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Greetings On-Line Family

This week we decided to try our best to get this e-mail out to you earlier than normal, due to the "Jena 6" Rally that WILL be taking place tomorrow, September 20, 2007, in Jena, Louisiana.  If you missed my Weekly "What's Happening" E-blast on 9/6/07 about "Jena 6", please CLICK HERE to read and learn more about who/what the "Jena 6" is all about.  

  September 20, 2007, will mark an important day in history, because thousands (an estimated 60,000) from across the United States will be gathering on the La Salle Court steps in Louisiana wearing all black to illustrate their support for the 6 black youths of Jena (Robert Bailey-17, Mychal Bell-17, Carwin Jones-18, Theo Shaw-17,  Bryant Purvis-17 and the 6th youth who is an unidentified minor), who have experienced some major injustices stemming from a schoolyard fight when racial tension rose in Jena after white students hung three nooses in a tree at the school.  

  See my e-blast of 9/6/07 to read the entire story. 

I am glad to let you know that in the past few weeks we have come together, taken a stand for injustice, and have accomplished a milestone for the 6 convicted Black youths in Jena, Louisiana.  Yes, on Friday a Louisiana Federal Appeals Court threw out the second-degree aggravated-assault charge on Mychal Bell (the first of the 6 to have had a trial, was found guilty and was facing up to 15 years in prison - the maximum of the offense, and who was awaiting sentencing which was schedule to take place on Sept. 20th).  Keep in mind, even though the court dismissed the charges citing that in Louisiana minors cannot be tried as adults for battery, Mychal can still be charged for attempted murder as an adult or aggravated battery as a juvenile.  Young Mr. Bell, despite the ruling remains incarcerated (since December 2006) due to his family being unable to accumulate the funds to pay his $90,000 bond.

Even though I know racism is alive and well and still exist, you would think in 2007 we all would be treated fairly and equally, but this is not the case for the Jena 6.  Therefore, several busses full of protesters, students from colleges, and many from around the United States will be traveling and will converge on Jena Louisiana to attend this civil rights rally to demonstrate and memorialize their support.  According to Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton who are committed to this rally "...we must continue with this rally even though the conviction of battery was overturned, to protest - so that the racial injustice will diminish these injustices we suffer".  I've noticed on various news channels interviews of the residents of Jena, that their sentiments towards this rally was of disgust, many stated via their interviews "outsiders should stay away"; "everything would have been alright if it was not blown out of proportion"   I guess, indeed everything would have been alright for the many hateful residents, and these 6 black youths life would have been practically lost due to being unfairly and unjustly charged and incarcerated due to these residents hatefulness.

Well, this is precisely why many of us, many National Organizations, many of our students, and leaders will be converging in Jena Louisiana tomorrow to show love and support to these 6 black youths.  I understand the Million More Movement headed up by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have been working tirelessly to keep the attention on the case via internet, radio, television and print media in support of the families.  Many of its members will be converging on Louisiana to express their support.  Other important people are supporting by speaking out about this injustice, and one person who comes to mind is Basketball Star Etan Thomas of the Washington Wizards.  Etan is known to be very outspoken about many issues including the war, about the situation in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina hit the state, and he has dedicated his time lecturing and supporting youths.  This story captured him and he has given his full support to these 6 young men and have been speaking out about their unfair treatment by the justice system and the "powers that be" of Jena. 

Additionally, the Presidential Candidates recently spoke out about this injustice.  Over the past weekend Hilary Clinton stated at the NAACP Banquet "the case illustrates that the scales of justice are seriously out of balance for black Americans" and "there is no excuses for the way the legal system treated those young people".  Barack Obama stated on Sept. 13, 2007, "When nooses are being hung in high schools in the 21st century, it's a tragedy.  It shows that we still have a lot of work to do as a nation to heal our racial tensions.  This isn't just Jena's problem; it's America's Problem...".   After Senator Obama learned that the Court of Appeals overturned the conviction of Bell, he stated "I am pleased that the Louisiana State Appeals Court recognized that the aggravated battery charge brought in this case was inappropriate.  I hope that today's decision will lead the prosecutors to reconsider the excessive charges brought against all the teenagers in this case, and I hope that the judicial process will move deliberately to ensure that all the defendants will receive a fair trial and equal justice under the law".

I must credit popular ABC Radio Networks National Syndicated Radio show Host Michael Baisden

; (2) Radio Talkshow host Attorney Warren Ballentine  ; and (3) Rev. Al Sharpton    for breaking this news to their many listeners on their radio programs.  These 3 gentlemen have worked diligently and tirelessly on this issue, and shared this story with all of us (their listeners) weeks before it broke and was picked up by the mainstream media.  On a daily basis they held discussions upon discussion about this issue and asked people to call in with their comments and feelings on the issue.  Even though at times they expressed their fear that there may be no hope since nothing seemed to be coming together to save these young men; they never gave up.  Instead they pressed on, and it's clear to see they certainly have done a great job by getting the story out to the masses and keeping it alive through their radio programs and discussions.   For that they must be commended, because they have indeed made us (millions of us around the globe) aware of the terrible injustice that is being experienced by these 6 black youths of Jena, Louisiana.  Additionally, I must commend all the radio hosts around the globe for picking up this issue and sharing it with their radio audiences (Steve Harvey, Donnie Simpson, and many, many others)

  Even if you were unable to make it to Jena for the rally, please keep in your thoughts the many who are there fighting for justice and equality.  This rally illustrates our togetherness, and clearly demonstrates that we will not stand for this racism and injustices anymore.  Most importantly, it shows that when we work together any mountain can be moved.  I am proud to know that we are doing this TOGETHER.  

I understand Mr. Baisden, and Mr. Ballentine will be broadcasting live from Jena Louisiana via their shows.  Check your local listing for Mr. Baisden's time, locally we can hear him daily on WHUR 96.3 FM (Howard University Radio Station) during the late drive-time (3 to 7 pm).  Mr. Ballentine's show is broadcast nationally on XM 169 "The Power" from 10am to 1pm and locally you can find him on "Radio One" Radio Station/s daily, as well as on "Radio One" Radio Stations across the country.  Mr. Sharpton's show can be heard on XM 169 daily also, and on "Radio One" Radio stations around the country.  Check your local listings for the times they are on the air.

For those who would like to support this effort and was unable to travel to Jena, please wear black on Thursday, September 20, 2007, to show your support!!!

I want to thank one of our on-line family Renald Herd II for keeping this issue alive via his Internet Radio Program several months before the story broke - http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/blogtalkradio/show_40254.wax  and http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/blogtalkradio/show_40255.wax

You can listen live every Sunday @ 5pm eastern at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hostpage.aspx?host_id=1952 

Thanks to Ms. Stephens for her insightful comments, which were a bit radical...rightfully so.  Thanks Ms. Stephens, I want you to know I do echo your thoughts and sentiments about this entire "Jena 6" situation.

Here are some facts to ponder and share: 

(1) More than 10,000 youth are presently incarcerated in U.S. adult prisons; 

(2) African American men are three times more likely than white men to face jail once they have been arrested in the United States; 

(3) 24.4% of African Americans arrested in 2005 ended up in jail compared with 8.3%of white men; and 

(4) African American men receive jail sentences on average 15% longer than white men convicted of the same crime.


QueenforCCDC.jpg (12575 bytes)  As we are getting ready for our annual trip to Miami, we have gotten word approximately a week or two ago that the Broward Carnival may not be taking place this year.  This was pretty much confirmed by an e-mail from one of the band leaders (Ms. Campbell) whose band is scheduled to participate in the Broward Carnival. Ms. Campbell indicated in her e-mail that the carnival will possibly not take place, and asked that we help with getting the word out about this problem, as well as a petition.  She referenced an article written by Natalie P. McNeil which was published by the Miami Herald on September 6, 2007, entitled "City Rejects Caribbean Carnival at Regional Park".  After reading Ms. Campbell's outcry about bringing awareness to the fact that Broward Carnival's showcase is at stake, I proceeded to read the Miami Herald's article.  

This article painted a clear picture of why Broward County Officials voted against having the Carnival return to their county and from taking place at Miramar Regional Park as in 2006.  I have looked closely at all their concerns and issues, and must honestly say I absolutely understand all of them!  Now, all of you must know I was once a band leader and for a number of years was a part of the Organizing Committee of our local Caribbean Carnival.  You must also be aware of the tremendous love I have for my culture, and love the fact that it is exposed and showcased throughout America.  However, in this case the officials concerns are valid (1) The park not being able to accommodate the thousands who attend this event (approximately 25,000 when the park can only accommodate 15,000); (2) crowd and traffic control; (3) a 2 million insurance policy; (4) 50 police officers (which is a very small amount compared to the amount of officers that are used in Washington DC and even NY); (5) enough toilets to accommodate the crowd; and most importantly (5) arranging and making sure the clean up is performed after the Carnival festivities.  The police issue, toilet issue, and clean up issues concern me greatly, because these 3 issues must be paid for, and it is clear that the Carnival must have made a profit over the years by the amount of attendees who paid the attendance fee ($20.00), especially last year.  So there is absolutely no reason why these three issues were not fulfilled in the past, and you simply can't blame the county officials for rejecting the Carnival taking place in their county.  Their concerns are very valid!!

Even though I am very proud of the Broward Caribbean Carnival's growth and success, I know these simple issues should have been resolved.  It's bothersome that the Carnival has moved 3 times within these 5 years to different locations; and that at this time rejected from taking place at Miramar Regional Park.  I believe the Broward County officials are very well aware of the fact that the event thrusts 60 million into the local economy, that approximately 26% of its residents are Caribbean, and that lots of business are generated during the weekend of Carnival to the local hotels and restaurants.  However, it seems the county officials are more concerned about the managing problems of this Carnival and really the state in which their county is left after the event ends.  I'm afraid since, this county has experienced these problems with the Carnival at different locations in past years, the Organizing Committee may have to move it to another county. 

I sincerely wish the organizing committee of this carnival all the best with their efforts to making their Carnival happen this year.  I know it's a major burden for them at this time, but I'm sure it will all work out soon!  Best of Luck to You Broward Carnival Organizers!!!

As for us, we look forward to sunny Miami with its beautiful beaches in a few weeks, and we will probably check out both Carnivals (if all works out well with Broward).  For us Miami Florida is our home away from home!!!!

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To all of you our on-line family, thanks for reading and for always supporting us.  As you may know without you there would be no us.  So thanks very much for your support.  Enjoy this weekend and the upcoming week!

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September 19-22, 2007


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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Artmosphere Digital Cafe
3311 Rhode Island Ave
Mt Ranier, MD  20712
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

October 11-October 14, 2007

Jacksonville Florida Caribbean Carnival



Very Special Birthday Greetings to Deborah

Alison have a wonderful birthday!!!

Glenda we wish you a very happy birthday!!!

 We hope all of you enjoy your special day!!!

Happy Birthday Maurice, Kendra, Betsyann, Lenora, Teta, Dorian and Salina.

Happy Anniversary to Manny and Gailanne!!! 

From all of us here at Arious we hope your special day was filled with lots of joy!!

Happy Birthday

to All






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We wish you a great weekend and we thank you for all your support.  Please remember we do appreciate you being a part of our on-line family and know that without you there is no us!!!  

Until next week, enjoy this weekend, and please be safe!

Again, thanks for all your support!


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