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Greetings On-Line Family

The "Jena 6" Saga of unjust treatment to our young ones still continues!!!  The attendance to the rally in Jena and Alexandria, Louisiana on Thursday, September 20th was a major success.  Thousands of people from all over the United States converged unto these 2 cities to express their disgust with our justice system and most importantly to restore hope to young Mychal Bell's life and to peacefully demonstrate/fight for his freedom!!! 

DemonstratorsatJena6Rally2.jpg (40237 bytes) The feeling I felt on Thursday was an awe-inspiring amount of joy and pride.  It was a great feeling learning from all the live radio programs that the march was such a success because of the overwhelming numbers of demonstrators.  I was, and is so very proud that we as a people came together once we heard that 6 young men were being treated unjustly, we immediately dropped what we had planned, left everything behind (work, school, businesses and even families) and headed to Jena Louisiana to support these 6 young man.

CrowdatJena6Rally.jpg (51195 bytes)  60,000 to 70,000 people all wearing the color black marched for Justice on this great day (9/20/07), but astoundingly none was given.  Freedom for young Mr. Bell became a hopeless cry, because he was denied freedom on Friday, September 21st by the courts of Louisiana (after all the thousands of demonstrators left Louisiana on Thursday.) 

My heart sunk when Todd called me on Friday, around 3:00 pm telling me he had discovered Mr. Bell was denied freedom.  My first thought was wow...these folks in Jena have really lost their minds..., and anger immediately "kicked in" about this whole situation, because - to begin with - a minor should never have been placed in an adult prison for a school yard brawl, nor should have been charged...period!!! (All 6 of them should never have been charged)!!!  My second thought was how do we proceed...which way do we move from here???

LeadersandCrowdsatJena6Rally.jpg (46359 bytes)  I guess it's up to our leaders and those who put the call out for this to happen to let us know what the next move is.  I am so happy to see within 3 weeks this demonstration was pulled together, and the word got out to everyone via our radio personalities and their programs.  Especially radio host Michael Baisden who was essential in pulling it all together along with Warren Valentine, Al Sharpton and other radio personalities such as Steve Harvey, Donnie Simpson, Tom Joyner and many more radio hosts across the country through their programs, and through the internet by organizations, students, bloggers, and even folks like us here at Arious.  We are glad to have this vehicle to help spread the word. 

Of course the fight has just begun, and it has become more dangerous for the "Jena 6" because now the KKK has released maps to the 6 young men homes via the internet,  and are encouraging folks to hunt them down and hang/kill them and their families.  What kind of world are we living in, and in "this day-of-age" 2007???  This is extremely appalling!!!  Meanwhile, Mr. Bell is still in an adult jail after almost a year of being there, with no hope of being released soon.  WE MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE UNJUST PERSECUTIONS!!!

All of this madness has spawn several hate related incidents around the country, and I am sure they will increase (Atlanta, Norfolk VA, etc.)  Certainly racial tension is manifesting and growing, and clearly this racial injustice is upsetting lots of folks who are simply becoming sick and tired of all the hatefulness and evil that has come upon them throughout the years and upon their fathers, and forefathers from generations to generations throughout time.

IT ALL MUST STOP!!!  Talking about racial problems, I just finished reading about racially charged remarks made by Fox News Anchor Bill O'Reilly on his show about a week ago, regarding his dinner experience at  Sylvia's Restaurant with Al Sharpton  (Sylvia's is a black owned restaurant in New York).  REALLY...ALL OF IT MUST STOP!!!

As I bring my commentary to a close, I beg you to not let this "Jena 6" issue ever rest, or ever slip out of your minds, until justice has prevailed!!!! We must continue to fight...fight to change the unjust treatment by the racists people who are working in our justice system.  I know many of you must be tired as I am with what our families, friends and most importantly our youths in this case have been enduring and what many have endured throughout the years due to racial injustice.

  I understand one of the next moves is the organizing of another March here in Washington DC in November, but stay tuned to our weekly e-mails; once we find out what the next move is, we will share it with you.

Below, is a commentary regarding the "Jena 6" Rally from one of our on-line family Ms. Joanna Ballard who attended the March in Jena.  Ms. Joanna Ballard is from Louisiana and she felt it was important to attend.  We thank Ms. Ballard for sharing her thoughts about this special day as well as the images she captured.

The Jena Six MY thoughts and impressions

by Joanna Ballard

It seems somehow this has become a cause near and dear to me, first because of the young men, they are truly men now in one way or the other after being locked up with grown men in a parish jail, now for the TRUE injustice of it all!
The rally was for sure and certain a day of beauty and love, folks from ALL walks of life coming together in peace and love for one cause. we moved the cause forward even tho Mr. Bell is NOT out of jail. Folks know beyond a shadow of a doubt KNOW the world is watching, waiting and caring. This was a true grass roots effort across the world.
I have no doubt more than one life was changed beyond my own. I met amd mingled with folks from across the country. I just got off the phone with Dennis from oneness.org (please do check out the site www.oneness.org) I know of other folks meeting and greeting that would not otherwise have met and interacted. One friend referred to it as Woodstock. There were children all over the place, young folks and seniors (see my pics). Oddly the law enforcement felt out of place and more than once I wondered what were they doing there (tho I understand it). It was truly a day of oneness and respect and folks coming together for a common cause. The cause is NOT done the story not ended nor will it be such stories never end ya know. It was a somber and serious occasion, the thought crossed my mind surely if one, just one injustice is made right then there is hope for other such injustices which sadly occur daily across the globe.
My heart grieves for the Six teenagers with all the angst of teens growing up no longer just teens in a small country town they will forever be the Jena Six and a rallying cry and symbol from here on out. I have discussed this with many folks from all walks. One gentleman said to me he thought it got too much media, cause if you are born Black, Hispanic or Oriental you will have to deal with racism and have to decide how you are going to deal with it. This is true but my reflection and thought is, How are you of white European male heritage going to choose how to deal with it? I think we each and everyone of us have a choice to make. How have YOU chosen to deal with racism?
Whether you think the Jena Six situation is racist it or not, you should realize that spending over nine months in a Southern Parish jail with grown men is more than sufficient punishment for a schoolyard fight (tho there is much much more to it than that) It is about what is RIGHT!
What tears my soul is the beginning of all this that ANY teenager should feel they should have to ask permission to sit ANYwhere in a public school they are attending deeply disturbs me. Ponder this folks.
Now we have a stubborn DA and judge (puts me in mind of the Old Testament story of Pharaoh and the Israelites) and choices to make: Are you going to walk away from the issue? Are you going to continue peaceful protest? Are you going to get angry and encourage violence? Are you going to throw up your hands and do nothing? WE THE PEOPLE do have power and choices.
As one friend, an ex Marine (if there is such a thing as an EX Marine) and Nam Vet told me "When you hold a dying 18 year old in your arms you realize everyone matters." The Jena Six matter, YOU matter. What do you choose?
Thank you for reading this far.
Still wishing, dreaming, and hoping for ...
Harmony and Peace for US ALL!
Thanks for reading and being with me on this journey.
Harmony and Peace,


Check out some important facts I listed last week and felt it important to list them again (for the 2nd week) please ponder and share: 

(1) More than 10,000 youth are presently incarcerated in U.S. adult prisons; 

(2) African American men are three times more likely than white men to face jail once they have been arrested in the United States; 

(3) 24.4% of African Americans arrested in 2005 ended up in jail compared with 8.3% of white men; and 

(4) African American men receive jail sentences on average 15% longer than white men convicted of the same crime.

Thanks to the many from www.minglecity.com who attended the Rally for capturing the photos above.


  For some time Todd has been noticing some issues with the programming of the BET Cable Channels, and he has been strongly expressing his views to me.  He refuses to watch the BET Channel/s because he feels the shows are exploitive and degrading.  The ones that are currently being broadcast are re-ran time and time again, and he feels there are many more new and positive fresh shows that the Channel can broadcast.  I listened to his comments and discussed it with him, but I indicated to him I was just happy to see all the Caribbean videos being broadcast on the Jazz Channel. 

enoughisenough071507_2.jpg (129732 bytes)  However, I was not looking at the "big picture", because I am now coming to realized that he was not alone with his feelings!  You see...we discovered recently that people have been demonstrating in Washington DC outside the home of Debra Lee, BET's President and Chief Operating Officer. 

enoughisenough071507_3.jpg (114409 bytes)  The first demonstration took place on September 15th with members of the National Organization for Women, the Feminist Majority Foundation, the head of the National Congress of Black Women, Del. Justin D. Ross (D-Prince George's) along with over 500 people in attendance demanding that the network stop airing "demeaning and offensive portrayals of black people".  The protest was organized by members of "Enough is Enough Campaign" led by the Rev. Delman L. Coates of Mount Ennon Baptist Church in Clinton Maryland. "Enough is Enough" is determined to stop the entertainment industry from portraying negative images of black men and women, and they intend to demonstrate at Ms. Lee's home every weekend until she addresses their concerns about BET Networks airing of demeaning and offensive portrayals of black people.  

enoughisenough071507_1.jpg (98674 bytes)  For those who share this concern and is "fed-up" with BET's programming and the portrayal of negative images of black men and women on the network, you can join the rally.   I understand another one is scheduled to take place this Saturday, September 29th outside Ms. Lee's home, and demonstrators will depart from Mt. Ennon Baptist Church, 9832 Piscataway Road, Clinton Maryland 20735 @ 12:00 Noon.  The rally is scheduled to start at 1:00 pm.  For details  log on to www.enoughisenoughcampaign.com


flyer_082907[1].jpg (127292 bytes)  The Carnival Bandleaders Association of Washington DC is having their 1st Awards Ceremony this coming Sunday, September 30, 2007, and they are inviting everyone to join them as they celebrate, award and honor all the bands (past and present) for their continued and valued effort to making DC Caribbean Carnival a success.  Please go out and support this group's valued effort, because I have witnessed their determination of working together (as one body), and their strides to accomplishing one of their main goals of raising funds to ensure that by next year's DC carnival all member organizations will raise enough funds and/or they receive a substantial grant towards paying for the expenses they incur in having their bands parade on Carnival day.

Many of you may ask who/what is the Carnival Bandleaders Association?   The Carnival Bandleaders Association consists of a group of individuals who are heads and/or leaders of each Masquerade band that participates in the Caribbean Carnivals in their cities across the United States.  Masquerade bands are essential to a Carnival because they create, design and make the costumes that are sold to interested group members who wishes to participate in Carnival.  "Now-a-days" many masquerade bands purchase their costumes which are sold to their group members.   These masquerade bands are somewhat like the entertainment, since along the Carnival parade route they dance and showcase all aspects of their costumes.  Actually, they are THE KEY factor of Carnival, without the masquerade bands filled with masqueraders adorn in costumes, music and dance, the culture will not be exposed, and therefore there will be no carnival!  So go out and support the Carnival Bandleaders Association of Washington DC on Sunday at their 1st Annual Awards Ceremony.  Click on to the flyer above for all the details!!!


Carnfront.jpg (373220 bytes)   We got word this week that Broward Caribbean Carnival in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is on!   Yippy...Yeah...Yeah!!!!  It was great getting this wonderful news.  The Carnival is scheduled to take place at Ft. Lauderdale Stadium Event Site located at 1301 NW 55th Street, Ft. Lauderdale Florida.  There is a host of performers scheduled to take the stage, and there are a number of masquerade bands taking part including some from our area.  Click the flyer above for all the details and directions to the Carnival site, or log on to their site at www.caribbeancarnival.org .

I was sure everything would work out soon for the Broward Carnival Committee and I'm glad to know it has.  So those who are planning on attending, I'm sure you will be in for a treat.

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To all of you our on-line family, thanks for reading and for always supporting us.  As you may know without you there would be no us.  So thanks very much for your support.  Enjoy this weekend and the upcoming week!

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September 28 - 30, 2007

Folk and Traditional Dance Go Full Swing
at the 4th Annual Dance DC Festival

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities will present its
4th annual Dance DC Festival on September 28 – September 30, 2007. The Festival celebrates the vitality of folk and traditional dance in Washington and introduces audiences to distinctive and culturally diverse dance expressions. Dancers will come alive at venues around the city in over 37 free performances and interactive workshops, including flamenco, capoeira, belly dance, hand dancing, and Asian dance. The 3-day festival is free and open to the public. For a complete listing of events and locations call 202-724-5613 or visit http://dcarts.dc.gov.

The Dance DC Festival opening night performances and reception is Friday, September 28h at the National Music Center at 801 K St, NW, 6:00 pm (see attached complete schedule). Many of this year’s performances will feature open dance floors for the public to join right in!  We hope you will join us for an exciting weekend full of dynamic and inspiring dance performances.   For Press Release and more details click here or the following link http://www.dancedcfestival.org/press.htmlFor The Schedule of Events Click Here or the following link http://www.dancedcfestival.org/schedule.html

For more information on the Dance DC Festival, call 202.724.5613 for further details contact the following people via e-mail: • Ebony C. Blanks, Festival Coordinator - ebony.blanks@dc.gov  • Carell Kent, Festival Associate - carell.kent@dc.go




Washington, DC

Saturday, September 29, 2006

Sisters Sharing… Building Foundations for Life

               A Women & Girls Conference

                           9:00am – 4:30 p.m.

The University of the District of Columbia - 4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW,  Washington, DC  20015 , Auditorium, Building 46.  Free parking or take Metro Red line to Van Ness Station

Sister Sharing Conference - "A conference for women and girls addressing issues that impact health, self-image, wealth building strategies, and our future"

Log on to the site for all the details, including schedule and Speakers www.akaxo.org

Free for students with ID; Adults (non-students) $1 5 & at door $20.00

Sponsored by: Xi Omega Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. In partnership with The University of the District of Columbia

Supported by : DC Dept of Health Step Up! & B-Ready Prevention Blitz; River Source Annuities ; CitibankHonesty Gourmet Caterers; Southwest Airlines ; Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington

Questions email programs@akaxo.org or call Edith Johnson 202-276-9589 or Merriette Pollard 202- 686-957 7

 For more information visit www.akaxo.org

October 11-October 14, 2007

Jacksonville Florida Caribbean Carnival



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Until next week, enjoy this weekend, and please be safe!

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