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  Susan Mangatal -   susan@ariousentertainment.us 

Greetings On-Line Family:

    America…a great nation, land of the free and home of the brave.  Indeed it is!  In addition, America to me is a prosperous nation, full of opportunities and wealth.  Yes...wealth! (One of the many reasons why my family selected me to come to America.)  Therefore, it is difficult for me to accept that America is in such a financial crisis. 


 Devastating  FinanciaCrisis

 As you know, this week continued to be devastating financially for America, and the talk on everyone’s lips and all over the media is on this financial meltdown.  It’s been all about Wall Street and the Stock Market; all about which bankrupt powerhouse financial institution is being bailed out by the Government or by what company; or which stock is rising and/or falling.  The drama of it all makes me dizzy, and you can just imagine what the folks on Wall Street are feeling – pure desolation.  Not to mention how worried, angry and upset everyone in America are feeling, even though many are not directly affected. 

bailoutwallstreetburning.jpg (48363 bytes)  Moreover, this past Wednesday (9/24/08) President George Bush stated while addressing the nation that America’s entire economy is in grave danger and has predicted “a long and painful recession” unless Congress takes quick action to his proposed financial rescue plan of a $700 billion bailout.  Bush stated "Failing to act fast risks wiping out retirement savings, increasing foreclosure rates, job loses, closed businesses and a long painful recession"Meaning, the Government will fund/furnish $700 billion dollars to these powerhouse financial institutions to keep them from “going under”, which in turn will help the economy (so Bush says).  To further explain, President Bush feels this $700 billion is absolutely needed for reinvesting into these companies to support all their debts and bad loans, and most importantly for them not to become bankrupt.  Of course, since the Government will furnish these monies, and we the American people financially support the Government, then obviously this $700 billion comes from our pockets through our taxes.  Yes…essentially, us the small poor taxpayers will in actuality be funding this $700 billion bailout.

Do we really need to take on this problem…yet another problem?  One that President Bush clearly stated if we do not, it will make the economy continue with its downward spiral into a deeper hole resulting in a devastating recession!!!  You know, I feel we have enough to deal with currently regarding all of the other crisis we are undergoing (energy/gas, housing, unemployment skyrocketing, the cost of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc…etc…etc.)  Why must we be faced with yet another one?  Most importantly, I'm wondering why is it that we the people have to fix this problem, why can't Wall Street fix the problem they created?

You may actually be wondering why these institutions should get help when they “ran their companies into the ground”; while many in America are barely ‘making ends meet,” as well as going gray and losing sleep over how they will keep food on their tables, and most importantly worrying about the fact that their homes are, or will be lost due to the housing crisis.  I hear lots of talk about the thousands who will be unemployed due to these institutions becoming bankrupt; but I ask, what about the many of us who have lost our jobs and are currently unemployed?  We are not being saved or getting bailed out!  We the American people are important too…so why is it that we are not being helped?  It’s obvious the American people are suffering all across this nation, and to the ones who are running this country, we certainly are not essential or important.  This undoubtedly makes me angry, and from what I’m hearing many in America are as angry as I am.

Congressional hearings and meetings have been taking place over this bailout "around the clock".  Apparently all parties are trying to work out a feasible plan if indeed this $700 billion bailout legislation is passed.  The Presidential candidates Senator Obama and McCain were also summoned by President Bush to be in attendance to a critical meeting he headed up in Washington to discuss this financial crisis and options to solving the problem.  Of course, nothing was resolved from this meeting; absolutely no progress what-so-ever.

I had an opportunity to focused on the stipulations Senator Obama announced if this bailout is agreed upon, and they seem to be pretty reasonable.  Listen and view the Senator's press conference below to hear and absorb his plan.  Please feel free to send me your thoughts on this.

I must stop here for now and ask if you fully understand what is taking place, and if so are you taking advantage of the companies whose stocks have plummeting on Wall Street?  To be quite honest, I never understood the entire process, and no matter how much my husband Todd tried to help me understand, I never got it.  However, I must say in the past week I got a crash course, and it’s quite interesting.  In fact, there is really nothing difficult about it or anything to “get” (as I stated above); it’s just a matter of making a proper judgment, buying and selling.  Todd on the other hand, has been checking it out for some time now, but never got deeply involved (regretfully).  Due to this financial crisis we felt we must put everything aside and purchase some stocks, after all some of the important one’s are now affordable.  Needless-to-say, Todd’s satellite radio in his vehicle is set to display the stock market results throughout the day, so he can constantly see which one of the stocks he purchased is raising or falling.  He is absolutely having tons of fun with this.

Well, as I close, my tip to you is if you can afford it, please purchase some stocks.  Chances are this $700 billion bailout will pass and the stock market will become stable again, as well as the economy.  Once this happens your stock will increase!!!!


Senator McCain postponing the 1st Presidential Debate!  

Drama...Drama...Drama continues week after week on this campaign trail!  By now you must be aware that the 1st Presidential Debate is "up in the air" due to Senator John McCain suspending his campaign and announced that he intends to have the scheduled Presidential debate postponed.  (The debate is scheduled to take place on Friday, September 26, 2008 at the University of Mississippi.)  All because of this Financial Crisis.  

McCain Suspends Campaign and announces his intention to postpone the debates.  Courtesy of ABC News and Powered by You Tube.  (CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW TO LAUNCH VIDEO.)

I simply cannot comprehend his decision because this is an issue that our current President and Administration must and can handle.  Not McCain or Senator Obama! Obviously,  President Bush would need the Senators  input, and I'm happy he summoned both Candidates to Washington to have talks about this issue.  However, traveling to DC to have talks for a few hours simply should not or could not deter the Candidates from debating on Friday night (9/26/08) @ 9:00 pm.  Senator McCain's erratic decision does not make any sense to me.

Meanwhile, Senator Obama informed the nation that he intends on proceeding with the debate with or without Senator McCain.  He stated we will be present at the University of Mississippi on Friday.  

Senator Barack Obama addresses a press conference in Clearwater, Florida, September 23, 2008. Courtesy www.barackobama.com and powered by You Tube.  (CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW TO LAUNCH VIDEO.)




  JPMorgan Chase took over Washington Mutual after it collapsed in the largest US bank failure ever, adding to the massive pressures on the US financial system.   The savings and loan giant was taken over for 1.9 billion dollars in a deal announced by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) late Thursday  9/25/08.  Washington Mutual (WaMu) had been heavily exposed to the US mortgage crisis and its shares had plunged some 85 percent this year -- leading to widespread predictions that it would become the next victim of the financial crisis.  The FDIC said all Washington Mutual branches will be open and operating normally Friday - 9/26/08.




You must keep in mind that it is absolutely important for us to vote in this upcoming election; Oh yeah, we must make sure our voices are heard through this voting process, and to do so we all must be registered to vote prior to this important day.

The Democrats have posted big gains in voter registration in many competitive and "battleground" states, including Nevada, New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia and Florida.  The actual figures I don't have yet, but I am glad to know and share with you that people all across America definitely intends to participating in this years' election, and are indeed registering to vote in high numbers.  (A first in American History).

These times are truly amazing and very exciting; so let's keep the countdown going to one of the most important days in American History - Election Day.  As of Friday, September 26th, there is approximately 40 days left before Election Day - November 4, 2008, and before history is made in America.

This week I received an enormous amounts of e-mails regarding a rumor about what one wears when voting.  The rumor is as follows: If one wears a campaign button or t-shirt into the polling place, will they be allowed to vote?  The fact about this issue per the Board of Elections is as follows: A voter may wear campaign paraphernalia (buttons, t-shirts, or stickers) into the polling place while he or she is there to vote (the voter may not linger in the polling place after voting). However, an election judge, challenger and watcher, or other person stationed inside the polling place or within 100 feet of the polling place may not wear or display campaign materials.


VoteForChangepic.jpg (21891 bytes)  Please Register To Vote!!!!   Remember the voter registration deadline is rapidly approaching.  I know October 6th is the deadline for folks in my area.  To be sure about your voter registration deadline log on to http://www.voteforchange.com for the deadline date.  It's very simple after you log on, you will be able to register to vote, request to vote absentee and find your polling location.  Additionally, you can LOG ON HERE to see the voter registration date deadline for each state, and proceed with registering to vote by logging on HERE, and filling out the registration form at "Rock The Vote.com"(To access the form, click the "Register To Vote" Button from the menu at the top of the page).  

Remember, the first Presidential debate is scheduled to take place this Friday, September 26th, 2008, on the Campus of the University of Mississippi.  If Senator McCain does not show up for the debate, Senator Obama stated he will then host a one on one "town hall" meeting.  Therefore, one way or another something will take place at the University of Mississippi, and I'm sure you can view it on CNN or on many other local networks and/or cable stations across the United States.  

October 2nd the Vice Presidential debate will take place.   Sarah Palin and Joe Biden will go "head-to-head" on all the issues.  I expect this debate to be quite interesting and entertaining.



  "Big Up" to Record breaking Jamaican Sprinter and winner of several gold medals- Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world".  He was awesome on The David Letterman show on Thursday 9/25/08.  Even though I felt he was a bit nervous by the constant taping of his feet, he did very well.  Good Job Usain! 


t&tEmbassy46-32blacktiegala2008.jpg (205405 bytes)  This Friday, September 26th, please support The Trinidad & Tobago Embassy as they present their Black Tie Gala and Awards Ceremony.  Proceeds from this event will support The Cyril Ross Nursery of Trinidad and Tobago.   Scroll below to our "Featured Events" section to view all the details, or you can log into our "Events" Page.  



Thanks to the many who have sent me e-mails in response to my past E-Newsletters and lots of important information to use for our future E-Newsletters.  Most importantly, I thank you for your encouraging words!  So until next week... please enjoy, and be safe this Weekend and the upcoming week!!

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Also to all of you, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and comments with us, and for always supporting us.  As you know without you there would be no us, so thanks very much for your support and One Love!


For All Events 

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Check out our "Featured Events" listed below.  

Also, there are several events taking place this weekend, next weekend and beyond, so to view all the Events please log on to our "Events" Page above!

September 25-27, 2008

Washington DC

Invite you to participate in the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's (CBC) 38th Annual Legislative Conference (ALC). 

@ The Walter E. Washington Convention Center.   

During a year of unprecedented political inroads, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation will bring together stakeholders from across the country and open under the theme Embracing the Promise, Realizing the Vision.  

With a focus on creating safe and healthy communities, we would like to invite you to join ROOT, Inc., Governor David A Patterson, Congressman Bobby L. Rush, KRS ONE and the Stop the Violence Movement along with other special guests to participate in 3 exciting events occurring during the ALC Conference. Each of the events will focus Gun and Youth violence prevention inside of our communities. Your presence will help to showcase the commitment that you or your organization has to addressing these important issues that are plaguing our communities. With your participation, we can bring a heighten awareness of the ongoing effects of violence and enhance multi-generational dialogues on these issues.
Thursday, September 25 through Saturday, September 27, 2008: ROOT Exhibit Showcase -  ROOT Inc. will sponsor a booth at the ALC CBC Exhibit Showcase, promoting awareness about the "Guns Aside and Stop the Violence" campaigns and Communities in Action Neighborhood Defense and Opportunity (CAN DO) bill. There will also be elected officials and celebrities highlighting their commitment to Gun and Youth Violence prevention.
Friday, September 26, 20083:00 to 4:50pm: Anti-Gun Violence Braintrust -, 
Congressman Bobby Rush. will host a dual session Anti-Gun Violence Braintrust at the ALC CBC. The first session of the gun violence forum will highlight the issues of gun violence which has become a public health issue which is locally, regionally, and nationally devastating our communities.  The second part of the session will focus on a mock hearing where diverse stakeholders will have the opportunity to review the Communities in Action Neighborhood Defense and Opportunity (CAN DO) bill and address the various areas for enhancements based on their experiences and expertise.
September 26, 2008 from 7:00p-10:00pm: "Access New York - Saluting Positive Change in Communities!" Reception, Friday,  On the Rooftop of The Ellington, located at 1301 U Street, NW Washington, DC., a reception will be held, following the launch of the Communities in Action Neighborhood Defense and Opportunity (CAN DO) bill discussion held during the Anti-Violence Braintrust.  With coverage by both local and national media, the reception will introduce ROOT, Inc.'s Guns Aside and KRS One's Stop the Violence campaigns. RSVP to: Carmen Barnes cbarnes@rootinc.org by Wednesday September 24, 2008

Thank you for taking the time to consider the important task we have before us in addressing gun and youth violence.  The sooner we all take a stand against this devastating epidemic, the sooner we can start to heal our communities and prevent the unnecessary violence and loss of life that dominates so many of our communities. I look forward to hearing from you and to the significant impact your support will bring during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's (CBC) 38th Annual Legislative Conference.   



September 26, 2008

Washington DC

Her Excellency Glenda Morean-Phillip
Ambassador of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago to the United States of America
and Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States
is pleased to invite you to commemorate the 46th Anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago
as an Independent Nation and 32nd Anniversary as a Republic

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT BY: Image Band and Jambulay

Friday, September 26th 2008
7:00pm - Cocktail Reception
8:00pm - Dinner, Awards & Dancing
Thurgood Marshall Ballroom
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
2660 Woodley Road, NW
Washington DC 20008

Contribution: $100
Proceeds go to the Cyril Ross Nursery of Trinidad and Tobago
For Tickets: Call the Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago – 202-467-6490, extension 1022

Or buy your tickets at 703-963-5715

September 27, 2008

Decatur, Georgia

Caribbean Rally for Obama
and Voter Registration Drive 
The Ranch
Lithonia Riding Club
1401 Coffee Rd ~ Lithonia, GA
1PM - 10PM



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