158; Ryan Bascombe: 301-221-7788; St Clair Wyre: 301-873-4011; Annette Achille: 301-879-8449                             

Hosted by T&T Working Women’s Committee & West Indian American Military Members Association



SEPTEMBER 19, 2006
Sunset Films International's movie 
Will open to the public for the first time
TIME: 7:00PM

Info: 301.891.4900  - Sunset Films
        202.806.7194 - Box Office




3rd Annual Las Vegas

Legends of Rasta Reggae Festival
September 23rd & 24th 2006
Formally The Annual Bob Marley Festival Tour

10 PM
Location: Clark County Government Center Amphitheater, 500 S. Grand Central Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89106, (from the Airport take I-215 W toward Las Vegas/Los Angeles/Salt Lake City, I-15 N via EXIT 10 toward Las Vegas, Take the Charleston Blvd. East exit- EXIT 41A. onto W Charleston Blvd./NV, turn Left onto S Grand Central Pkwy. Takes about 13 minutes)
 Ticketmaster Outlets including Smith's Food & Drugs, Robinson's May, and Tower Records. Tickets are also available on the Internet at www.Ticketmaster.com and http://www.LegendsofRastaReggaeFestival.com or 702-474-4000. In the spirit of Reggae Music, Universal Love, Peace & Unity, Fans can get from Noon to 2:00 PM, first 400 for a $5 cash donation or $8 in nonperishable food.



Birthdays, Big Ups & Congratulations

Happy Birthday Ava, Dexter, Wendy, Lydia and Stanley!!!


Big "Shout out" to Quillybee and Donna, what a pleasure hearing from you.  Hope you are enjoying Florida.  Susan and I thank you for your support!!!!

Roger and Allison, we are very happy for both of you.  You are blessed to have each other.  We look forward to seeing you in October.

Ms. Princess we hope you have a nice flight back to Trinidad.

Greg congratulations to you and Rhonda on your engagement and you wedding announcement (date).  We are looking forward to seeing you "jump the broom".




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