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Susan Mangatal

Greetings On-Line Family

What a very "rough" week it has been for several Caribbean Islands due to Hurricane Dean, who roared into Dominica, St. Lucia, Martinique, Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and even damaged Guadeloupe and Belize, and finally slammed into Mexico twice tearing away roofs, flooding streets, knocking out power, rooting up trees, blowing down billboards, causing some deaths and devastated the agriculture in many of the islands.  

Hurricane_Dean_Forecast_Map.jpg (46496 bytes)  Hurricane Dean first hit Dominica, and it has been reported that a woman and her 7 year old son died from a mud slide that crushed their home while they were asleep, and at least 150 homes suffered major damaged.  It continued on its destructive path to Martinique, and it has been reported that an elderly man died from a heart attack during the storm, 6 people suffered injuries, and 95% of the homes was without power, as well as lots of roofs being torn away.  In addition to Martinique, Guadeloupe lost 80% of their important banana crop.    

Late last Friday Hurricane Dean passed north of  the small island St. Lucia with horrible winds that ripped metal from dozens of houses, brought down trees, caused excessive flooding, tore the roof off Victoria Hospital's pediatric ward in the Capital of St. Lucia (Castries), and it was reported one man drowned.  Dean  continued on it's destructive path, and brushed very close to Haiti and destroyed tons of crops, where farmers have seen their entire bean, plantains and yam crops destroyed.  9 deaths were reported and more than 12, 000 people have been displaced or lost their homes, and at least 4,000 homes have been partially or completely destroyed.  As for the Dominican Republic it was reported that 1 boy drowned and waves destroyed several homes and damaged many more along the Dominican coast.  

On Sunday afternoon, Dean slammed into Jamaica's capital Kingston with 150 mph winds, causing extensive flooding due to torrential rain, massive damages to homes, roads, toppled trees, and caused lots of mudslides.  300,000 people have been displaced, and thankfully only 2 deaths have been reported (so far), and 107 Schools across the island have been damaged.  Due to the country being in a state of emergency and is focusing primarily on the clean up of Jamaica Prime Minster Portia Simpson-Miller  has called for a halt to the August 27th general Elections, which I believe has been granted and the election has been  rescheduled to take place at a later date.  Please be aware that there is need for food, tarpaulins, cooking utensils and hygiene items in Jamaican and and all the effected islands in the Caribbean. 

On Wednesday Dean arrived into the Yucatan Peninsula as a Category 5 with 165 mph winds and caused catastrophic damage which hit the town of Majahual causing lots of damage.  It diminished a bit to a Category 2 when it hit again in Mexico.  Its center hit the town of Tecolutla with winds lashing at a 60 mile stretch of the Mexican coast in Veracruz.  Tremendous damage has been reported across Mexico, lots of roofs were ripped off homes, and several homes were completely demolished as well. Of course there have been tremendous amounts of flooding, mudslides, and 4 people have been reported died (so far).  Unfortunately, it is unknown at this time how the Mayan Indian communities are doing since most lived in stick huts.

Even though Dean has weakened and have been reduced to a tropical depression, it is still causing lots of havoc, and there is a chance that it may re-form over the Pacific Ocean. Needless-to-say, another disaster has disrupted and tore many of our lives apart, so we ask that you keep in prayer all those who are suffering from the damages Hurricane Dean has placed on many of our loved ones in the Caribbean and Mexico.  I know many of you would love to help with supplying food, medicine and emergency relief supplies to these islands, so please contact "Food For the Poor", the 3rd largest International relief and development organization in the nation. They provide help to the entire Caribbean area and is conducting relief efforts for Dominica, St. Lucia, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica @ www.foodforthepoor.org or call 800-487-1148.  Additionally, the Red Cross launched an appeal internationally for 1.6 million to help 35,000 people affected by Hurricane Dean in the Caribbean.  They need supplies such as blankets, mosquito repellant and water purification tablets.  Finally, contact your Embassy for further information on helping these islands.

 Stay in touch with all the clean up efforts taking place in the islands that have been effected by Hurricane Dean at  Jump TV.  Log on and tune in to all the free Channels in the Caribbean.  You can even purchase your favorite channel packages from your favorite Island.

Jump TV, Inc.


  Jon Lucien - Caribbean born Jazz Balladeer Dies at 65 

This week we lost a very exceptional Jazz Balladeer - Mr. John Lucian, who to me is a very sensual and romantic singer.  A singer that completely soothes your soul through his music, with his powerful voice, yet gentle, soft and warm.  His music to me is a nice mixture of jazz, soul, R&B and calypso, which is full of melody and uniquely arranged.  Unfortunately, I never got to see Mr. Lucien perform live, but his music on numerous occasions has helped me unwind and has taken me into a mellow state of mind.  

Condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Lucien, you have indeed lost a very talented man. To learn more about this smooth island born singer, see graphic details on his life below written by Adam Bernstein, staff writer for the Washington Post 

Jon Lucien, 65, a singer and songwriter of ultra-romantic ballads whose recordings found a broad audience on smooth-jazz radio stations in the 1990s, died Aug. 18 at Florida Hospital in Orlando, near his home in Kissimmee. He had respiratory failure and complications after kidney surgery.

Mr. Lucien was a forerunner of the melange of sounds dubbed fusion. His melodic and rhythmic influences ranged from his native Caribbean -- calypso, in particular -- to the beats of jazz, bossa nova, soul and R&B.

Layered above this musical stew was a formidable baritone in the mold of Luther Vandross that specialized in lyrics of everlasting love. This preference was highlighted in songs he wrote, including "Lady Love" and "Rashida." His fans were also enamored of his version of Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Dindi."

Mr. Lucien was never considered a commercially successful performer. Critics were often unkind to his deep, caressing style backed by prolific stringwork 

"Macho clothed in velvet" was how his appearance at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1975 was marketed. "Affectation clothed in rhetoric," New York Times reviewer John Rockwell wrote after the show.

The disco craze, combined with Mr. Lucien's cocaine habit and other personal problems, all but cemented his demise.

He returned to the Caribbean, where he worked to recover his health, and he reappeared on the U.S. musical scene in 1991. He caught on with enough radio play to ensure continued demand in concerts and clubs worldwide.

He was also said to have a particularly strong following in England among acid-jazz fans and soul revivalists who enjoyed his early music.

Mr. Lucien embraced what he thought was his music's highest quality. "I would say that my sound is a romantic sound," he told an interviewer in 1997. "It's water. It's ocean. It's tranquility."

Lucien Harrigan was born in Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands, on Jan. 8, 1942. "Billy" Harrigan, as he was known, was raised in St. Thomas by his blind, guitar-playing father and became a self-taught pianist, guitarist and bassist.

At 19, he came to the United States to sing at a Catskills Mountains resort in Upstate New York.

Renaming himself Jon Marcus Lucien, he worked at the fringes of entertainment, performing in commercial jingles and also at bar mitzvahs and weddings on Long Island. One wedding guest was an RCA music producer who gave Mr. Lucien his card and asked him to go in for a test.

The result was his 1970 debut album, "I Am Now," followed by two more for the RCA label, "Rashida" and "Mind's Eye." None sold particularly well. Subsequent albums for CBS -- "Song for My Lady" and "Premonition" -- also failed to boost his popularity, despite top-notch arrangements and his covers of songs by established composers such as Herbie Hancock and Jobim.

Mr. Lucien spoke of his disillusionment with the pop-music industry in the late 1970s. He was married and divorced three times, and in 1980, a baby girl from his third marriage drowned in a pool. He developed a cocaine habit that lasted a decade.

"The truth is, I was scared of the business," he told Essence magazine in 1991. "By the time I made my fifth album I began to realize that I was doing all the music and coming up with all the ideas. Not that I'm in dire need of attention, but I should've been getting the producer credit. I just thought, I've got to get outta here."

Settling in St. Thomas and then Puerto Rico, he struggled with his health. He got married for the fourth and final time in 1988, to Delesa Williams, and slowly reentered the mainstream music business.

In 1996, his teenage daughter from his third marriage, Dalila, was a passenger on TWA Flight 800 when it exploded and crashed off Long Island. Mr. Lucien said he staved off depression by throwing himself into work. He dedicated his 1997 album, "Endless Is Love," to the plane's passengers, who also included the wife of saxophonist Wayne Shorter (Mr. Lucien's onetime brother-in-law).

"That was a heavy lesson," Mr. Lucien told the New York Amsterdam News. "All that I had was my music and my prayers."

In recent years, he made four albums for his own Sugar Apple Music label and had completed a collection that included Christian hymns and self-written spiritual titles.

Survivors include his fourth wife, of Kissimmee, and their daughter; a son from his first marriage; a son from his second marriage; three brothers; two sisters; and two grandchildren.


   This week we lost another great musician -   Mr. Max Roach who was a devoted supporter of Steel Pan Music and who believed "the Pan belongs on a world stage".  Mr. Roach was a founder of modern jazz, rewrote the rule of drumming and broke musical barriers.  Below you will find a very nice piece written by "When Steel Talks Everyone Listens" out of New York on Mr. Max Roach.   Condolences to Mr. Roach's family!!!

Pan man dies from: When Steel Talks: Max Roach Remembered

"Pan belongs on a world stage" - Max Roach

New York - Master drummer extraordinaire, Max Roach, passed away on the morning of August 16, 2007.  He was a personal friend of When Steel Talks (WST), and an ardent supporter of the steelpan instrument, the steel orchestra and the steelpan movement and community.  Max Roach was a giant whose genius will be missed.  He leaves behind a body of work that more than validates the belief that he was the greatest drummer ever - "Before he was 30, he had been voted the greatest jazz drummer of all time by a panel of 100 peers,"  and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1995.  Max.  He constantly championed the position that the "steelpan belonged on the world stage," in words and deeds.  (See Vol 24  No. 181 Daily Challenge newspaper - Monday November 27, 1995 - pg 13 "Max Roach on the Power of Pan"

New York - Master drummer extraordinaire, Max Roach, passed away on the morning of August 16, 2007.  He was a personal friend of When Steel Talks (WST), and an ardent supporter of the steelpan instrument, the steel orchestra and the steelpan movement and community.  Max Roach was a giant whose genius will be missed.  He leaves behind a body of work that more than validates the belief that he was the greatest drummer ever - "Before he was 30, he had been voted the greatest jazz drummer of all time by a panel of 100 peers,"  and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1995.  Max.  He constantly championed the position that the "steelpan belonged on the world stage," in words and deeds.  (See Vol 24  No. 181 Daily Challenge newspaper - Monday November 27, 1995 - pg 13 "Max Roach on the Power of Pan") 

 Indeed it was Max who went to Trinidad in 1995, after a conversation with WST, to seek out steelpan artist extraorindinare Len "Boogsie" Sharpe .  So impressed was Max Roach with Boogsie's talent that he took him on tour with him as part of his group M'BOOM, and was interested in setting up a recording deal.  Boogsie, he felt, was the "real thing" and reminded him of the great Charlie 'Bird' Parker.  He was also a great fan of the steelband music Panoramas. 

This writer has seen and interacted with Max Roach up close and personal in many roles, for more than fifteen years.  Father, musician, leader, university professor, boss, friend, historian, protector, mentor and fierce warrior and competitor, just to name a few.  But the greatest role I will always remember him for - is that of a 'buddy' to my then-four year old daughter, Kimya, as the twosome (Max and Kimya) happily and gamely hunted down jellybeans on the floor of his kitchen in his Central Park West apartment!  Max was a man who had walked with Gods of Jazz, including the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Miles, Bird Parker, Coleman Hawkins, and routinely rubbed shoulders with world leaders, and had presidents call him.  And, yes, he could pick up the phone and call presidents himself - and they listened.  But it was this ability to break things down to a level to where he and a four year old were having a serious conversation about jellybeans, and were now best friends - that was the key to his genius and ability to inspire others on all levels and to unlimited heights.

Max was obviously an immensely talented, very intelligent and well-schooled individual.  He was a genius.  He had the to ability to see things that others saw in fast forward, in real time; and things most people saw in real time, in slow motion.  He was so far ahead, without even trying.  Quite similar to another genius in steelband we knew - the late master arranger Clive Bradley.

We will miss Max Roach's humor, his great stories, knowledge of history, integrity, non-comprising attitude and his ability to inspire you to great things simply by asking, "why not you"?

For more details on Mr. Max Roach and his life, check out www.drummerworld.com where you will find a more details written by Mr. Peter Keepnews.




Maximum Respect to The Caribbean-American Weekly out of New York!!!  Late last week they contacted me regarding publishing the article I wrote on Marcus Garvey, and yesterday I discovered they had indeed published it.  Check it out by clicking on to the following link, and browsing through the pages to page 15: http://www.caribbeanamericanweeklyny.com/pdf/caw24.pdf  While there go ahead and purchase a subscription.  To all the folks at Caribbean American Weekly, especially Ms. Pearl -  thank you very much for appreciating my piece on Garvey and publishing it.  Hopefully, a lot more people through this article have become familiar with Garvey and his works. www.caribbeanamericanweeklyny.com 


As you know Trinidad and Tobago celebrates its 45th independence on August 31, 2007, and under our "Featured Events" as well as on "Events" page we have listed lots of events that are taking place this weekend, and until the end of the month.  Today is the screening of "Calypso Dreams" taking place at Howard University and on Sunday in Baltimore at the Inner Harbor The "RBTT" Redemption Sound Setters will be performing at 3:00 pm.  Please scroll down to learn more about all the festivities.  



slide0001_image003.jpg (737092 bytes)  Support Read Across Jamaica Foundation, Inc. with their effort to help the children of Jamaica who has been affected by Hurricane Dean.  Read their PSA below.  For additional details log on to their site at www.readacrossja.com or you can reach Ms. Wisdom at readacrossja@aol.com.  


We've stepped up our efforts to help the children of Jamaica affected by Hurricane Dean.
Jamaica has it's own GULF COAST and needs your help to bring life back to normalcy for the children.
FACT:  School will not begin the first week of September as many of the facilities have been devastated by last weeks hurricane.
QUESTION:  How can the Caribbean community help?

We invite the community to step up and help pull much needed materials together to HELP the children start school with the minimum supplies. 
You may drop off childrens books (K-6), school supplies & backpacks at the following locations in Maryland & DC:

  • Embassy of Jamaica, 1520 New Hampshire Ave., NW, Washington, DC
  • Glad Tidings Book Store - Reid Temple A.M.E. -11400 Glenn Dale Blvd, Glenn Dale, MD
  • Just Jerk - 9005 Lanham Severn Road, Lanham, MD (after Sept 3rd)
  • The Settings Restaurant & Lounge, 2063 University Blvd., Hyattsvville, MD
  • Taste of Jamaica Restaurant - 528 H Street, NE, Washington, DC 
  • Golden Crust Restaurant, Prince George's Plaza, 3500 East West Highway, (Route 410)
    Hyattsville, MD
  • Cyber Learning, 911 Silver Spring Avenue, Suite 202, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (240) 401-8258
Other locations will be added.  Check the Read Across Jamaica Foundation website at www.readacrossja.com for a location near you.

To all of you our on-line family, thanks for reading and for always supporting us.  As you may know without you there would be no us.  So thanks very much for your support.  Enjoy this weekend and the upcoming week!





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Trinidad & Tobago Embassy of Washington DC

Presents for T & T Independence

Friday, August 24, 2007

Screening of the Feature-Length Documentary Calypso Dreams

Produced & Directed by Geoffrey Francis Dunn, Ph.D.


The Blackburn Center Auditorium-Howard University, 2397 6th Street, N.W., Washington


Showtime 7:00 pm




Washington DC

AUGUST 25, 2007




AUGUST 25, 2007

THEME:  The Struggle for independence, freedom and justice

SUNDAY-August 25, 2007: Awards Luncheon

                   1 p.m. – 4 p.m.  - Hilton Silver Spring, 8727 Colesville Rd. Silver Spring, Md., 20910 - Free parking available

Keynote Speaker: The Honorable  Michael King

Barbados Ambassador  to the U.S and Chairman of the CARICOM Caucus of Ambassadors

  For Information Contact:                Suzanne Williams, (301) 839-2572; Carmen Edwards (301) 949-4249; Rayness Mayne  (301)592-0170

See our "Events for more details.




Trinidad & Tobago Embassy of Washington DC

Presents for T & T Independence

Saturday, August 25th

“T&T Men Who Can Cook”

Tantalize your Tastebuds

Inter-American Defense Board

2600 16th St NW, 5pm – 10pm

For more details log on to our "Events" Page

Event Benefits the Scholarship funds of: T & T Working Women's Committee of Washington DC (CSSF, Inc.); The Trinidad & Tobago Association of Washington DC and Trinidad & Tobago Association of Baltimore

Trinidad & Tobago Embassy of Washington DC

Presents for T & T Independence


Sunday, August 26, 2007

RBTT Redemption Sound Setters Steel Orchestra In Concert @ The National Aquarium- Inner Harbor, Baltimore Maryland @ 3:00 pm





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