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"Red Red Wine" Modeled by Thai
Price: $90.00 For 1 & $70.00 each For 5 or more!!!

Dollar Wine" Modeled by Akiba
Price: $80.00 For 1 & $60.00 each For 5 or more!!!

Red represents excitement and stimulation, and it gives meaning to strength, boldness, and definitely makes a statement…it indicates that danger is to come for those that stand in the way. The fusion of red, blue and gold represents the exhilaration of revelers everywhere on Carnival day. The costume depicts a slower more relaxed pace, yet one that can be equally as numbing to the senses as any of the other sections. The golden crown completes the look and creates a numbing effect.

The deep emerald green and pure silver of this costume blends effortlessly for a regal effect. The color Green shows stability and endurance, and is the color of money. The colors capture the sunlight and visions of beauty dancing endlessly on the mind. It invites masqueraders to move their hips and sway in an all too familiar motion. Accented by a beautiful headpiece, the costume is complete and ready to be danced at any Carnival.

"Jammette" Modeled by Jennifer
Price: $80.00 For 1 & $60.00 each For 5 or more!!!

"Liquid" Modeled by Alicia
Price: $90.00 For 1 & $70.00 each For 5 or more!!!

"Jammette" allows you to feel uninhibited and carefree. It brings the freak out in you. The rich jewel-tone purple and shimmering gold are enhanced by the gold beads, which dances in tune with the revelers movements. The flowing cape and impressive head-dress compliments the costume further, and indeed are a great representation of the Queen herself, Ms Saucy-Wow Denise Belfon. If you got it, and want to flaunt it, this is the section for you.

Tranquil...this piece demonstrates a sense of serenity, and serves as a symbol of love. The smooth as satin royal blue that is Liquid, flows easily against the masqueraders skin, like the ocean. The portrayal creates an image of the Caribbean sea on a bright and sunny day. The silver accents and feathered head-dress compliments the strong foundation perfectly. This piece symbolizes liquid a popular reggae riddim, and dance called "The Log On".

"Coal Pot" Modeled by Natalie
Price: $70.00 For 1 & $50.00 each For 5 or more!!!

"Wax to Disc" Modeled by Stacey
This shoulder portion of this costume will be sold as an "Individual" piece. The top, skirt, head-dress and other decorations are on sale for $50.00

Amid a sea of vibrant orange revelers in Coal Pot are reminiscent of hot, glowing embers. The portrayal depicts the journey that soca music has taken and the heights to which it aspires. The costume it self is beautifully created blending a kaleidoscope of colors for a regal effect. The two piece design with head dress and standard allow for freedom of movement and total enjoyment on Carnival Day. Check out Natalie via her website (See our links page:

This costume indeed represents the evolution of the forms of how music was recorded. First there was a record, which was popular for most of the 20th century, and as we progress to the 21st century we have the CD, which is how we listen to music now. Please notice the CDs and the records on the piece, which represents the theme of the costume from wax to disc.


Cheryl Hardy - Mistress of Ceremonies for Arious Entertainment Costume Presentations, and
Todd and Susan Mangatal - Owners of Arious Entertainment

Back Row: Thai, Akiba, Stacy, Reesa, Jennifer and Natalie

Front Row: Todd, Cheryl and Susan

Many Thanks are extended to Cheryl for the wonderful job she has done for all the Arious Entertainment Carnival Costume Presentation.
Cheryl you are the best...thanks!!!!


All Costumes are Created and Designed by Susan of Trinisuco

Costume Descriptions by Christlyn Greaves and Cheryl Hardy

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